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How is the scratch of real wood floor repaired? Announces the article
What decorate to use in the home is real wood floor, always be careful at ordinary times, be afraid carelessly do a scratch to the floor. In fact, the solid wood floor has scratches can also be repaired, today xiaobian to introduce how to repair the scratches of the solid wood floor.

Repair methods of scratches on solid wood floor:

1. Floor essential oil

If there are relatively shallow scratches on hardwood floors, it is recommended to treat them with floor essential oils. This will protect the floor layer and prevent slight scratches from deepening and discoloration.

2, polishing wax

If the paint film on the surface of hardwood floors is not cracked but has a scratch, you can polish the floor directly with polish wax after cleaning. Polishing waxes are mainly used to protect the shine of the floor and make the surface of the hardwood floor smooth so that there is no further damage to the scratched areas.

How is the scratch of real wood floor repaired? Announces the article

3, spray paint

If scratches on hardwood floors are severe and the paint film is damaged or exposed to white, polish and wipe clean with No. 400 waterproof sandpaper dipped in soapy water. After drying, fill the area with color. After drying the color, brush and apply a piece of paint. After 24 hours of drying, polish with no.400 waterproof sandpaper and then polish with floor wax.

4. Professional maintenance personnel

If the scratches on the solid wood floor are serious and the floor area is large, you are advised to invite a maintenance personnel to renovate or replace the solid wood floor.

Solid wood floors are bound to have scratches during use. It depends on how we maintain it. It's in good condition. It doesn't matter if there's a slight scratch. If there's a big scratch, you'd better get a professional to take care of it if you care.

The kitchen wants to save money, and it's right

It's easy to go over budget with everything from hardware to refrigerators. Therefore, before decorating, we should make a plan, which should be spent and which should not be spent.

What are the five kitchen fittings?

01, to install the ceiling lamp and lamp in the cabinet

Lighting fixtures are installed at the bottom of the ceiling and inside the cabinet for easy daily use. Otherwise, relying only on the ceiling lamp above the suspended ceiling, fingers will tremble when cutting vegetables.

2 tips about lamp straps for hanging cabinets:

1, be sure to keep a good circuit.

2, the lamp belt should be open and dark. It is suggested that dark decoration is relatively beautiful. However, if dark installation is required, the installation of the customized hanging cabinet must be made by the customized company, and the installation problem must be communicated in advance.

Lamp inside cabinet basically uses at inside cabinet local illume. Use induction ambry lamp, when opening cupboard door, automatic induction illuminates inside cabinet, convenient, practical

02. Cabinet hardware to be installed

When buying ambry, the quality of hardware often is ignored. It is good to pull the door of drawer cabinet, and the firmware is not firm. It is recommended to buy the hardware with quality assurance.

Hardware basically has: hinge, connector, horn code, condole code, drawer guide rail, rebound implement, shake handshandle to wait a moment, belong to the necessary part that makes cabinet. The partial fittings of ambry will calculate money by piece, whether to ask clearly to need to collect fees alone before buying.

The kitchen wants to save money, and it's right

03, to install drawers and baskets

Want the kitchen to look neat and beautiful, receive a design to want to do well. Undertake space in drawer interior, sleek and neater. Three drawers is standard in most kitchens. If you make more, you have to ask if you need to pay more.

The installation inside cabinet pulls basket, can use ambry space of bigger limit, increase store material resources. Pull basket material construction choose to buy 304 stainless steel, the frame is not the thicker the better, but also can not be too fine, otherwise easy to weld. When you buy and buy a basket, you should feel it. If the surface is smooth and there is no handle, you can do the work.

04, to install pull type tap

Pull-out faucets are free to stretch and rotate 360°, making it easy to install in the kitchen for cleaning and receiving water. Whether you're cleaning around the sink or filling a pan with water, just pull out the tap. No splashing or having to move POTS and pans around.

05, to install a water purifier

The water purifier can not only eliminate visible impurities and odors, but also clean up invisible bacteria. In terms of health costs, it's very cost-effective. Moreover, the water purifier has a more reasonable water rate setting, which can reduce the waste of household water to a certain extent.

"Kitchen five do not install" what?

