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The Applications Of Electric Capacitors

Electric capacitors are used in electronics and are composed of two metal plates sandwiched between two dielectric materials. They are used as filters, to store energy, oscillators, and can often be useful for storing electrical charge. The article in this blog provides an overview of the uses of electric capacitors and how they can help you create your own projects!

What is an electric capacitor?
An electric capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy. It is made up of two electrodes that are separated by an electrolyte. The capacitor forms a low-voltage, high-current storage system. When the capacitor is charged, the voltage between the electrodes increases. This increase in voltage can be used to power electronic devices.
An electric capacitor is often used in devices that need to store large amounts of energy for a short period of time, like flashlights and cell phones. It can also be used in systems that need to generate large amounts of power, like wind turbines and electric cars.

The Applications Of Electric Capacitors

What are the Applications of Electric Capacitors?
Electric capacitors are used in a variety of applications including energy storage, filtering, 1-to-1 conversion, and pulsewidth modulation (PWM). They can be found in almost every electronic device today, including smartphones, laptops, televisions, gaming consoles, and medical devices. Electric capacitors have many benefits over traditional capacitors such as longer life and increased performance. Here are some of the most common applications of electric capacitors:

Energy Storage
Electric capacitors are used to store energy like batteries. They can be used to store solar power or wind power for later use. When the electric capacitor is charged, it can store a large amount of energy for later use.

Electric capacitors can be used to filter noise or unwanted signals from electronic devices. They can be used in audio equipment, video equipment, and computer systems.

1-to-1 Conversion
Electric capacitors can be used to convert one type of voltage into another. This is useful for changing the voltage for devices like electric cars or medical devices.

This is not the way to choose furniture

Furniture is an essential thing in our home, a table, a few chairs, a few cabinets... Reasonable furniture decorates the home that lets us more substantial, more have simple sense.

When choosing furniture, dimension and simple sense, different owner is different on choosing direction, but unless there is special persistent read on color choice, otherwise listen to the proposal of small dish of whole home first.

Small family choose cool color or medium color

Small family can choose cool color furniture, warm color is outspread color, cool color is contractive color. So, the room with small area should tie-in cool color fastens furniture, make the person produces the feeling with very big space.

If you feel that there is no temperature in cold colors, you can also choose neutral colors such as wood color, which can avoid the visual pressure of warm colors and crowded and eye-catching, and will not fall into a cold and lifeless environment.

This is not the way to choose furniture

Warm colors are available for large houses

Large family can choose warm color department furniture, can give a person a kind of relaxed and sweet feeling. And the space of big family is sufficient, still can adopt the design of local warm color, such cold and warm mix, depth collocation, move one static, more harmonious nature, the space also can have administrative levels feeling more.

Choose light color for poor lighting

In the space with poor indoor daylighting, unfavorable chooses the furniture with deep color too. Brunet furniture gives a person the feeling of a kind of deep massiness, originally dim room, after putting dark furniture, can more dim without light.

Accordingly, inside the door model with poor daylighting, the furniture that preferentially chooses light color fastens is beautiful. Light color has a certain sense of visual transparency, can make the space appear bigger and brighter, fresh collocation can also make people happy.

Choose any good lighting

Indoor daylighting is good, can choose light color furniture, also can choose brunet furniture. The size of the style, space according to his home can be decided. Brunet furniture has simple sense more, can build the atmosphere that gives a kind of accumulation, use the feeling of big space design such as sitting room, bedroom more apparent.

Light color furniture is deft and cabinet, elegant and delicate, use better in the space such as dining-room, balcony, bedroom.

This is not the way to choose furniture

Same color furniture is not easy to go wrong

If one piece of furniture stands out too much in color or style, the feel of the whole room will be ruined. And the collocation that fastes furniture with color, not easy go wrong not only, often still can harvest unexpected surprise beyond.

Select a style, you can choose the same color department of different colors of furniture, dining tables and chairs, porch cabinets, coffee table...... Unified color department is light color or brunet, cool color or warm color, reveal the integrity of home outfit style.

Clash colors are more colorful

Color strong contrast home has a kind of unique personalized characteristic, can build the fashionable feeling that gives different. And can choose a wider range, collocation effect is more diverse.

Attention, the color collocation between the contrasting color furniture should be coordinated, avoid the collision of high purity colors in a large area, which is easy to make people visual fatigue.

The essence that furniture chooses is "little and essence", the choice collocation of furniture color also is same. Spend a bit more idea, combine oneself door model characteristic and family disposition characteristic, consider from whole, make the furniture choose and buy plan that lets him and family jing.

Soft outfit collocation, hard outfit after different space soft outfit lamps and lanterns how to design collocation?

