How can a toilet be like this?

This article will take you through three common bathroom layouts:

1. Simplified version - two type separation

2. Standard - three separation

3. Top matching plate - four type separation

PART / 01

Simplified version - two type separation

Of toilet 2 type depart, basically cent is bathroom and lavatory

Two type separation is the relative separation of the space, only the most basic bathroom and toilet, wash gargle is tied to the bathroom or toilet beside, washstand independent area, toilet area merged with shower area, separate wash gargle, convenient to wash in the morning, avoid one person into the bathroom, the family will be waiting for the wash gargle.This is a simple toilet separation design.

The toilet and shower area are arranged together, with less washing table, so that the space is less crowded.

Above separation mode, can be completed through simple partition, such as glass partition, solid wall partition, sliding door partition, etc.

If the area is too small, you can choose a shower curtain, compared to glass partition and partition wall, the shower curtain is the most space saving.

However, there is no way to completely dry and wet separation of the shower curtain. After pulling the curtain, water vapor will drift in the whole toilet. It is recommended to use the waterproof strip with the best effect.

PART / 02

Standard edition - three type separation

Three types of separation is mainly divided into bathroom, wash gargle and toilet position

3 type separation is on the foundation of 2 type separation, added the position that wash gargle, differentiate the space of bathroom, wash gargle and lavatory very, also satisfied household basic use function.

3 type depart can row between wash face pool, between wash bath room and closestool depend on both sides, or it is wash face Taiwan stands alone besides bathroom.

The bathroom and the toilet are designed side by side after partition, so that washing face, taking a bath and going to the toilet are completely separated, effectively solving the awkward situation that the conflict of bathroom use time will encounter.

Separate the toilet according to different use needs to meet different family members, improve the utilization rate of toilet space at the same time, will greatly enhance the happiness of family daily life.

How can a toilet be like this?

PART / 03

Top matching plate - four type separation

Four types of separation is mainly divided into the bathroom, laundry change area, wash gargle and toilet position

4 type separation has independent toilet, serve as toilet the area with the most dry, independent cent comes out very necessary, avoid toilet snatches big fight.

Wash gargle area, the advantage that comes out independently is, do not disturb the use of other functional area, make up before the mirror, blow hair, brush face film of breast of body, apply a series of operations to wait very convenient also. This kind of separation is a favorite of the ladies in the family.

Add store content ark design, solved the problem that wash gargle area receives perfectly.

Wash clothes the collocation that should consider washing clothes, air basks in space, receive fold clothings to move line before design of area of change clothes, washing machine + dryer + wash clothes basin stores content very good also.

4 type separation separates these 4 parts namely, human nature is designed, compose a reasonable and practical toilet.

Each space function uses rise not to interfere with each other, do not disturb each other, convenient already use, can assure toilet again clean and neat, let household life more comfortable.

Generally speaking, compared with the open toilet of water when taking a bath, transpiration of mist, use the design of dry wet separation, can bring more convenience for household life, let a family be in use wholesome space each other independent, do not interfere with each other. This is also a key to improving your quality of life.

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