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2022 cost-effective true wireless collar microphone selection guide: live, short video Vlog recording

Wireless lapel microphone, a type of wireless microphone, has become popular recently. It is a small, small and portable microphone, usually worn in the location of the user's clothing lapel. It can be freed from the cable, and the user can do whatever he or she wants without worrying about the sound. It is generally used in large conferences, live broadcasting, recording, online teaching, short video recording and other scenarios. Compared with the "wired microphone + loudspeaker" carried by teachers in traditional school classes, it is more convenient and simple to use.

Wireless lapel microphone

1. What are the characteristics of wireless lapel microphone and why has it become popular recently?
It is mainly based on 2.4g wireless transmission technology or Bluetooth 5.0 and AI intelligent noise reduction design, which can achieve the effect of low delay and high quality transmission. The transmission distance is generally within 20 meters and the connection can be stable. The general style is shown in the picture below, one lapel microphone transmitter and one wireless receiver. Small and portable, easy to carry.

2. What are the advantages of wireless lapel microphone?
Price advantage: The price of products in the general market is between 100~300, which is much cheaper than some professional microphones.
Portable advantage: the design is small and portable. The general size is about the length of 2 one-yuan coins, and the weight is about 30g.
Performance advantages: 2.4g ultra-low delay, simple plug and play operation (plug the device to power on, unplug the device to power off), intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality, long distance barrier-free reception, high sensitivity.
3. Consider the selection factors of wireless lapel microphone
(1) Budget and brand: If the budget is enough, you can consider professional brands, such as SONY, MOMA and DJI; Commonly choose common 100~300 left and right sides of enough.

(2) Transmission mode: Bluetooth or 2.4g wireless, 2.4g wireless will be more stable than Bluetooth.

(3) Sound quality and noise reduction ability: intelligent noise reduction is supported by products on the market.

(4) Length of battery life: it is recommended to work for at least 4~10 hours and complete at least one live broadcast.

(5) Wireless lapel microphone receiver interface: Android Type-C interface, Apple Lightning interface, common audio interface. You can choose according to the usage scenario and environment.

Two, wireless lapel microphone (general) recommended
1. Phenface YUM5 Wireless Lapel Microphone (Type-c interface)
The product of Yang Fei si home, a professional supplier of live broadcasting equipment, has a good after-sales service, providing a three-year warranty without worry, lifelong customer service and 365 days free replacement.

Product features: jingdong sales of 20,000 +.

Professional 2.4g chip, low latency, long battery life.
360-degree all-pointing microphone, using AI intelligent algorithm noise reduction module, can accurately filter all kinds of noise,
20 meters long distance connection, 90mh battery capacity, charging 1 hour, can be used for 10 hours.
Support the use of mobile phone charging process, very convenient.

2. The Wireless Lavalier microphone

A wireless lavalier microphone, also known as a Lavalier microphone wireless system or clip microphone, is a small wired microphone widely used in film production and broadcasting. The Lavalier microphone wireless system is small and discreet, so it can be used for recording conversations. It can be used close to the lips without being seen, ensuring clear audio in various recording environments, whether Vlog recording, video reporting, or interview recording.

3, Masentek EP33C wireless lapel microphone (Type-C port or Apple Lightning port)
Masentek is the dominant brand in the field of Bluetooth in China.

Product features:

The appearance design is very fashionable, wear a sense of class.
Plug and play, the phone plug in the receiver can automatically connect.
Use high-density blowout preventer sponge and high sensitivity microphone to pick up sound in 360 degrees.
20 meters long distance connection, intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality.
80mah battery, 10h battery life.

Wireless lapel microphone (one drag four) can take a look at this one

4. Good Shepherd V5 Wireless lapel Microphone (Single or Double)
This model has a different appearance design, which is the same as our previous MP3. Generally, it has 1 or 2 transmitters +1 receiver, which supports single or double use. It comes with Bluetooth accompaniment and has good reverberation effect.