The collocation of light, it is to point to according to the space and functional atmosphere, choose the lamp of different brightness and tonal, affect the light atmosphere of different mood of the person, this period installs a net to talk with everybody about the lamp collocation skill of different space.

01. Living room lamp selection

Soft outfit collocation, hard outfit after different space soft outfit lamps and lanterns how to design collocation?

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Main lamp: do not buy the main lamp too small, buy the main lamp 800mm diameter start.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Light slots: Light slots can affect the visual and make the space appear taller.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Floor lamp: floor lamp in addition to supplementary lighting function, its shape is aesthetic, can play a very good decorative role.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Side lights: It is like a fire burning in primitive tribes. With this light, people will naturally sit around and talk to each other.

Lamp matching skills diagram
02. Restaurant lighting selection

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Chandeliers: For restaurants, low-hanging chandeliers are perfect for creating a warm, reunions atmosphere. The center of gravity of the light should be lowered, and the normal distance from the desktop should be about 650mm. (Place the chandelier in the middle of the dining table, not the dining room ceiling)

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Tabletop lamp: put some travel photos and art photos on the tabletop. Under the warm light, it will look particularly beautiful.

Lamp matching skills diagram03. Bedroom lamp selection

Soft outfit collocation, hard outfit after different space soft outfit lamps and lanterns how to design collocation?

Lamp matching skills diagram
• No main light: the bedroom can not be equipped with a main light, but with a table lamp, bedside lamp, decorative lamp, lamp trough, etc. to provide local lighting. The light is gentle and light, relaxing and dream-inducing.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Induction night light: when I want to go to the bathroom, I turn on the light, and my eyes are illuminated by high brightness light, and I feel sleepy all at once. A gleam of light was just enough to illuminate the feet without being too harsh. The small night light goes out after a few seconds, saving electricity.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Bedside lamp: Don't want the main lamp to be too bright, bedside lamp also creates atmosphere, can be used as reading lamp, can take into account the different sleeping habits of the couple.

Lamp matching skills diagram
• Candlelight lamp: candlelight lamp appears more in European style collocation, can create more romantic elements.

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

From the home of a long time, through the decoration of the wall to a radical change, this issue, install a net with you to talk about how to decorate the white wall, see the 10 wall decoration creative design can bring to your new home what kind of inspiration.

1. The mirror

Instead of paintings and posters on the walls, you can hang several small mirrors in a frame of any kind of material -- wood, for example. Mirrors can vary in shape and size.

How to decorate the white wall
2. The dishes

Instead of messing up your kitchen with cupboards, leave a wall and collect some plates for free. They can come in different sizes and colors, with large decorations or small ones, it all depends on your imagination. Such a colourful panel will never go unnoticed!

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

How to decorate the white wall
Carpet of 3.

The jute carpet you're used to seeing in the hallway will likely migrate to your bedroom walls. Such original decoration will add comfort to the room. A good way to emphasize the head of a bed.

How to decorate the white wall
4. The lights

We recommend remembering decorative lights not only during the holidays. A good place for this kind of decoration is the wall above the bed. You will get a comfortable place to sleep and you can forget stress forever. If you want to hang lights in the kitchen, you can decorate the sideboard with garlands or attach the bulbs to the wall with carnations.

How to decorate the white wall
5. Straw hat

Next time you visit hot land, be sure to bring a sombrero as a souvenir. Preferably not one, but several. When you get back, hang your hats on your bedroom wall: They'll remind you to relax and evoke positive emotions. A great alternative to boring posters and framed photos.

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

How to decorate the white wall
6. Perfect match: Shelf + mirror

To save space in the hallway, replace the console with narrow shelves that make it easy to fold keys and place statuettes, candles, vases and favorites. It is recommended to hang a mirror directly above the hall that cannot be cancelled in the hall.

How to decorate the white wall
7. Willow basket

The wicker picnic baskets, fruit bowls and beach bags we usually use in the summer can be used as primitive elements for decoration all year round. They look particularly impressive against the backdrop of white walls. Wicker baskets can be stored in the bedroom. In the hallways, these summer accessories (if you have a spacious dressing room) will create a festive atmosphere and remind you of summer.

How to decorate the white wall
8. Green plant

Green walls are the current trend in decoration. There's plenty to choose from: wall-mounted herbarium (open or under glass), a variety of hanging tubs, plant POTS with planters and special mounts, and complex engineering structures with integrated irrigation systems.

How to decorate the white wall
9. Basketry

Manual labor will never go out of style. Ornaments created using nodular braiding techniques look practical in a living room or bedroom design. You can use one product or combine multiple products on one wall.

How to decorate the white wall
The wooden frame

Is your house still flat with white walls? 10 wall decoration ideas to transform it!

