Are imported floors always good? How should floor breed so much choose after all?

There are four major factories in Germany, and each factory has low-end products, even some low-end products in line with eu standards. Some product indicators are not up to China's national standards, such as wear resistance, water absorption expansion rate and so on. So, a lot of friends ask me how to choose a floor, what floor brand is recommended, very difficult answer, install a net or the proposal compares specific product.

Recommended floor brand drawing
Why to say Germany is the birthplace of global aggrandizement floor? 4 par aggrandizement monopolistic class giant: Kronoflooring, Kronotex, Claseen, Egger has important factory in Germany their production capacity adds up to account for 60% above of the whole world, Germany still has 2 high-end design kind brand at the same time: Meister Meister, Parador.

Germany a lot of industrial products represent quality superior price is high, but aggrandizement floor category is quality superior price is flat however, no matter cost and scale are far ahead in the whole world. Another important producing area of aggrandizement floor is Belgium: Europe besides the 4 giants of Germany and Austria Kaide Kaindl, other but every brand that has aggrandizement floor (or country) it is the line that takes a function and designs: for instance Belgium 3 musketeers: QiuckStep, Baltrio, BerryAlloc, FINfloor, Poger, Alsa, France. Do differentiation competition, do market segmentation.

Are imported floors always good? How should floor breed so much choose after all?

Say specific product again: the aggrandizement density of entry level, wear-resisting, bibulous expansion rate is more general, some still cannot compare with home-made index. Plus there are some print-type products that ordinary consumers can't recognize, and of course the price is lower. Wear resistance is especially bad for 2-3 years is almost the same. These are often the preferred products for decorating company packages and retailers to boost popularity with low price promotions.

So aggrandizement, real wood, multilayer, entrance, breed of homebred floor so much, how to choose after all?

No matter import or homebred is divided roughly, aggrandizement floor, solid wood compound floor board (3, multilayer floor board) and the elastic floor board of original wood floor and PVC kind. Let me talk about it in the following dimensions.

Recommended floor brand drawing
First, from a budgetary point of view

1, usually in the budget of about 150 yuan can choose domestic reinforcement or domestic PVC floor (PVC coil, sheet, SPC class) choose domestic also should pay attention to the quality, when we can not intuitively judge the quality, you can choose to believe in the brand.

Domestic strengthen the first line of brands have their own manufacturing supply chain, and as the start of the product: Holy elephant, Feilinger, Del, etc.. Other first-line domestic brands are often not from a strong background, most are branded: nature, bookish door and so on. PVC or SPC market maturity is not enough, there is no particularly well-known brands, Lamet, Bell, Kentia.

2, the budget of about 200 yuan can choose 8mm ordinary import strengthening or domestic solid wood multi-layer economic products. By the way, the solid wood compound of 150 or so is not selected, the quality cannot be grasped at all. Inside the four big factories in Europe we recommend: Germany love ge entry level import strengthening.

3. With a budget of about 300 yuan, you can choose 8mm high grade imported reinforcement, domestic multi-layer improved products (Leshu divides the new three and five layers into solid wood multi-layer), Spain FINfloor, Belgium BreeyAllco, Belgium Quick Step.

4. If the budget is about 400 yuan, you can choose high-grade import reinforcement, such as The SUPERME series of FINfloor. The imported three-layer basic products, such as the imported three-layer and the domestic three-layer and multi-layer products, are of good quality. Estonian Esta, