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What is the unreasonable design of the bedroom?

Since entering the workplace, one of the most enjoyable parts of the day is coming home from work: a nice bath and a good night's sleep. However, the seemingly simple bathing and sleeping also need corresponding preconditions. Simply put, the home decoration to do well. When it comes to decorating, once experienced or experiencing, basically is complaining.

Especially those who do not have experience decorate small white, it is more difficult. There is no doubt that if you want to have a pleasant decoration journey, you should do all the preparatory work before decoration. If the preparation is not enough, there will be all kinds of decoration regret. Today, there is a home decoration sharing the unreasonable decoration of the bedroom!

The person that has high requirement to life character, often very attention bedroom decorate. The bedroom is decorated, it is to buy a comfortable bed not only, include daylighting, ventilated, receive and sound insulation to wait for the detail inside, also be the key that the bedroom decorates. Any detail is not in place, not only will reduce the happiness after moving in, but also will leave a variety of hidden dangers. What is the unreasonable design of the bedroom? Reception is the hardest hit area.

What is the unreasonable design of the bedroom?The bedroom receives, chest is core. In order to increase storage, many people will choose to install partitions crazily. In their view, as long as the wardrobe partition is enough, not afraid of receiving enough. However, this perception is mistaken. Although the partition board is strong, but the disadvantages are also obvious. Not only do you spend a lot of time rummaging through your clothes every time you pick them up, but you also end up displacing all the clothes you've already sorted.

Probably a lot of people do not know, a practical wardrobe, should be to reduce clapboard and fixed drawer, leave more space to hang clothes area. In the meantime, without actual space size, a large number of planning cabinets, also be the unreasonable design that the bedroom decorates. Storage is important, but in moderation. Exceeded this degree, even if the bedroom did not receive trouble, also can appear the very serious problem such as space depression.

So, before the bedroom decorates, want to do whole house to receive layout above all. Below the premise that does not affect bedroom comfortable, reasonable plan receives. What be worth mentioning is, bedroom installs massiness condole top + complex droplight, also be unreasonable design. In many cases, the height of the bedroom is limited. Willful installation of heavy condole top + complex condole, will only further pull low bedroom layer, so that the bedroom has a sense of depression, thereby affecting happiness.

How does wave window curtain install light leakage?

A lot of people, have such a literary window dream: spring to see flowers outside the window, summer to listen to the rain hit the window eaves, fall to feel the fallen leaves flying, winter light touch snow romantic. Who can't love bay Windows like this? However, the real bay window, but hard to give you a slap in the face. I believe that we have heard the classic saying "ten bay Windows, nine chaos", said that the bay Windows brought about the disgraceful memories.

Bay window area, basically not very large. If it's over there, it's a waste. As for the bay window? Method did not choose right, installed out of the bay window, but also let a person feel chicken ribs. Today, there is a home decoration to share the window curtain does not leak light decoration tips!

How does wave window curtain install light leakage?In fact, bay Windows are very plastic. However, want omni-directional transformation wave window, the key depends on whether the door model structure of wave window can be dismantled. Wave window cannot tear open, the function is very onefold. Wave window can be dismantled, need simple transformation only, have infinite possibility. For the demolition of bay Windows, the following conditions shall be met at the same time: non-external bay Windows + internal bay Windows non-load-bearing walls + property consent.

With bay Windows, we can rest easy? Of course not. Wave window curtain had not been installed, still can appear light leakage problem, affect morpheus quality. How does wave window curtain install light leakage? Curtain box is a "artifact". If the Roman bar/guide rail is mounted directly on the bay window, the top position and the middle gap, it is easy to leak light. The appearance of curtain box, saved a series of problems that light leak place brings about. The top of the curtain is hidden in the curtain box, which is not easy to leak light.

It is worth mentioning that curtain box is made, the need to reserve a good floor + baffle in advance. After you move in, you can't install curtain boxes. Wave window curtain relies on wall installation, also be the clever move that solves leak light. Traditional wave window curtain, it is to rely on glass installation, light leakage is unavoidable. If our pattern is a bit bigger, install curtain like common window, wave window wants to leak light very hard.

But one thing to be careful about is using Roman bars. After all, Roman poles tend to leak light at the top. The Roman rod is not chosen well and may have to be replaced in some time. If the early forget to reserve the curtain box, at the same time Rome rod or rail installation of the curtain light leakage, we will use the curtain brow. As the name implies, a curtain made of cloth covers and decorates the upper part of the curtain, while solving the problem of light leakage and ugliness.