Using your ingenuity, the base of the original wall decoration can be the most common bedrail on which the mattress sits (from IKEA, for example). Hooks and clips can be easily attached to wooden beams for a variety of household items. You can also hang lamps and sections for magazines and newspapers here.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

As the kitchen and toilet with heavy moisture in the home, the primary consideration in the decoration is moistureproof, so the choice of kitchen and bathroom ceiling material is also very important, this issue is loaded with a network to talk to you about how to choose kitchen and bathroom ceiling, let's see!

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

1. How to choose the material of kitchen and bathroom ceiling?

The condole that suits kitchen and toilet supports material, basically have aluminous gusset plate and plasterboard, the advantage and disadvantage of these two kinds of material is: the moistureproof sex of aluminous gusset plate is good, it is a more practical choice; And plasterboard is to be able to maintain unity with dimensional simple sense, quite appropriate pursuit beautiful person.

Practical aluminum gusset plate

Aluminous gusset plate has excellent moistureproof performance, be like kitchen, toilet so easy moist space, smallpox installs aluminous gusset plate to be met more durable.

② Beautiful selection of gypsum board

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

The ceiling of plasterboard can be made of the same material as the ceiling of other Spaces. Like the toilets of many hotels, plasterboard ceiling is used, which will be relatively more beautiful.

③ Open kitchen is considered separately

A lot of people can do the kitchen of open mode now, such kitchen is connected with other space together, this kind of circumstance is to recommend doing plasterboard condole to carry on the head quite.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map
2. How high is the kitchen ceiling?

The condole of kitchen and toilet supports, do how tall appropriate? What problem does the ceiling height need to consider?

① Height of window top

If the window of kitchen and toilet is taller, the top height is in 2.2-2.4 meters in general, this suitable condole top can be slightly taller (or flush) the top of the window can be.

(2) Reserved height of electrical equipment

Like aluminum buckle ceiling lamp (2cm±), exhaust fan (10-20cm), bath ba (15cm+), exhaust pipe these electrical equipment, in the installation of suitable and ceiling has a certain correlation, especially the height is more nervous, the size of these equipment must be considered in place.

③ There is no caisson in the toilet

If drainage is, toilet caisson tend to have the height of 35 cm, calculate by 2.7 meters height, so the height of the toilet is only 2.35 meters, if again thinking of exhaust fan, bath bully, such as equipment, the ceiling height finally estimate is only 2.1 meters, height is higher, if the family can not installed.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map

How does hutch defend condole top to choose? Does hutch defend condole top to install aluminium gusset plate or gypsum line good?

3. Process connection:

Hutch defends the condole top of the space to go up in join up with wall brick, condole ark to be able to have certain join up, so how join up can be better?

① Suspension cabinet and ceiling

Like the condole ark of the kitchen, the sealing board of condole ark is sticking smallpox condole top commonly, such condole ark top won't leave seam the sanitary dead Angle of hide ash.

② Wall brick and ceiling

The wall brick of kitchen and toilet won't stick to the top commonly, and specific height, it is the height that good condole supports planning ahead of schedule, wall brick sticks to compare condole top tall can.

How does hutch defend condole top to choose a map
4, water and electricity precautions:

The water and electricity that involves inside kitchen toilet is more, go up in smallpox also is no exception.

Bath ba wire

If you plan to install bath bully, then you should plan well before the decoration, because the bath bully power is large, when leaving the wire to stay a little thick.

② Separation of water and electricity

The water and electricity arrangement of the toilet is generally water on the ground and electricity on the ceiling. The ground is too wet and it is not recommended that the wire go on the ground.

How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

The choice of emulsioni paint color is not only affected by tone and collocation, but also the influence of various factors such as space, so this period of a network to talk with you about how to match the color of emulsioni paint good-looking, and bring you a few emulsioni paint color collocation scheme, let's see!

Latex paint color scheme

How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

How to choose the emulsioni paint color that suits the home after all?

01. The size of the paint space

If the painting space is small, it is recommended to use light cool colors, such as cold gray and light blue, which can enlarge the space visually and make it more transparent and bright. If the painting space is large, the space to choose is large, regardless of warm colors, cool colors can be, and even try advanced design, with a clash of colors or a darker color to create a high-level sense of fun.

02. Function positioning of painting room

In the living room, it is recommended to use low saturation of light color latex paint, such as light gray, light beige, it is easier to create a senior sense. High saturation of color paint, a little bit of improper collocation, if the low floor or insufficient light, easy to cause the depression of the whole space.

Bedroom, can choose a bit deeper cool color fastens emultii paint, for instance blue, gray, can have the effect that helps mian. Dining-room, can choose a few warm bright color emulsii paint, resemble milk tea color, flaxen, can promote appetite mood is comfortable.

