How is the scratch of real wood floor repaired? Announces the article
What decorate to use in the home is real wood floor, always be careful at ordinary times, be afraid carelessly do a scratch to the floor. In fact, the solid wood floor has scratches can also be repaired, today xiaobian to introduce how to repair the scratches of the solid wood floor.

Repair methods of scratches on solid wood floor:

1. Floor essential oil

If there are relatively shallow scratches on hardwood floors, it is recommended to treat them with floor essential oils. This will protect the floor layer and prevent slight scratches from deepening and discoloration.

2, polishing wax

If the paint film on the surface of hardwood floors is not cracked but has a scratch, you can polish the floor directly with polish wax after cleaning. Polishing waxes are mainly used to protect the shine of the floor and make the surface of the hardwood floor smooth so that there is no further damage to the scratched areas.

How is the scratch of real wood floor repaired? Announces the article

3, spray paint

If scratches on hardwood floors are severe and the paint film is damaged or exposed to white, polish and wipe clean with No. 400 waterproof sandpaper dipped in soapy water. After drying, fill the area with color. After drying the color, brush and apply a piece of paint. After 24 hours of drying, polish with no.400 waterproof sandpaper and then polish with floor wax.

4. Professional maintenance personnel

If the scratches on the solid wood floor are serious and the floor area is large, you are advised to invite a maintenance personnel to renovate or replace the solid wood floor.

Solid wood floors are bound to have scratches during use. It depends on how we maintain it. It's in good condition. It doesn't matter if there's a slight scratch. If there's a big scratch, you'd better get a professional to take care of it if you care.