Is face of wave windowsill sticking ceramic tile good still shop marble good?

​From present door model look, most houses are taking wave window, be in the balcony of sitting room or bedroom commonly, and be used to wave window also is higher and higher, what kind of material to choose when decorating so became a big problem that people pays attention to. After investigation, it is found that the commonly used materials in the market are ceramic tile or marble, so let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two

A, bay window

Let's talk about the bay window first. It is evolved from the original window. With the improvement of people's living standard now, the bay window will gradually be transformed into leisure area, reading area or storage area, and its use is more and more extensive. Also some people or choose to smash the bay window, increase the indoor area, but such an inquiry developers and property, so as to avoid danger.

Two, wave window stick ceramic tile

Advantage: the kind modelling of ceramic tile is rich, can choose different decorative pattern to undertake shop stick, rise to go to the lavary already with marble comparison, it is very distinctive. And wave window undertakes transformation can add cushion and embrace pillow, can cover the design inside so, the word that adds cushion so need not tangle too much on aesthetic feeling

Disadvantages: the environmental protection of ceramic tile is lower than marble, the market is mixed, and the quality is not good to ensure; And the performance of ceramic tile is relatively much worse than marble, ceramic tile use time is too long will appear cracking, empty drum or fall off the phenomenon; Tiles can not be edge treatment, weak protection, and once leaking cement will affect the appearance and use.

Is face of wave windowsill sticking ceramic tile good still shop marble good?Three, bay window shop marble

Advantages: the marble pattern natural lifelike, can reflect a kind of close to the natural sense of reality, so that the bay window becomes a major indoor feature, increase the overall style; At the same time, the protective performance of marble is better, and it can ensure that the floating windowsill is moisture-proof and will not be deformed, and it can also cover the wall, and the service life is longer

Disadvantages: the cost of choosing marble is higher, the overall cost of decoration will be promoted, and from the cutting of marble to the shop, it is necessary to pay certain labor costs. Most families will cover the bay window with MATS, so that the marble pattern will be covered, losing the meaning of laying it.

Four, the comparison of the two

In summary, if the decoration budget is less and you want to put the bay window into a better picture, you can choose to stick ceramic tiles and lay MATS on them in the later stage, but to ensure the quality of ceramic tiles and the paving process, avoid the drawbacks of cracking, so that in the later stage, it can be used for a longer time.

If the decoration budget is more, and do not plan to lay floating window mat, marble is a good choice, although the price is too high, but the location of floating flowers can not be used too much, use the performance is very high, more secure.

Bay window is a very practical thing, so it is better to carry out comparative research on tile or marble on the table, in order to save money and increase the number of years of use.

Are they often "rusty" in the humble wei yu?

In our toilet and bathroom, can be said to be the most easy to damp in the home, so we choose the metal decorate material generally is especially easy to rust, but also easy to bad, sometimes new home just check in less than a month, the home of the toilet and bathroom began to appear all sorts of trouble, all of them are basically you don't care about these things, Namely hardware fittings is accounted for 90%, so we must learn hardware fittings of choose and buy and maintain them, let our toilet and bathroom use comfortable, with rest assured. Are they often "rusty" in the humble wei yu? Learn to buy and maintain, beautiful and practical.

What do the hardware fittings that we need to know toilet and bathroom place need to have basically above all? Common have water implement, hose, horn valve, flower asperse, faucet, floor drain, hook up circle, buy content wear, mirror to wait a moment.

So when we go to choose and buy, the material of these hardware accessories also has a lot of, not only some people will appear to choose difficulty disease, even some people do not know how to choose, do not know which will be better, learned these knowledge, let you find what you need at a glance.

Are they often "rusty" in the humble wei yu?Hardware fittings material is generally divided into stainless steel hardware fittings, aluminum alloy, solid copper chrome plating, hollow copper chrome plating and so on. From the material comparison, the general quality of pure copper casting hardware accessories is the best, not easy to rust, not easy to bad. When we choose commonly, can use the hand to weigh the weight of hardware fittings, pure copper casting will be a few heavier, and feel is true.

In fact, we can also look from the work of hardware accessories, generally watch the surface of accessories is uniform, whether there is a small bubble, if you see a small bubble exists above, this kind of do not give up it, do not choose again. Are they often "rusty" in the humble wei yu? Learn to buy and maintain, beautiful and practical.