01. Do not install built-in garbage cans

Some owners opt for built-in bins to make the outside of their kitchens look more aesthetically pleasing. But in fact, due to the lack of ventilation, the garbage bins in the garbage bins can produce odor, affecting the sanitation of the cabinet. If it is an open bin, it is very inconvenient to use. If this were a desktop trash can, it would take up operating space in the office too!

02, do not install disinfection cabinet

Disinfection ark basically uses at the disinfection of tableware, but use rise also very troublesome, tableware should be wiped before disinfection or drain moisture, installed after a few years cannot be used. Household tableware should undertake disinfect, can boil disinfect, do not need to use disinfect cabinet, also can occupy kitchen space.

03, do not install the range hood hanging cabinet

Money is spent on the installation of the hanging cabinet on the lampblack machine is considered to be clever application space, but in fact, this is not conducive to the placement of goods, not easy to clean, but also shortened the service life, if the cabinet material is not fireproof, not resistant to high temperature, easy to damage, one or two years later, the cabinet and plate will be deformed, will also release formaldehyde.

04, do not install sliding door rail

The track will convex in the ground, easy to trip people, and track groove easy to dust, see, wipe, long time will affect the door.

It is recommended to use the hanging rail guide at the top to facilitate cleaning. In addition, the noise generated by the top track is much less than the noise generated by the friction of the ground track, which is more conducive to home rest.

The sink is in front of the window, do not install the inner window

If the sink is located in front of the window, it is best to open the window outside or push and pull the horizontal direction to open the window. If the window is made inside, the open window is likely to encounter the tap, affecting the service life of the window and the tap, and it is not convenient to use.

Shell powder to decorate the bedroom

The bedroom most fundamental function offers good morpheus space and quality namely. Because this we must want to assure the quiet of the bedroom and environmental protection. However, the most effective way to do this is to choose excellent decoration materials. The most important thing is to involve the whole wall!

In addition, often the girl's bedroom everyone must be able to think of must be sweet, different from the ordinary bedroom, will pay more attention to the color collocation of the bedroom and the effect.

New environmental protection decoration materials shell powder is different from traditional decoration materials, where is the difference?

It's easier to set the mood

We all know that traditional decoration is to use wallpaper or latex paint to create an overall atmosphere. But their life is very short, but also very easy to cause wall peeling, peeling, yellow, plum rain season is moldy phenomenon, the situation is more serious.

Shell powder has a very good adjustment of indoor temperature effects, and strong anti-cracking ability and adsorption capacity, wall decoration with shell powder will not appear fading, cracking, mildew and other phenomena. Shell powder is also an inorganic material and can be used for 20 years. This is the traditional decoration materials wallpaper or latex paint can not be compared.

Shell powder to decorate the bedroom

Guaranteed comfort

The bedroom as our rest place, sound insulation effect must be better, to ensure the comfort of rest, to create a good sleep. Shell powder wall will definitely make you no longer affected by the noise of the traffic outside the window, help you easily return to a healthy sleep.

Shell powder raw material, USES the pure natural shells, because of the reason of its material, inside the shell powder has the characteristic of the microporous structure, can absorb and reduce noise, its effect is equivalent to the same thickness of cement mortar and stone more than 2 times, can be reduced more than 50% of the reverb, thereby greatly reducing the noise, create a quiet indoor environment.

Health and environmental protection are very important

A bedroom besides decorate beautiful perhaps comfortable besides, the most important still is healthy environmental protection respect of course. The bedroom is where we all sleep. If we live in an environment full of formaldehyde every day, it will inevitably affect our health. The formaldehyde content of traditional decoration materials is very large, which is easy to lead to the occurrence of various diseases.

Shell powder in the ocean of high quality natural shell as raw material, do not add any harmful substances, as the inside of the shell powder molecular cavity structure, can adsorption odor and harmful gas in the air, combined with the main composition of shell powder is calcium carbonate, can be directly and air harmful material such as free formaldehyde in the reaction, the removal of formaldehyde. Check in immediately after renovation!

Have good sleep quality, of course, is to start from the sound insulation effect, shell powder can not only solve the trouble of noise, but also can breathe moisture, inhibit bacterial growth and other functions, to provide you with a best sleep.

