What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

The choice of decoration style is a factor that many people must consider when decorating, so the cream decoration style of the recent fire can be said to be loved by young people, this issue is loaded with a network from soft decoration to talk to everyone about what is cream style decoration.

What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

Cream wind decoration renderings
What is cream style?

Cream color is a light cream coffee color. Cream color is a low saturation color matching style between off-white and cream coffee. On this foundation, the other saturation such as color of cream-colored, warm gray, original wood compares low colour, reoccupy finally a few furniture that contains heavy color, wood or blackish green plant, have contrast and outstanding visual effect, cream color can be mixed contemporary extremely brief, wabi sabi, day type, French wait for flexible union.

The most intuitive and core characteristics of cream wind are:

1. The hard outfit of the whole space is simple, clean and straightforward

2. Soft outfit is gentle and exquisite

3. Soft and hard outfit are coordinated with each other, and the tone is unified

4. Cute and soft temperament is highlighted in modeling and materials

What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

Elements and techniques commonly used in cream

Cream department style depends on its contracted atmosphere, romantic cure, and want to create a close people, modern cream department style, nothing more than from material, modelling, lighting these 3 elements.

1. Material

Material aspect in order to conform to the tonality of cream style, in the choice, we must try to choose the material with strong sense of texture, such as lamb cashmere, coral velvet, cotton hemp, log and other material is the most suitable.

The seat

First of all, in order to cooperate with the cream style to create a simple atmosphere, the seat must give a low-key, simple texture, so it is generally to choose the natural log texture of the seat. For instance rattan makes up, original wood to wait a moment, perhaps also can choose to contain cashmere or sponge directly kind, compare Q play seat cushion seat, convex whole atmosphere is soft and downy.

Cream wind decoration renderings
The sofa

Sofa abandon leather class more bright, smooth material, because this kind of material surface lacks the sense of texture and is too stable, so it is recommended to choose lamb cashmere, coral velvet plush sofa, this soft cotton cotton material is more easy to foil cream style of lovely.

Cream wind decoration renderings
The floor

The creamy-style floor pursues the natural and original texture. Generally, logs or oak floors are used to expand the sense of visual extension. The wood color is slightly darker than the wall to highlight the sense of stability and layering, which sets off the low-key and advanced atmosphere and also facilitates the display of furniture on the surface.

Cream wind decoration renderings
The carpet

The material that carpet uses pledges to want to satisfy soft cotton lovely temperament, also want to accord with the pursuit of pair of natural simple sense at the same time, use wool to pledge with soft nap commonly perhaps sisal braid wait for material to pledge.

Cream wind decoration renderings

2. Modeling

In the design of cream style, the control of modeling is mainly in the choice of furniture modeling, as well as the design of space hard decoration modeling.

A. Furniture modeling

If you choose the same, angular table of ark of tea table, will only make the atmosphere of whole feeling heavy and stiff, and there can be more abundant in furniture modelling design, table, tea table and so on can be used in a curve arc, or irregular curve line, can also tend to elliptic, roundness and so on, these full of modelling fluent line feeling, make integral atmosphere more clever.

On the other hand, for furniture like sofa, sofa material is soft cotton texture, kind and lovely, so we should enlarge the advantages of sofa in modelling, can choose round or fat shape, strengthen its soft and lovely characteristics, and pay attention to the body light, pay attention to the design sense of modelling.

The modelling of all in all, from the overall perspective, in order to match a cream is warm welcome style, modelling respect must not rigid, heavy, less sharp edges on modelling, more rounded corners, less rigid linear design, design more pliable curve surface, less stiff machine-made model, the modelling of more soft of lovely fat round texture.

B. Hard-mounted modeling

The modeling of hard installation is mainly reflected in the top surface and metope, the ceiling modeling of the ceiling, generally using flat ceiling, local edge hanging, local radian ceiling, or the modeling design with a bit of gypsum line, the premise is to be very concise and clean.

Generally, these kinds of suspended ceilings are combined with the design of hidden lamp belts. The wall is usually flat and white. Some simple and delicate plaster lines or PU lines can be used, or the modeling of wood veneer and local wood grating on the wall, or the modeling of local curved surface can be set on the wall.

3. Lighting

Cream wind lighting design, with full sense of atmosphere of the main lamp design. It is not only in line with the minimalist atmosphere of cream style, but also can uniformly illuminate the space.

Lighting ideas

In terms of lighting ideas, we should pay attention to the setting of hierarchical sense, generally using basic lighting, key lighting and decorative lighting three levels, basic lighting can make the space uniform and universal lighting, to meet the basic lighting needs. And key lighting, find the core function of the space area, separate key lighting, decorative lighting is mainly to achieve decorative lighting effect.

In cream style, downlights and hidden light belts are usually used to meet the needs of basic lighting to illuminate the space, while spotlights or track lights are generally used to focus on a particular area. And decorative lighting, such as floor lamp, wall lamp, down lamp, spot lamp, lamp belt and so on, to complement and decorate the lighting.

Lighting system

What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

The main lamp design of cream wind is generally adopted in the following ways.

(1) Flat ceiling + hidden down light/lamp belt

A large flat roof is hung at the top of the ceiling, and the down light is hidden inside the plasterboard, which can not only keep the top simple and clean, but also play the role of uniform basic lighting. The hidden lamp belt is set in the position of the ceiling against the wall, which can play the lighting effect of uniform wall, and can create a warm and soft cream atmosphere.

(2) Open down light/spot light/track light

Do not have to do the modeling of the ceiling, lamps and lanterns installed directly in the original top, retained a certain level of height, not the space was depressed very low, but more spacious and bright, simple and clean, do not break the atmosphere. The installation of track lights, lighting effect can be adjusted, flexible, at the same time more hierarchical sense.

(3) Background wall/cabinet body hidden lamp belt

The gesso modelling that the background wall of cream wind uses commonly or wood veneer, wood grille modelling is more, set hidden lamp belt on the edge of modelling normally, can reflect the illuminative atmosphere of more advanced feeling already, also can increase lamplight administrative levels feeling at the same time. The concealed lamp of cabinet body is taken likewise such, the lamplight that lets open case interior has administrative levels more, assure illume effect already, also have high appearance level temperament.

Cream wind decoration renderings
How to match cream style?

The matching colors of cream wind are mainly matched with the colors of the same color system, but the cream color is the main color, and it also matches with custard, milk ash, milk white, milk coffee and logs. However, in terms of the matching tone, it can be divided into the following three colors.

(1) Milky white cream color matching

Because cream belongs to shallower originally, and not quite obvious low saturation color is, it is to have collocation with milky white or other low saturation color that is the same as color commonly, maintain concise and clean already, also rich administrative levels sense on match color.

(2) Matching colors of milk ash

The overall color tone is darker, cream color and some light gray and cream yellow make the overall space color tone slightly dark, but also not lose bright and atmospheric, warm and soft.

(3) Matching colors of milk coffee

It is similar to the milk coffee color after the fusion of coffee and milk. The whole space is filled with a warm coffee tone, full of temperature and soft atmosphere. It is generally matched with wood materials, combined with some green plants as jumping colors and embellishment.

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