This is not the way to choose furniture

Furniture is an essential thing in our home, a table, a few chairs, a few cabinets... Reasonable furniture decorates the home that lets us more substantial, more have simple sense.

When choosing furniture, dimension and simple sense, different owner is different on choosing direction, but unless there is special persistent read on color choice, otherwise listen to the proposal of small dish of whole home first.

Small family choose cool color or medium color

Small family can choose cool color furniture, warm color is outspread color, cool color is contractive color. So, the room with small area should tie-in cool color fastens furniture, make the person produces the feeling with very big space.

If you feel that there is no temperature in cold colors, you can also choose neutral colors such as wood color, which can avoid the visual pressure of warm colors and crowded and eye-catching, and will not fall into a cold and lifeless environment.

This is not the way to choose furniture

Warm colors are available for large houses

Large family can choose warm color department furniture, can give a person a kind of relaxed and sweet feeling. And the space of big family is sufficient, still can adopt the design of local warm color, such cold and warm mix, depth collocation, move one static, more harmonious nature, the space also can have administrative levels feeling more.

Choose light color for poor lighting

In the space with poor indoor daylighting, unfavorable chooses the furniture with deep color too. Brunet furniture gives a person the feeling of a kind of deep massiness, originally dim room, after putting dark furniture, can more dim without light.

Accordingly, inside the door model with poor daylighting, the furniture that preferentially chooses light color fastens is beautiful. Light color has a certain sense of visual transparency, can make the space appear bigger and brighter, fresh collocation can also make people happy.

Choose any good lighting

Indoor daylighting is good, can choose light color furniture, also can choose brunet furniture. The size of the style, space according to his home can be decided. Brunet furniture has simple sense more, can build the atmosphere that gives a kind of accumulation, use the feeling of big space design such as sitting room, bedroom more apparent.

Light color furniture is deft and cabinet, elegant and delicate, use better in the space such as dining-room, balcony, bedroom.

This is not the way to choose furniture

Same color furniture is not easy to go wrong

If one piece of furniture stands out too much in color or style, the feel of the whole room will be ruined. And the collocation that fastes furniture with color, not easy go wrong not only, often still can harvest unexpected surprise beyond.

Select a style, you can choose the same color department of different colors of furniture, dining tables and chairs, porch cabinets, coffee table...... Unified color department is light color or brunet, cool color or warm color, reveal the integrity of home outfit style.

Clash colors are more colorful

Color strong contrast home has a kind of unique personalized characteristic, can build the fashionable feeling that gives different. And can choose a wider range, collocation effect is more diverse.

Attention, the color collocation between the contrasting color furniture should be coordinated, avoid the collision of high purity colors in a large area, which is easy to make people visual fatigue.

The essence that furniture chooses is "little and essence", the choice collocation of furniture color also is same. Spend a bit more idea, combine oneself door model characteristic and family disposition characteristic, consider from whole, make the furniture choose and buy plan that lets him and family jing.