Bridal chamber collision color decoration collocation skills

1, the living room background color for conservative color, in furniture and soft decoration, you can boldly use the color matching, orange sofa and apricot, blue chairs and other bright colors match each other, sofa background wall hanging colorful decorative paintings, these elements all reflect the charm of the color.

2, blue and red, and the subtle evolution of these two kinds of color can be in the same space, give priority to dozen of color to blue background, light gray sofa collocation of wall coverings, let more rich, then use a small area of the single person sofa, such as red, yellow by heat and so on, can make the changes in temperature the collision sparks.

3, fresh and natural green suitable for a large area of matting space, green wallpaper as the background color, environmental protection and rub resistant non-woven wallpaper material, durable, convenient cleaning and care, and red can make the home more lively, such as red pillow decoration, the collision of these two colors, contrast a stronger visual impact.

4, with elegant gray as the main tone, the wall can use gray paint in a large area, with white wall decorations and photos, it is soft and elegant, and the yellow hanging pictures and orange single stool and large area of gray can produce strong color collision, forming a strong contrast visual effect.

Latex paint color scheme
Bridal chamber bump color collocation common mistake

1, a large number of primary colors - reduce chroma, multiple collocation is not messy

"Hit, delay jubilee strategy", "fire morandi this color, morandi color is actually received on all the color of a layer of" grey ", reducing the original color brilliance, so that we in the later on collocation, even using multiple color space also won't appear mixed and disorderly, can say that the colour of grass, randy is belongs to the joker type.

2, a large area of bright color - small area ornament beauty has texture

If you do not like the crowd itself, it is recommended to use a large area of bright color at home, we can use a large space colorless system (black, white, gray), local embellishing bright color system, so that it looks a little lively and not too eye-catching.

How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

3, the proportion is not correct -- 721 principle to create a sense of depth and depth

Color is not as clever as using much, color matching proportion is not grasp, the comfort of living will be affected, the so-called 721 principle, that is, the wall of heaven and earth and other large areas of 70% of the space, try to use light color or gray color;

2 it is the furniture that accounts for about 20% in the space is like sofa, desk and chair to wait with close color to give priority to, remaining is software such as curtain, hold pillow, can use design bold, style is different and the design of colorful color, such collocation rises, indoor meeting has depth level feeling more and do not show chaos.

Latex paint color scheme
Home decoration paint latex color matters needing attention

1, the home color must not more than three kinds.

2. There must be color difference between the color card and the wall. It is recommended to choose the color card outdoors under natural light, which can improve certain accuracy.

3, brush adhesive paint, do not use the hand shopkeeper, try color when looking at the difference between the effect you want. It doesn't matter if it is a little deeper, it will be lighter after the rubber paint dries. If the gap is too big, it can be slightly blown by a hair dryer. If the gap is too big, it can be quickly toned or changed.

How does emulsioni paint color match good-looking? Install a network to share latex paint color matching skills

4, the preferred machine color, and color card deviation is smaller, more accurate. Workers on the spot toning, unless you find a very good master of the craft, otherwise install a network to suggest that you do not easily try.

5, it is recommended that matte paint, compared with smooth paint, can cover up wall defects, easier to construct the wall requirements are low.

6, be sure to reserve paint, in order to prevent late cracking complementary color situation. Especially the color, you can't buy the same. Dark color is more reserved, the probability of scratching is much higher than light color.

How much does it cost to ask someone to clean the new house after decoration? Tips for cleaning after decoration

The bridal chamber is hard to clean, and then you can decorate the soft outfit, furniture, so how to clean the first time to save time and effort? This period installs a network to talk with you to talk about finishing the decoration cleaning skills and the new house clearing cleaning charge standard.

Decoration after cleaning skills chart
Tips for cleaning after decoration

1, dust debris cleaning

How much does it cost to ask someone to clean the new house after decoration? Tips for cleaning after decoration

After the decoration of the house will be left a lot of materials, before we clean the house, to clean these materials first, otherwise can not carry out the cleaning work; After the material is cleaned, the debris and dust on the ground should be cleaned.

2. Clean the glass

To wipe clean inside the house all the glass frame first, then use the glass cleaner, evenly daub dry glass, in the method of from above to wipe, after reoccupy clear water to wipe it again, and then USES glass shave, from ABU shave can: if the glass have left over from the decoration besmirch, wait like putty, paint, then use the shovel to weed it out, Then use the first method to wipe the glass clean.