We still can understand the processing technology about hardware fittings to the businessman appropriately, perhaps saying is to look their specification, understand a working procedure of them, can judge their quality stand or fall, this also is very key step.

Believe a lot of people are decorating when, the likelihood considers only the installation of big furniture and use, had not considered to these small parts, but they just are the important thing that decides us to use for a long time!

Can you fix the broken screen on the TV?

Screen in TV is broken directly dial the after-sale service telephone of this brand TV, after-sale service personnel can help you solve, also can tell you specific maintenance cost. It can be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period if there is no man-made reason. Learn how to tell if the TV screen is damaged:

1, the sky of horizontal or vertical lines, but left and right flashing, can also be remote control and close the platform, generally not the screen is broken, it is likely to be a logic board problem.

Can you fix the broken screen on the TV?2, the image lacks color, color changes are irregular, and the vertical bar flickers irregularly. This is not a bad screen, but also a program problem

3, the image flicker, the machine has a rattling sound, sometimes with the screen, or vertical bar, is generally the problem of the light bar, it is the constant current plate protection, has nothing to do with the screen.

4, the image uninterrupted screen, and the image flicker, gamma correction IC and sidebar problems are more, not bad screen.

5, the image is vertical bar, and is virtual bar, remote control function button does not work. In this case, the motherboard is checked first, and the probability of CPU key array leakage is relatively high. Of course, such failures are rare.

6, image vertical bar, TV screen, some hum, some occasional crash, some program confusion, remote control failure, first check the filter capacitor power supply, and then nothing to do with the screen.

Woodworking sawing machines are really efficient

Today, I met a customer who asked us about the saw industry and woodworking sawing machine equipment. We sorted out the relevant knowledge of a woodworking sawing machine and shared it with you to let you know about this equipment.

First, woodworking sawing machine advantages
1, high processing efficiency: one time can automatically clamp processing of multiple workpiece, CNC band sawing machine processing efficiency is 5-10 times of manual sawing machine; ​the traditional band sawing machine needs to be crossed, and can only process one piece at a time, which is time-consuming and laborious.

2, the processing surface quality is good, high precision: most of the workpiece no need to grind, CNC band saw to shorten the sales cycle and cost; ​the traditional band saw machine has rough processing and a large allowance, which must be milling and wasting wood.

Woodworking sawing machines are really efficient

3, save processing supplies: can process all kinds of special-shaped workpiece. Saving wood: no need for assembly line processing, especially in the processing of precious wood, can save a lot of sales costs.

4, wide processing range: it can process multi-curved shape workpiece, the workpiece does not need to move on the workbench when sawing.

5. Simple programming: each machine is equipped with a set of automatic programming software specially developed by our company, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

6, the mechanical structure is simple and light, the mechanical failure rate is low, the daily maintenance is simple, the maintenance cost is low, the man-machine division of labor is low;

​two, operating woodworking sawing machine notes
Must return to zero after startup; ​observe whether the wood is completely sawed before the empty process to prevent the saw blade from being pulled bad; ​to identify the center of the sawing, check the wood grip on the identification card next to the fuselage; ​when the equipment fails, it should be stopped quickly to prevent the equipment from starting unexpectedly. Inform the fault person promptly; ​ensure that all personnel and debris are kept away from operating parts of the equipment before and during start-up and operation of the equipment. Ensure that all personnel and debris are kept away from operating parts of the equipment before and during start-up and operation of the equipment.

Three, woodworking sawing machine common fault handling

1, if the band saw vibration is large, the belt may be too tight, adjust the belt.

2, if the noise of the table is too big, it may be due to the resistance of the guide rail, which can be lubricated with oil and adjusted horizontally.

3. If the clamp is not tight, it may be that the cylinder is damaged or needs adjustment, and the gas pipe leaks. Adjust the clamping distance of the fixture and replace the cylinder or air pipe.

Small area apartment how to decorate just won't waste space

For many girls now, to buy a house of their own, so that no matter where they have a belonging to their own, no matter in the future or adhere to the singleism to live, or get married to rent, that "home" is a solid backing for their economic independence. And such ownership is generally the most affordable apartment, so how to decorate the apartment house more appropriate?

Small area apartment how to decorate just won't waste space1. For small apartments, designers try to design open bedrooms and open rooms, which will take up too much space. Moreover, there will be no privacy problems in the apartments themselves, because they are basically living alone.

2. Choose the right style and use a unified tone. It is best to use cool colors to cool colors, which will make the space more spacious and more comfortable in visual effect.