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

The first point, determine the decoration style

It is very important to determine the style of your house if you want it to look good and save money. Unified interior style, the effect is more relaxed, it is easier to match a good effect. Today's decoration style classification many, as far as possible to choose a family are satisfied with the decoration style.

Second, do a good job of the whole house design scheme

Before the new house starts, to do a good job of the whole house design scheme, that is, according to the selected style, according to the demand, and the design and collocation of the whole space so a whole house scheme. Enter door porch from most beginning design, arrive each space, the material that every space uses, color collocation should plan, and decide come down. Only when the scheme is determined, the construction will follow the plan, even if there are changes, but also the layout, does not affect the overall effect, not in the process of construction, the waste of materials, or affect the construction period!

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

Third, control your budget

Good control decorates budget, basically be to buy need to decorate material, include when buying furniture electric equipment, the price just won't exceed budget, can control so, also be the means that decorates a kind of money. Budget is very important, for example, the home budget is only 100,000, so when buying materials, according to the only plan, choose the appropriate price of decoration materials.

Fourth, indoor collocation of main colors do not exceed three

According to the principle of interior design color collocation, preparation, indoor main color should not be more than three, more than three colors will be messy, make people look uncomfortable, three colors can be very good collocation. Don't be too bright or too strong. If you want a beautiful home, the colors should match well!

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

The fifth, choose reliable decoration workers

House decoration, one of the more important is the decoration workers. Please some decoration workers, you can have been decorated to relatives or friends, to ask them about the craft and word of mouth better decoration workers. Reliable decoration workers, in the process of construction, the work is more delicate, and will not appear the case of rework.

Sixth, in line with the decoration materials

Decorate material not to ask price how expensive, want to shop around as far as possible compare three, consult a few friends that have decorate experience greatly. Want to choose the decoration material that accords with his home style as far as possible, go buying according to design plan. Material is not to jump over expensive better, accord with oneself home however, accord with only, the design that tie-in effect just can do before is same, the effect just can good-looking

Seventh, part of the online shopping

Can not buy physical stores, as far as possible direct online shopping is more cost-effective, for example: electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns, carpets, decorations and some articles of daily use and so on, often online shopping varieties more choice, style is more novel. Say so, part can buy online, it is very appropriate. But some of the more important things, the suggestion or entity shop ha!

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

New house decorate when must pay attention to feng shui layout, although some people don't believe that, but for the sake of your finances and family health, even if you don't believe that also should pay more attention to, want to know the Chinese fengshui is a long history and profound, are the ancients summed up on the law of life, that is must have its reason.

Foyer corridor home decoration feng shui taboo

1. Keep aisles clean and clear

Neat corridor, can bring good mood to housing person, if corridor is blocked, can affect the mood of householder, life. Make life confused, no direction, bad for family fortunes.

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

2.It is taboo to go straight to the bedroom door in the hallway

The corridor in the home can not face the living bedroom door, which will make the air flow directly into the bedroom, affecting the bedroom field, for the family fortune is also unfavorable, this feng shui, this is called "wear heart evil spirit", when the door opened, the air flow is like a sword straight into the bedroom, so we must pay attention to.

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

3. No beams in aisles

If beams appear on the walkway, it will be visually oppressive, suggesting that the occupants will encounter resistance at work. How to dissolve: had better be to install condole top to decorate on beam, look so won't have very big oppressive feeling, maintain good mood thereby.

4. Aisles should not be too long

According to the building is decorated scale to look, corridor length does not exceed 2/3 of house length, corridor is decorated too long can give a person the feeling that guest dominates, cannot decorate a straight corridor, it seems to want to divide the house into two parts, affect the family is not suitable, lack affection taste. Dissolve method: corridor had better be able to have corner indoors.

The floor tile of the balcony and sitting room decorate design same, so good-looking?

What advantage can balcony floor tile follow a sitting room to walk to have and disadvantage?

The first, balcony floor tile and sitting room floor tile, there is an outspread feeling for sure. To small sitting room so, can have very good effect undoubtedly. But the living room is very long, and it would be better if it were tiled separately.

Second, integrity. Be the word of balcony floor tile and sitting room same, can reduce the importance of the balcony. Because these two Spaces seem to be divided together. If want to make balcony it one horn in the home, have oneself distinctive glamour, the proposal still should distinguish with sitting room come.