3. Clean the toilet

Toilet cleaning principle is also from top to bottom in the cleaning before recognizing the toilet material, different material cleaning methods are different;

Toilet wall if covered with ceramic tiles, then can clean the ball or brush to clean it, the gap between ceramic tiles, the surface left glue stains, cement stains, etc., should focus on cleaning sanitary ware products can be cleaned with towels, can not use steel wire ball and other sharp tools, otherwise it will damage the surface of the clean base;

Toilet ground can be cleaned by washing machine, washing machine can not clean the corner, can be used to clean the ball or blade, the most check whether there is any omission.

4. Clean the kitchen

The principle that the kitchen cleans and method are the same as on, everybody can refer to above content, but because the pipe of the kitchen is met more, clean should be emphasized when cleaning.

5. Bedroom and hall

First clean up the dust on all the walls, using dusters or vacuum cleaners and other tools, after cleaning the wall is to wipe the lamps and lanterns, switch boxes, air conditioning ports and exhaust vents.

6. Door and doorframe

The material of the dry door is more, so the material of the door should be separated between the cleaning door first, and then diluted with professional cleaning agent, wipe with towel, the method is also from top to bottom, can not be omitted, if there is a glue stain, can be treated with glue remover; The method of door frame is the same as above, must achieve no legacy, no dead Angle.

How much does it cost to ask someone to clean the new house after decoration? Tips for cleaning after decoration

7. Anchor line

The footing line can be wiped clean with a towel, if there is paint, etc., can be removed with a blade.

8. Clean the ground

After all the cleaning work in the house is completed, the ground is cleaned. Because the ground is made of many materials, including wood floors, tiles and other materials, we should use different methods to clean the ground according to the different materials. For the ground glue stains can be used blade or glue agent treatment.

Decoration after cleaning skills chart
Charge standard for new house cleaning

How much does it cost to ask someone to clean the new house after decoration? In fact, there is no fixed standard for clearing land cleaning fees, because there are many cleaning categories involved in clearing land cleaning, the charging standards vary with the area, house type, type and so on, and also vary according to the urban differences and regional consumption levels.

1, new housing development: glass, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc., price :3 yuan/square;

2, villa development: glass, living room, outer room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc., price :5 yuan/square:

3, glass exploration: including window frame and inside glass, price :15 yuan/square:

How much does it cost to ask someone to clean the new house after decoration? Tips for cleaning after decoration

4, stone crystal surface treatment is 25-30 yuan /m;

5, stone waxing for 10 yuan -25 yuan /㎡;

6. Hourly wage :30-70 YUAN/hour;

7. Family land clearing cleaning, that is, small land clearing cleaning, the price of this kind of land clearing cleaning is relatively high. The price can be determined on the spot according to the difficulty of land clearing, but the cost of additional difficulty shall not be higher than the unit price.

Ask carpentry master spot to hit cabinet good? How does home outfit carpentry price calculate?

The important tool that receives as the family, all sorts of cabinet is indispensable, ask carpenter master spot to hit cabinet so good? How does the price of home decoration carpentry calculate? This period installs a net to talk with everybody to ask carpentry to hit the cabinet is good and the home installs carpentry price.

Home decoration carpenter price chart
Ask carpentry master spot to hit cabinet good?

The advantage that woodworking spot hits cabinet

1, environmental protection

This is the reason why a lot of people choose to hit their cabinets, because the cabinets bought outside always feel that there is a taste, and do not know what the taste is, feel that there must be poison gas. And oneself dozen cabinet, lumber, use lacquer, it is oneself handle, achieve environmental protection standard, oneself are being used also be at ease. If you like camphor wood, you can also put a piece in the cabinet, which is insect resistant, tastes good, and is real.

2, durable

Because woodworking materials are fir board or ecological board, are solid wood core, so the general woodworking to build relatively customized will be more durable.

3, save money

This is also the reason why many people choose to hit their cabinets. Because of the cabinets of brands, we often cannot judge their cost performance, and to create their own cabinets, it is easier to control the cost performance. It's also relatively cheap.

Ask carpentry master spot to hit cabinet good? How does home outfit carpentry price calculate?

4, the size is right

The cabinet can be adjusted according to the size of the room. This avoids the disadvantage of buying cabinets that are limited in size. House price is so expensive now, every inch of land of the room should use well, oneself make cabinet, can make full use of every inch space store content, let other part appear opposite hollowness, be helpful for the dimensional feeling that increases the room

5. Space can be designed by itself

Many people have special requirements for their own cabinets and have their own use habits. It may be difficult to meet their own requirements if they buy them. But their own design, you can meet all kinds of requirements, relatively free.

Home decoration carpenter price chart
Carpentry spot dozen cabinet disadvantage

1. If the overall effect is consistent

If you want to pursue an overall home decoration of all the furniture color material consistency, then the woodworking site may not be able to fully match.