This one can take monitor earphone oh, the whole accessories are rich, support mobile phone, camera, computer, compatibility is very good.
Compact, 24G, with true color LED to show operating status (signal status, Bluetooth connection, etc.).
Bluetooth 5.0 technology, plus DSP reverberation effect, intelligent noise reduction, can be used in outdoor noisy environment.
500mah battery, charging 1 hour, usable 4~6 hours.
All pointing to the radio. The radio is sensitive.
Support 7 days for no reason return.

5, A recommended microphone for iPhone introduction

As an iPhone exclusive microphone, this metal-encased microphone deserves your attention. With 5 digital presets, you can set different parameters and let us use the most appropriate way to speak, sing, record instruments, etc. Pick-up mode and gain Settings are also some of the highlights, but you'll need to install an iPhone App that supposedly converts deafening sounds at rock concerts into clear recordings.

The shape of this microphone is unique enough. It can provide us with a perfect stereo sound through special design. One is a strongly directional MID microphone, and the other is a dual directional side microphone. Side microphones capture sound on both sides. The sound recorded with this microphone will be very thick, and any special sound effects will not be difficult to sing in front of it. Oh, it is also exclusive to the iPhone.

Deal with noise? It's totally up to the job. It has three gain modes - quiet, car, loud voice, and you might get a little fresh sound from it, even at a rock concert. It's still iPhone exclusive.

The best thing about this versatile microphone is that it works with all Apple devices. It offers a bunch of capacitive microphones for mono and stereo, and users can freely switch between multiple modes. So it's an all-around fighter! However, the ablest worker, so its price is quite high!

6, DJI DJI Mic Wireless microphone Action 2/OM 5 (one drag two, with charging box)
DJI Mic wireless microphone noise reduction and recording performance is very good, including a dual-channel receiver and two wireless transmitters, but the price is more expensive.

Can achieve up to 250 meters wireless radio distance.
Both transmitters have built-in 8GB storage, which can be used as a recording pen alone or backup sound during recording to ensure the integrity of recording data.
Adopting adaptive frequency hopping technology and self-developed channel coding technology, it has strong anti-interference ability.
The receiver supports USB Type-C, Lightning and 3.5mm TRS output, compatible with mainstream mobile phones, all kinds of cameras and computers.
The battery lasts about five hours for the receiver and transmitter, and 15 hours with a charging case.
Support safe sound track to prevent sound loss caused by over-exposure.

7. Small Noise Reduction, Live Sharp Tool: Mini microphone Experience

Intended to make life easy for content creators, SYNCO provides every piece of vlogging equipment needed to create online video content on mobile devices. We even enter in product areas we have never got involved in, like LED lights. All this aims to make life simpler for potential buyers and meanwhile, provide a product range complete and ready for current and future dealers.

Hence, the brand-new all-in-one SYNCO vlogger kits were announced to become additions to our range of creative solutions for every recording situation. Carefully designed as a mobile film-making package, they feature a high-quality condenser microphone, a LED light, a mini tripod and accessories. The M1S directional microphone in each kit focuses on picking up what it is pointed at while reducing the background noise, ensuring audio is clean and intelligible.


With the development of we media industry, short video and live broadcast sales are becoming more and more popular, and wireless lapel microphone has made great progress and optimization in functions and performance. The sales and cost performance of these wireless lapel microphones are not bad, and the functions are almost the same, some of the radio distance is longer, some of the battery life is longer.

Soft outfit collocation, hard outfit after different space soft outfit lamps and lanterns how to design collocation?

The collocation of light, it is to point to according to the space and functional atmosphere, choose the lamp of different brightness and tonal, affect the light atmosphere of different mood of the person, this period installs a net to talk with everybody about the lamp collocation skill of different space.

01. Living room lamp selection

Soft outfit collocation, hard outfit after different space soft outfit lamps and lanterns how to design collocation?

