How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

The choice of emulsioni paint color is not only affected by tone and collocation, but also the influence of various factors such as space, so this period of a network to talk with you about how to match the color of emulsioni paint good-looking, and bring you a few emulsioni paint color collocation scheme, let’s see!

Latex paint color scheme

How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

How to choose the emulsioni paint color that suits the home after all?

01. The size of the paint space

If the painting space is small, it is recommended to use light cool colors, such as cold gray and light blue, which can enlarge the space visually and make it more transparent and bright. If the painting space is large, the space to choose is large, regardless of warm colors, cool colors can be, and even try advanced design, with a clash of colors or a darker color to create a high-level sense of fun.

02. Function positioning of painting room

In the living room, it is recommended to use low saturation of light color latex paint, such as light gray, light beige, it is easier to create a senior sense. High saturation of color paint, a little bit of improper collocation, if the low floor or insufficient light, easy to cause the depression of the whole space.

Bedroom, can choose a bit deeper cool color fastens emultii paint, for instance blue, gray, can have the effect that helps mian. Dining-room, can choose a few warm bright color emulsii paint, resemble milk tea color, flaxen, can promote appetite mood is comfortable.

Bridal chamber collision color decoration collocation skills

1, the living room background color for conservative color, in furniture and soft decoration, you can boldly use the color matching, orange sofa and apricot, blue chairs and other bright colors match each other, sofa background wall hanging colorful decorative paintings, these elements all reflect the charm of the color.

2, blue and red, and the subtle evolution of these two kinds of color can be in the same space, give priority to dozen of color to blue background, light gray sofa collocation of wall coverings, let more rich, then use a small area of the single person sofa, such as red, yellow by heat and so on, can make the changes in temperature the collision sparks.

3, fresh and natural green suitable for a large area of matting space, green wallpaper as the background color, environmental protection and rub resistant non-woven wallpaper material, durable, convenient cleaning and care, and red can make the home more lively, such as red pillow decoration, the collision of these two colors, contrast a stronger visual impact.

4, with elegant gray as the main tone, the wall can use gray paint in a large area, with white wall decorations and photos, it is soft and elegant, and the yellow hanging pictures and orange single stool and large area of gray can produce strong color collision, forming a strong contrast visual effect.

Latex paint color scheme
Bridal chamber bump color collocation common mistake

1, a large number of primary colors – reduce chroma, multiple collocation is not messy

“Hit, delay jubilee strategy”, “fire morandi this color, morandi color is actually received on all the color of a layer of” grey “, reducing the original color brilliance, so that we in the later on collocation, even using multiple color space also won’t appear mixed and disorderly, can say that the colour of grass, randy is belongs to the joker type.

2, a large area of bright color – small area ornament beauty has texture

If you do not like the crowd itself, it is recommended to use a large area of bright color at home, we can use a large space colorless system (black, white, gray), local embellishing bright color system, so that it looks a little lively and not too eye-catching.

How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

3, the proportion is not correct — 721 principle to create a sense of depth and depth

Color is not as clever as using much, color matching proportion is not grasp, the comfort of living will be affected, the so-called 721 principle, that is, the wall of heaven and earth and other large areas of 70% of the space, try to use light color or gray color;

2 it is the furniture that accounts for about 20% in the space is like sofa, desk and chair to wait with close color to give priority to, remaining is software such as curtain, hold pillow, can use design bold, style is different and the design of colorful color, such collocation rises, indoor meeting has depth level feeling more and do not show chaos.

Latex paint color scheme
Home decoration paint latex color matters needing attention

1, the home color must not more than three kinds.

2. There must be color difference between the color card and the wall. It is recommended to choose the color card outdoors under natural light, which can improve certain accuracy.

3, brush adhesive paint, do not use the hand shopkeeper, try color when looking at the difference between the effect you want. It doesn’t matter if it is a little deeper, it will be lighter after the rubber paint dries. If the gap is too big, it can be slightly blown by a hair dryer. If the gap is too big, it can be quickly toned or changed.

How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

4, the preferred machine color, and color card deviation is smaller, more accurate. Workers on the spot toning, unless you find a very good master of the craft, otherwise install a network to suggest that you do not easily try.

5, it is recommended that matte paint, compared with smooth paint, can cover up wall defects, easier to construct the wall requirements are low.

6, be sure to reserve paint, in order to prevent late cracking complementary color situation. Especially the color, you can’t buy the same. Dark color is more reserved, the probability of scratching is much higher than light color.

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