Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful

Want to build a sweet and comfortable bedroom atmosphere, rely on lamplight alone is not enough, still need to rely on appropriate furniture to undertake layout and filling, ability achieves ideal result.

In decorating a process, most people choose the furniture for the bedroom, often is the first point is a good selection of beds, bedside table, lamps and lanterns, recreational chair, ignore the color and the material is in line with the integral style, size is in line with the space area, lead to bought a lot of furniture, the bedroom is more and more crowded, also lost the original comfort.

How should that bedroom furniture choose?

This issue is made by the gentleman to give you to solve the confusion, a look at the bedroom furniture selection of those things.

Bedroom furniture selection

Choose bedroom furniture is not blindly without rules, but need to bring the furniture out list first, and then in the selection process, according to the characteristics of every piece of furniture for consideration, see us not appropriate to make a decision, here mainly beds, bedside table, wardrobe, lamps and lanterns is the four pieces of furniture is given priority to, to share some of bedroom furniture selection skills.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful

01. The choice of mattress

The bed is generally composed of bed board, mattress, bed screen and bed products. The most important thing here is the choice of mattress. A good mattress can improve the comfort of the bedroom and also improve the sleep quality of the residents.

The kind of mattess: generally speaking, mattess has cent sponge mattess, spring mattess, latex mattess, the characteristic of every kind of mattess is different, some resilience is good, some air permeability is good, some environmental protection is natural, can undertake choosing according to individual be fond of and habit.

Mattress size: mattress size can be selected according to bedroom area and inhabitant height, conventional size 120*150cm, 150*200cm, 180*200cm and other options.

Mattess ply: of mattess ply how many can decide it is good to sleep only, cannot decide it to bear the stand or fall of support force, and in the selection process, it has thin arrive 3, 5cm left and right sides, also have thick arrive 20, 30cm left and right sides.

Of mattess fit degree: the fit degree here basically is to see mattess design whether accord with human body engineering design, fit human body curve, can pass actual press, pat, lie in the process that tests fit degree, will pick the mattess that accords with intention to him.

02. Nightstand choice

Tell the truth, ark of the head of the bed in the bedroom need not rigidly a kind of mode undertakes choosing, can be a bit bold, a bit flexible, can bring different interest interest for the bedroom perhaps.

In the selection process, the following criteria can be selected:

Number of bedside cabinets: the number of bedside cabinets can be decided according to the remaining space after the bedroom bed is put, one or two. Of course, if the bedroom space is too small, you can also directly choose to abandon the bedside cabinet, the use of other designs, such as wardrobe connecting bedside cabinet, tatami integrated cabinet design to achieve the function of the bedside cabinet.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful

Ark of the head of the bed design: before the article says ark of the head of the bed is not to have a kind of form only, besides square square ark of cabinet body mode, it can appear with tea table, stool, receive the mode such as cart, want you to think only, even if clapboard of a small buy content can act as ark of the head of the bed.

Ark of the head of the bed size: below conventional circumstance, the dimension width of ark of the head of the bed is in 40, 60cm, depth is in 35, 45cm, will decide specifically with bedroom area, also can choose custom-size to satisfy.

03. Wardrobe choices

In the bedroom, chest is one occupies the furniture with larger area, besides certain adornment function, its most important effect is received namely, when choosing, can refer to the following standards:

Choose according to bedroom area: bedroom wardrobe is not pick the bigger the better, but according to bedroom size, for example, 10, 25 square meters of the bedroom can choose single door or double door integrated wardrobe to meet the bedroom basic reception.

And 25-50 square meters of the bedroom, the sufficient area of the case, you can choose the combination of cabinets wardrobe, at the same time with hanging put + stacked + drawer chest to meet the bedroom storage, can also choose to expand 2-5 square meters of space to create cloakroom.

Choose according to the layout: here the layout can choose the shape and layout of the wardrobe according to the remaining space of the bedroom, a font, L or U.

Choose according to preference: the occupant can also choose the form of wardrobe according to preference, open, closed, or half open + half closed.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful

04, the choice of lamps and lanterns

The configuration of bed + cabinet of head of the bed + chest can satisfy the functional function of one part of the bedroom, finally, will choose appropriate lamps and lanterns again, will add the atmosphere that holds whole bedroom.

Choose by height: no matter be the choice of lamps and lanterns or the layout of lamps and lanterns, need to consider the height of the bedroom first fit suitable ability to go. If the storey height is low, lower than 2.5m bedroom, it is suggested to choose the design without main light to render the bedroom will be more beautiful; If the height is above 2.8m, what matters is not whether there is a main light or no main light, but whether the lighting is enough.

Choose by area: generally speaking, the bedroom needs more than one lamps and lanterns, can increase the lamplight of the head of a bed, wardrobe according to area layout circumstance, the lamplight of dresser.

Choose by color: the color of lamplight in the bedroom is very important, when office is read for instance, what the bedroom needs is cool color illume lamplight, and what sleeping rest needs is warm color lamplight, this also explained the bedroom needs a variety of lamplight combination ability to satisfy a variety of demand of daily life.

Actually, of bedroom furniture choose not difficult, want the circumstance according to oneself demand and bedroom only, choose modelling, dimension, quantity appropriate furniture, can let a bedroom maintain the foundation of beautiful sex to have comfortable sex and functional sex.

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