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  1. jewelry kits wholesale BCHC, as a Bitcherry distributed e -commerce network, uses the general token of the platform of the underlying technology and token attributes, its value is closely related to the Bitcherry distributed ecological ecology. BCHC can be used to buy platform products, or be paid to participants who have contributed to ecology. The value of BCHC will be determined by all participants in the Bitcherry Ecology. When the Bitcherry ecology continues to expand globalization, it will continue to establish and improve the economic sharing system. constantly improving.

  2. sedona jewelry wholesale On November 1, 2019, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau officially announced that it was required to take the initiative to surrender the criminal activities of the Gaiwang department and request investors to report the case. As soon as the announcement, the one -key brother and the cherry praise platform could not be used. Now changing the skin of Bitcherry and Bittok, and continue to deceive with a virtual currency called BCHC, use overseas platforms to avoid investigation. More than 10 areas have been incidents in more than 10 regions, and more than 20 people such as Mao Junlian, Li Qingxi, and Lin Qin were captured by the "1011 Project Action" in Wuzhou, Guangxi and frozen the stolen money of 346 million; Gu Tianlong, the backbone of Qinhuangdao Qinhuangdao, was arrested in Thailand; The leader of Gai.com, Wang Xiaoli, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for MLM. Seeing the criminal judgment (2017) Lu 13 to the end 560. The judgment also qualitatively covered the net stock fund to be false fraud props. Yongxiong (I have fled to the Mainland for many years) and Kou Nannan's illegal income. After the incident of the Gaiwang, the name was renamed one -key brother, but the one -key brother also had many cases. It was deeply exposed by Henan TV's special topic, the official website of Yantai Municipal Government was exposed, and the payment interface was also blocked. Since the establishment of this organization, no project is fulfilled. It depends on bragging, distorting national policies, and seduced the ignorant people who lack common sense.
    In the official announcement of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, Zhongtian Shengxiang was disintegrated across the board, and one key brother and cherry praise could not be used normally. Bittok only claims to have Singapore financial licenses, but cannot get the basis.

    . At this point, Zhongtian Shengxiang's legal person lost contact, the platform was scrapped, and the project suspended.

  3. led lights wholesale jewelry I played Walker, Lehui, and DGC four years ago. I went to a total of tens of thousands of thousands of thousands. What business model and split mechanism are basically similar, that is, pure pyramid schemes. If there are still people doing this now, it really shouldn't be!

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