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Main lamp: do not buy the main lamp too small, buy the main lamp 800mm diameter start.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Light slots: Light slots can affect the visual and make the space appear taller.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Floor lamp: floor lamp in addition to supplementary lighting function, its shape is aesthetic, can play a very good decorative role.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Side lights: It is like a fire burning in primitive tribes. With this light, people will naturally sit around and talk to each other.

Lamp matching skills diagram
02. Restaurant lighting selection

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Chandeliers: For restaurants, low-hanging chandeliers are perfect for creating a warm, reunions atmosphere. The center of gravity of the light should be lowered, and the normal distance from the desktop should be about 650mm. (Place the chandelier in the middle of the dining table, not the dining room ceiling)

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Tabletop lamp: put some travel photos and art photos on the tabletop. Under the warm light, it will look particularly beautiful.

Lamp matching skills diagram03. Bedroom lamp selection

Soft outfit collocation, hard outfit after different space soft outfit lamps and lanterns how to design collocation?

Lamp matching skills diagram
• No main light: the bedroom can not be equipped with a main light, but with a table lamp, bedside lamp, decorative lamp, lamp trough, etc. to provide local lighting. The light is gentle and light, relaxing and dream-inducing.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Induction night light: when I want to go to the bathroom, I turn on the light, and my eyes are illuminated by high brightness light, and I feel sleepy all at once. A gleam of light was just enough to illuminate the feet without being too harsh. The small night light goes out after a few seconds, saving electricity.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Bedside lamp: Don't want the main lamp to be too bright, bedside lamp also creates atmosphere, can be used as reading lamp, can take into account the different sleeping habits of the couple.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Candlelight lamp: candlelight lamp appears more in European style collocation, can create more romantic elements.

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

From the home of a long time, through the decoration of the wall to a radical change, this issue, install a net with you to talk about how to decorate the white wall, see the 10 wall decoration creative design can bring to your new home what kind of inspiration.

1. The mirror

Instead of paintings and posters on the walls, you can hang several small mirrors in a frame of any kind of material -- wood, for example. Mirrors can vary in shape and size.

How to decorate the white wall
2. The dishes

Instead of messing up your kitchen with cupboards, leave a wall and collect some plates for free. They can come in different sizes and colors, with large decorations or small ones, it all depends on your imagination. Such a colourful panel will never go unnoticed!

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

How to decorate the white wall
Carpet of 3.

The jute carpet you're used to seeing in the hallway will likely migrate to your bedroom walls. Such original decoration will add comfort to the room. A good way to emphasize the head of a bed.

How to decorate the white wall
4. The lights

We recommend remembering decorative lights not only during the holidays. A good place for this kind of decoration is the wall above the bed. You will get a comfortable place to sleep and you can forget stress forever. If you want to hang lights in the kitchen, you can decorate the sideboard with garlands or attach the bulbs to the wall with carnations.

How to decorate the white wall
5. Straw hat

Next time you visit hot land, be sure to bring a sombrero as a souvenir. Preferably not one, but several. When you get back, hang your hats on your bedroom wall: They'll remind you to relax and evoke positive emotions. A great alternative to boring posters and framed photos.

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

How to decorate the white wall
6. Perfect match: Shelf + mirror

To save space in the hallway, replace the console with narrow shelves that make it easy to fold keys and place statuettes, candles, vases and favorites. It is recommended to hang a mirror directly above the hall that cannot be cancelled in the hall.

How to decorate the white wall
7. Willow basket

The wicker picnic baskets, fruit bowls and beach bags we usually use in the summer can be used as primitive elements for decoration all year round. They look particularly impressive against the backdrop of white walls. Wicker baskets can be stored in the bedroom. In the hallways, these summer accessories (if you have a spacious dressing room) will create a festive atmosphere and remind you of summer.