You have to worry about every step

Their own cabinet is not so labor saving relative to customization, early carpentry master cabinet, later you also need to buy cabinet door and hardware, customized cabinet door after the arrangement of businesses to install, if it is a darker color, also need to match the original cabinet frame color, so relative to a bit more complex.

3. Your design may not be reasonable

Ask carpentry master spot to hit cabinet good? How does home outfit carpentry price calculate?

If stylist will design cabinet body style and layout, carpenter master undertakes on the spot reference is optimal program, but a lot of owners are oneself look for master to decorate, namely clear bag, although say we have oneself idea to chest construction affirmation, but our idea is not necessarily reasonable.

If the carpenter's own technology and design sense is not strong, it is difficult to put forward valuable suggestions for our design, but will only build according to our requirements. So this oneself must hold well on one hand, had better be to have professional stylist to design.

Home decoration carpenter price chart
How does home outfit carpentry price calculate

1. Settlement by day

Settle accounts by day have cent peak season, decorate of peak season labor cost is different, general carpentry off-season construction price is in 350-450 yuan/day, peak season construction price is as high as 500-600 yuan/day, and work only 8 hours a day, bag eat bag live.

2. By area

According to the area calculation mostly uses the way of projection area, if press projection 6 square cabinet to calculate, spread out the area estimates to be in 18-21 square left and right sides, a piece of board 2.8 square, deduct loss 20 square spread out the area needs 8 boards, artificial cost 640 yuan or so, every square cabinet off-season is in 110 yuan or so sides.

3. Calculated by project

Ask carpentry master spot to hit cabinet good? How does home outfit carpentry price calculate?

According to the calculation of the project to be subdivided into each project produced by different labor costs, generally speaking, ceiling (straight line)40 yuan/meter, flat top 60 yuan/meter, gypsum line 8 yuan/meter false beam 50 yuan/meter background wall modeling panel (straight line)60 yuan/square meter stone plywood false wall 60 yuan/square meter.

Home decoration carpenter price chart
Carpentry clear bag price how much money one square

1. Wardrobe :500-800 yuan/square, including labor cost and material cost;

2, gypsum board hanging flat roof :100-155 yuan/square;

3, gypsum Angle line :15 yuan/m (including auxiliary materials);

4, door cover :250 yuan /, including labor costs and installation costs;

5, wood corner line :20 yuan/m;

6, kitchen and bathroom ceiling :120-150 yuan/square, thickened a little more expensive;

7, window cover: about 90 yuan/square;

8. Shoe cabinet: about 400 yuan/square;

9. TV cabinet: about 600 yuan/square.

What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

The choice of decoration style is a factor that many people must consider when decorating, so the cream decoration style of the recent fire can be said to be loved by young people, this issue is loaded with a network from soft decoration to talk to everyone about what is cream style decoration.

What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

Cream wind decoration renderings
What is cream style?

Cream color is a light cream coffee color. Cream color is a low saturation color matching style between off-white and cream coffee. On this foundation, the other saturation such as color of cream-colored, warm gray, original wood compares low colour, reoccupy finally a few furniture that contains heavy color, wood or blackish green plant, have contrast and outstanding visual effect, cream color can be mixed contemporary extremely brief, wabi sabi, day type, French wait for flexible union.

The most intuitive and core characteristics of cream wind are:

1. The hard outfit of the whole space is simple, clean and straightforward

2. Soft outfit is gentle and exquisite

3. Soft and hard outfit are coordinated with each other, and the tone is unified

4. Cute and soft temperament is highlighted in modeling and materials

What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

Elements and techniques commonly used in cream

Cream department style depends on its contracted atmosphere, romantic cure, and want to create a close people, modern cream department style, nothing more than from material, modelling, lighting these 3 elements.

1. Material

Material aspect in order to conform to the tonality of cream style, in the choice, we must try to choose the material with strong sense of texture, such as lamb cashmere, coral velvet, cotton hemp, log and other material is the most suitable.

The seat

First of all, in order to cooperate with the cream style to create a simple atmosphere, the seat must give a low-key, simple texture, so it is generally to choose the natural log texture of the seat. For instance rattan makes up, original wood to wait a moment, perhaps also can choose to contain cashmere or sponge directly kind, compare Q play seat cushion seat, convex whole atmosphere is soft and downy.

Cream wind decoration renderings
The sofa

Sofa abandon leather class more bright, smooth material, because this kind of material surface lacks the sense of texture and is too stable, so it is recommended to choose lamb cashmere, coral velvet plush sofa, this soft cotton cotton material is more easy to foil cream style of lovely.

Cream wind decoration renderings
The floor

The creamy-style floor pursues the natural and original texture. Generally, logs or oak floors are used to expand the sense of visual extension. The wood color is slightly darker than the wall to highlight the sense of stability and layering, which sets off the low-key and advanced atmosphere and also facilitates the display of furniture on the surface.