3. Customized characteristic furniture, such as bed can be put away as a desk, or directly into the wall, open and sleep in the bed, so that a multi-purpose, not only does not occupy the space, but also can ensure that all furniture.

Living room decoration avoids a few expensive places

Ceramic tile made wave dozen line, after checking in more and more ugly, but also bad collocation, now popular ceramic tile to do general shop, beautiful atmosphere. No doorstones.

Open cabinets and grid cabinets, feel particularly flexible, later only to find things put not neat, and easy to accumulate dust, finally can put plastic bags useless things on the grid cabinet

Living room decoration avoids a few expensive placesThe living room shop wood floor, for children in the home is not recommended, wood floor is easy to be scratched, scratched, tile will not exist this problem. And tiles are also more environmentally friendly and less expensive than wooden floors

Condole top cost money to return ash, it is better to do a circle of gypsum line directly, simple and easy to return money.

Dermal sofa, winter cold summer covers buttock, still be afraid of wear and tear to cover with cloth, still be inferior to the sofa that buys cloth art directly, classics leather sofa is cheap return comfortable.

Home furnishing soft outfit collocation tips

Home decoration is divided into hard decoration and soft decoration, hard decoration refers to some of the early stage of the home decoration process of water and electricity, ceramic tiles, customized cabinet and other late is not easy to change, literally more "hard" some of the necessary decoration; Soft outfit is the late home appliances, furniture acquisition, such as sofa, bed and other relatively "soft" a few decorative materials. Hard decoration is necessary for home decoration, soft decoration is to add warmth for the home.....

So most of the hard installation will now be handed over to the decoration company to complete, and the soft installation part of the majority of people will first consider their own to buy. So how should soft outfit match exactly? Listen to xiaobian!

Home furnishing soft outfit collocation tipsThe color of the ground follows the principle of light on the top and dark on the bottom, so it is not wrong for sofa or chair to choose rice coffee or black, white and grey if they do not know what color to match. And the matching color such as dining table and chair must not exceed 3 kinds, achieve unified style as far as possible, otherwise it will appear neither fish nor fowl. If you feel the color is too simple, use a palette or rely on a bag.

Curtain color does not know how to choose, then remember to follow the wall, it is ok to compare metope color with a shallow color number or a deep color number.

Want warmth, so desk lamp of a be born is indispensable, but this is to see a situation and decide, the family that has a child considers wall lamp as far as possible, perhaps do not have advocate lamp, desk lamp of a be born without the word can increase the atmosphere of two people familial.

Decoration of the two processes and matters needing attention (a)

Living in a new home is a great joy in life, but before this to go through how many complex processes, how much experience, how much time and money, so the middle of each process is after a lot of efforts, the following xiaobian will tell you each process.

We will buy a house decoration after inspection, housing, decoration: Design, hit a wall and wall of build by laying bricks or stones, shovel be bored with child, window, water and electricity transformation, central air conditioning, fresh air, floor heating, guaranteeing, waterproof, closed water experiment, tile, threshold stone, window, floor installation, ground protection, door, custom cabinets gauge, carpentry, custom cabinet installation, product protection, paint the walls, burnish, door, wall paint, the seam, hutch defends condole top, sockets, lamps, sanitary ware, Clearing cleaning, furniture, curtains, in addition to formaldehyde, and finally you can like to move to a new home!

Decoration of the two processes and matters needing attention (a)So what should we pay attention to when decorating?

Water and electricity transformation: note that after the completion of water and electricity, photos must be taken to avoid hitting the pipe in the future, as well as the aging of the circuit and other problems in the future. In addition, there is a refrigerator can let the water and electricity master another line, so that when going out in the late turn off the total brake does not affect the refrigerator.

Floor heating fresh air: friends who plan to install floor heating should pay attention to the central air conditioning, especially floor heating, before the construction of water and electricity. Friends who install floor heating should also consider the problem of storey height. If the storey height is insufficient, do not consider it.

Closed water experiment: this is still looking for a professional to do waterproof, waterproof is a particularly important thing, it will affect your later neighborhood problems, waterproof, late even if there is leakage phenomenon will not affect the downstairs residents.

Hit the wall: before hitting the wall, we must remember that I am on site and confirm the position with the master and foreman. Load-bearing wall and shear wall can not be removed. The bay window can not move as far as possible, because if the damaged wall is not handled well, the rain will seep away behind.