How to decorate the white wall
8. Green plant

Green walls are the current trend in decoration. There's plenty to choose from: wall-mounted herbarium (open or under glass), a variety of hanging tubs, plant POTS with planters and special mounts, and complex engineering structures with integrated irrigation systems.

How to decorate the white wall
9. Basketry

Manual labor will never go out of style. Ornaments created using nodular braiding techniques look practical in a living room or bedroom design. You can use one product or combine multiple products on one wall.

How to decorate the white wall
The wooden frame

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

Using your ingenuity, the base of the original wall decoration can be the most common bedrail on which the mattress sits (from IKEA, for example). Hooks and clips can be easily attached to wooden beams for a variety of household items. You can also hang lamps and sections for magazines and newspapers here.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

As the kitchen and toilet with heavy moisture in the home, the primary consideration in the decoration is moistureproof, so the choice of kitchen and bathroom ceiling material is also very important, this issue is loaded with a network to talk to you about how to choose kitchen and bathroom ceiling, let's see!

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

1. How to choose the material of kitchen and bathroom ceiling?

The condole that suits kitchen and toilet supports material, basically have aluminous gusset plate and plasterboard, the advantage and disadvantage of these two kinds of material is: the moistureproof sex of aluminous gusset plate is good, it is a more practical choice; And plasterboard is to be able to maintain unity with dimensional simple sense, quite appropriate pursuit beautiful person.

Practical aluminum gusset plate

Aluminous gusset plate has excellent moistureproof performance, be like kitchen, toilet so easy moist space, smallpox installs aluminous gusset plate to be met more durable.

② Beautiful selection of gypsum board

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

The ceiling of plasterboard can be made of the same material as the ceiling of other Spaces. Like the toilets of many hotels, plasterboard ceiling is used, which will be relatively more beautiful.

③ Open kitchen is considered separately

A lot of people can do the kitchen of open mode now, such kitchen is connected with other space together, this kind of circumstance is to recommend doing plasterboard condole to carry on the head quite.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map
2. How high is the kitchen ceiling?

The condole of kitchen and toilet supports, do how tall appropriate? What problem does the ceiling height need to consider?

① Height of window top

If the window of kitchen and toilet is taller, the top height is in 2.2-2.4 meters in general, this suitable condole top can be slightly taller (or flush) the top of the window can be.

(2) Reserved height of electrical equipment

Like aluminum buckle ceiling lamp (2cm±), exhaust fan (10-20cm), bath ba (15cm+), exhaust pipe these electrical equipment, in the installation of suitable and ceiling has a certain correlation, especially the height is more nervous, the size of these equipment must be considered in place.

③ There is no caisson in the toilet

If drainage is, toilet caisson tend to have the height of 35 cm, calculate by 2.7 meters height, so the height of the toilet is only 2.35 meters, if again thinking of exhaust fan, bath bully, such as equipment, the ceiling height finally estimate is only 2.1 meters, height is higher, if the family can not installed.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

3. Process connection:

Hutch defends the condole top of the space to go up in join up with wall brick, condole ark to be able to have certain join up, so how join up can be better?

① Suspension cabinet and ceiling

Like the condole ark of the kitchen, the sealing board of condole ark is sticking smallpox condole top commonly, such condole ark top won't leave seam the sanitary dead Angle of hide ash.

② Wall brick and ceiling

The wall brick of kitchen and toilet won't stick to the top commonly, and specific height, it is the height that good condole supports planning ahead of schedule, wall brick sticks to compare condole top tall can.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map
4, water and electricity precautions:

The water and electricity that involves inside kitchen toilet is more, go up in smallpox also is no exception.

Bath ba wire

If you plan to install bath bully, then you should plan well before the decoration, because the bath bully power is large, when leaving the wire to stay a little thick.

② Separation of water and electricity

The water and electricity arrangement of the toilet is generally water on the ground and electricity on the ceiling. The ground is too wet and it is not recommended that the wire go on the ground.