Cream wind decoration renderings
The carpet

The material that carpet uses pledges to want to satisfy soft cotton lovely temperament, also want to accord with the pursuit of pair of natural simple sense at the same time, use wool to pledge with soft nap commonly perhaps sisal braid wait for material to pledge.

Cream wind decoration renderings

2. Modeling

In the design of cream style, the control of modeling is mainly in the choice of furniture modeling, as well as the design of space hard decoration modeling.

A. Furniture modeling

If you choose the same, angular table of ark of tea table, will only make the atmosphere of whole feeling heavy and stiff, and there can be more abundant in furniture modelling design, table, tea table and so on can be used in a curve arc, or irregular curve line, can also tend to elliptic, roundness and so on, these full of modelling fluent line feeling, make integral atmosphere more clever.

On the other hand, for furniture like sofa, sofa material is soft cotton texture, kind and lovely, so we should enlarge the advantages of sofa in modelling, can choose round or fat shape, strengthen its soft and lovely characteristics, and pay attention to the body light, pay attention to the design sense of modelling.

The modelling of all in all, from the overall perspective, in order to match a cream is warm welcome style, modelling respect must not rigid, heavy, less sharp edges on modelling, more rounded corners, less rigid linear design, design more pliable curve surface, less stiff machine-made model, the modelling of more soft of lovely fat round texture.

B. Hard-mounted modeling

The modeling of hard installation is mainly reflected in the top surface and metope, the ceiling modeling of the ceiling, generally using flat ceiling, local edge hanging, local radian ceiling, or the modeling design with a bit of gypsum line, the premise is to be very concise and clean.

Generally, these kinds of suspended ceilings are combined with the design of hidden lamp belts. The wall is usually flat and white. Some simple and delicate plaster lines or PU lines can be used, or the modeling of wood veneer and local wood grating on the wall, or the modeling of local curved surface can be set on the wall.

3. Lighting

Cream wind lighting design, with full sense of atmosphere of the main lamp design. It is not only in line with the minimalist atmosphere of cream style, but also can uniformly illuminate the space.

Lighting ideas

In terms of lighting ideas, we should pay attention to the setting of hierarchical sense, generally using basic lighting, key lighting and decorative lighting three levels, basic lighting can make the space uniform and universal lighting, to meet the basic lighting needs. And key lighting, find the core function of the space area, separate key lighting, decorative lighting is mainly to achieve decorative lighting effect.

In cream style, downlights and hidden light belts are usually used to meet the needs of basic lighting to illuminate the space, while spotlights or track lights are generally used to focus on a particular area. And decorative lighting, such as floor lamp, wall lamp, down lamp, spot lamp, lamp belt and so on, to complement and decorate the lighting.

Lighting system

What is the cream decoration style? How to match cream style design?

The main lamp design of cream wind is generally adopted in the following ways.

(1) Flat ceiling + hidden down light/lamp belt

A large flat roof is hung at the top of the ceiling, and the down light is hidden inside the plasterboard, which can not only keep the top simple and clean, but also play the role of uniform basic lighting. The hidden lamp belt is set in the position of the ceiling against the wall, which can play the lighting effect of uniform wall, and can create a warm and soft cream atmosphere.

(2) Open down light/spot light/track light

Do not have to do the modeling of the ceiling, lamps and lanterns installed directly in the original top, retained a certain level of height, not the space was depressed very low, but more spacious and bright, simple and clean, do not break the atmosphere. The installation of track lights, lighting effect can be adjusted, flexible, at the same time more hierarchical sense.

(3) Background wall/cabinet body hidden lamp belt

The gesso modelling that the background wall of cream wind uses commonly or wood veneer, wood grille modelling is more, set hidden lamp belt on the edge of modelling normally, can reflect the illuminative atmosphere of more advanced feeling already, also can increase lamplight administrative levels feeling at the same time. The concealed lamp of cabinet body is taken likewise such, the lamplight that lets open case interior has administrative levels more, assure illume effect already, also have high appearance level temperament.

Cream wind decoration renderings
How to match cream style?

The matching colors of cream wind are mainly matched with the colors of the same color system, but the cream color is the main color, and it also matches with custard, milk ash, milk white, milk coffee and logs. However, in terms of the matching tone, it can be divided into the following three colors.

(1) Milky white cream color matching

Because cream belongs to shallower originally, and not quite obvious low saturation color is, it is to have collocation with milky white or other low saturation color that is the same as color commonly, maintain concise and clean already, also rich administrative levels sense on match color.