The floor tile of the balcony and sitting room decorate design same, so good-looking?

Additional, if the balcony has washing machine, still suggest to use anti - slip brick.

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General household is decorated, the floor tile of the sitting room and balcony is same, the space of general balcony serves as the outspread of sitting room space, unifinitone shop sticks appear a few more atmosphere, dimensional feeling is better. Small family sitting room is multi-purpose this kind of shop sticks means.

Some of the shop that sticks administrative levels to rich ground feels, can do a few color or floor tile specification in the balcony, the shop sticks the subtle change of means, retain certain integral sex also ok.

The floor tile of the balcony and sitting room decorate design same, so good-looking?

Some will balcony partition demolish, of expandable sitting room space, the unity that needs sitting room and balcony shop to stick likewise, promote expand dimensional feeling.

Additional balcony, the sitting room is bigger, at the same time the balcony serves as a recreational area, or when other space uses different floor brick, perhaps do waveguide line to distinguish. This works for large Spaces.

In addition, if the floor of the living room balcony is made, it can be different from the indoor ground. It depends on the decoration needs of the individual. Whether the living room balcony and the living room ground are integrated and pasted, depending on personal preferences and decoration needs, no one must be good-looking.

A set door that can be installed with foam filler? Time grows can loosen?

The door frame filled with styrofoam is not only not loose, but also has many other advantages: sound insulation, heat insulation, strong adhesion and other advantages, if used in the wall doors and Windows when filling the joint will also play a role in sealing plugging.

In the past, when there was no styrofoam, how were doors and Windows installed?

Industrial styrofoam was introduced into China in about 2000 and began to be widely promoted. So before this door and window installation is how to fill the seam?

Very simple, still do not have suit door before this, the interior of that time is decorated, the project quantity of carpentry is very big, make door window from condole top, make all carpentry to furniture again live. Then had not suit door, the concept of all indoor door is wood made of laminated plate with wooden lines, so the door and the wall of the joint degree is very high, if you have uneven directly using the chock filled is ok, so indoor door no filler, and the exterior Windows and doors is the use of cement mortar filling, another batch of paint.

Why do suit doors need to be filled with styrofoam?

Decorate now in planar space layout is adjusted, so a lot of the doorway is open again, to open the can appear not only hole was not vertical, and the cut surface is very uneven, when installing a suit, large and small aperture will need to fill up, if you use cement filling construction, not only a waste of human, but also pollute the walls and doors.

The suit door belongs to the custom product, once the custom is complete, it is almost impossible to change the size in the installation process (the height can be appropriately sawed a little). So suit door should not only measure with the smallest size of hole width when measuring size, even in order to prevent error, deliberately put a little size (1-2 cm). So suit door in the installation, almost every set of doors in the installation, cover board and hole edge have 2-3 cm gap, at this time you need foam sealant to fill the seam.

What are the advantages of using styrofoam?

A set door that can be installed with foam filler? Time grows can loosen?

The point of measuring styrofoam is definitely compared with other seam filling materials.

Compared with cement joint filling, foam itself has a certain elasticity, if the doors and Windows material thermal expansion and contraction, will not produce cracks, and the use of cement joint doors and Windows due to different materials have different expansion coefficient, it is easy to crack, resulting in water leakage accident.

Although cement mortar is as strong as stone, it has very limited materials for firm adhesion, such as wood, plastic and even metal materials. The foaming glue not only has strong adhesion with cement mortar, but also has higher bonding strength with wood and metal doors and Windows. Although it is relatively soft, it can play the effect of soft and rigid, and the durability of the set door after filling is higher.

High environmental protection coefficient, foaming glue is the polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst, crosslinking agent and other filling into the high-pressure iron tank, and filled with propane and other gases. Although there is a pungent smell when it is first shot in the high-pressure tank, there is no smell after curing, and it is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It's a very environmentally friendly product. The cement that we think is more environmental friendly has certain corrosiveness to human skin and metal materials.

Fast curing speed, faster construction, although the material cost of foam is higher than cement mortar, but the construction speed is very fast, save labor, and filling is more dense, a few minutes can be cured.

What should we pay attention to when using styrofoam?

A set door that can be installed with foam filler? Time grows can loosen?