(2) Matching colors of milk ash

The overall color tone is darker, cream color and some light gray and cream yellow make the overall space color tone slightly dark, but also not lose bright and atmospheric, warm and soft.

(3) Matching colors of milk coffee

It is similar to the milk coffee color after the fusion of coffee and milk. The whole space is filled with a warm coffee tone, full of temperature and soft atmosphere. It is generally matched with wood materials, combined with some green plants as jumping colors and embellishment.

What effect does floor tile have not beautiful seam? What is the difference between epoxy colored sand and sealant?

Epoxy colored sand and seam agent as an important material to fill the gap of the floor tile, many people do not know how to choose, and even in the knot whether to do the seam, so this issue is loaded with a network to talk to you about the impact of the floor tile seam and the difference between epoxy colored sand and seam agent.

Floor tile beauty seam effect drawing
Do floor tiles have to be beautifully sewn? What happens if you don't sew?

Floor tile can do beautiful seam also can not do beautiful seam, this needs to choose according to the actual situation and the host's preference.

What effect does floor tile have not beautiful seam? What is the difference between epoxy colored sand and sealant?

If the floor tile does not sew, there will be a lot of problems:

1, if the gap of ceramic tile is larger, some even more than 3 mm, for a long time, these gaps have a lot of dirty things, is a paradise for bacteria. For example, there are some molds or escherichia coli, will be found in these gaps, will naturally affect the health of the family. After doing the United States seam, the dirt in the gap is no place to hide, can reduce the breeding and production of bacteria, for the health of the family escort.

2, if there is no beauty seam, the dirt is produced in the gap of ceramic tile, it will not take long to black, which will affect the beauty of the room, and there is a big difference between before and after beauty seam, which can improve the beauty of the room at night. The room is so clean that people feel different after seeing it.

Is the floor tile beautifully sewn or not beautifully sewn?

The floor tile is beautifully sewn.

Do beauty seam on the floor tile, not only can effectively prevent the floor tile gap position leakage phenomenon, but also can make the overall decorative effect of the floor tile surface more beautiful. Do beauty seam on the floor tile is to beautify the gap between the floor tile, let the ground look more beautiful, but also more practical use, such as in the kitchen and toilet these areas, stains are generally more, the gap between the floor tile is the most easy to moldy black, a long time will breed bacteria, affecting family health.

Especially in the southern areas where it often rains and when the climate is humid, the floor tile joints are more prone to mildew, and the sealant with good waterproof and moisture-proof effect can effectively avoid these problems outside the cracks of the floor tile, so it is necessary to do the joints on the floor tile.

To sum up, the floor tile can sew seam beauty can also beauty, the need to master be fond of according to the actual situation and to decide, but suggest that we'd better will be the floor tile cracks in the sciences, if seam floor tile not beautiful, will appear in the seam floor tile variable elimination and bacterium, and so on, because than everyone in seam floor tile beauty, so also can appear home more beautiful.

What is the difference between epoxy colored sand and sealant?

1. From the outside

Epoxy color sand has a strong sense of particle, more matte and gravel feeling, while the sealant is delicate and oily, which looks more like glue texture, each with its own strengths.

2, from the perspective of environmental protection

What effect does floor tile have not beautiful seam? What is the difference between epoxy colored sand and sealant?

Sealant contains more formaldehyde and benzene than epoxy colored sand, but the content is within the range of national standards, so it will not cause too much impact on the human body and the environment, but relatively speaking, or epoxy colored sand is more green and environmental protection.

3, from the degree of difficulty of construction

Beautiful seam an agent need to use glue gun to glue, pressure seam, shovel glue, such as step is relatively cumbersome, epoxy color sand only need to use blade to daub, the ceramic tile seam barrier is relatively simple to operate, at the same time, the influence of temperature environment beautiful seam an agent is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, so, also need to consider whether or not the climate is dry, and epoxy color sand is no such problem.

4. From the perspective of product quality and durability

Epoxy colored sand is not easy to discolor and fall off, more heat and light resistant, so it shows better performance than sealant. Seam sealant is easy to discolor when exposed to light, and its service life is not long.

5. From the perspective of application value

Epoxy colored sand is more suitable for different occasions than sealant. The sealant is not suitable for dry seams and irregular brick gaps, and the epoxy colored sand is applied by means of smear, which can easily beautify all kinds of narrow gaps.

What effect does floor tile have not beautiful seam? What is the difference between epoxy colored sand and sealant?

6. In terms of cost

Epoxy colored sand is more expensive than sealant and costs more to store. If the sealant is not directly sealed and stored after opening, it will not affect the next use. The epoxy color sand is used in bags and curing agent. Once the package is opened and the curing agent is mixed, it cannot be stored again, and it belongs to disposable products.