It is to want to choose qualified product above all, inferior foamed glue is in time after the meeting produces contraction phenomenon, bring about crack to appear at the edge of door window. In addition, when using, expansion is unstable, the worker is not easy to grasp the amount of use, easy to excessive expansion, bring about the deformation of doors and Windows.

The filling amount should be moderate. When in use, the gap should be evenly sprayed from top to bottom, and 2/3 of the gap can be filled, and then the foam will automatically expand to fill the whole gap. If the amount of use is large, you can choose the form of tubular products, need to use a special spray gun, more material saving.

After the use of styrofoam, it can be cured after about 10 minutes, generally in an hour or so, we need to cut off the colloid overflow gap in time.

In addition, styrofoam will be oxidized and yellow in the air, which is very ugly and can not be used as a decorative surface. Therefore, if there is exposed styrofoam, it is best to use cement or putty to cover it and then brush it for decoration.

How long can normal furniture be put to allow formaldehyde to be released completely?

First of all, about the harm of formaldehyde to the human body, the current academic medical consensus is harmful to the human body, affecting the upper respiratory tract, eye irritation, and even lead to leukemia, affect fertility, induce cancer, etc. However, at present, the research conclusions can only be confirmed as qualitative research, and how much indoor formaldehyde concentration can affect people, that is, quantitative research has not formed a scientific conclusion. My proposal: when decorating and buying furniture, see oneself economic condition, can escape best. A little bit also not afraid, good ventilation can be.

Secondly, at present, the country has formulated standards, standards of various materials and indoor air standards after completion (baidu). Each individual material standard partial "loose", indoor decoration completion acceptance of the air standard or can (basic with international standards).

Third, lax law enforcement. Technical supervision bureau of manufacturers of materials inspection by the enterprise inspection system, there is a very beautiful report data, the actual material is very "slag" situation. So you have a situation in the market where all kinds of materials claim to be green, but some of the really green materials are drowned out; After the completion of the decoration acceptance link, and a few decoration companies to the customer identification of indoor air? Besides, the cost of technical supervision department is not low (thousands of yuan), customers or do not understand or do not want to pay, no one whole this matter.

How long can normal furniture be put to allow formaldehyde to be released completely?

If the indoor air is tested according to the national standard, almost no one reaches the standard. No matter big or small company!

Fourth, about furniture and decoration. At present supplier good and bad are intermingled, adornment company is not strict to material check also, if you move into new residence after detection again really, certain meeting pull skin. Responsibility furniture is pushed to decorate, decorate furniture, floor is pushed to latex paint, wardrobe is pushed to be bored with child powder, very chaotic, who will not bear responsibility.

Fifth, in the face of the whole market chaos, how to do with customers. (countermeasures)

A. Study assiduously, understand the properties of various materials, make various comparisons, and become an expert. It takes time, effort and money.

B. Sign air acceptance contract with decoration company, strictly in accordance with national standards. It costs money. It saves time and effort. Look around and see if there's a company willing to protect your air!

Attention, inspection must find technical supervision bureau, other do not disturb.

C. If you can not find the company willing to ensure the air, as far as possible to simplify the decoration scheme, grasp the wood products, latex paint, putty powder, paint, curtain these content, can use as little as possible. Furniture buys real wood more, decorate ventilated one year half load, go again enter. This is the passive choice of most people.

D. About silicon bath mud, about formaldehyde treatment, about raising plants to decompose formaldehyde, about wood carbon adsorption are all rivers and lakes legend, nothing can play, are not as good as ventilation.

How long can normal furniture be put to allow formaldehyde to be released completely?

Fifth, wood-based panel selection is the key of the key. At present, there are no formaldehyde particleboard (PB) and no formaldehyde medium fiber board (MDF) can reach solid wood environmental protection level. There are only three or five domestic board factories producing them, and the price is higher. There is no sale in kunming market at present. It depends on your luck.

Sixth, other decorate material of bigger and 18 litres will get by, emulsioni paint to buy 500 yuan/formaldehyde finalize the curtains don't buy fabrics, putty powder to buy no aldehyde just add water without glue, buy pure paper or non-woven wallpaper, wardrobe cabinets to buy big wenqi board, decorating a process all kinds of experience too much too much, it's hard to say all here.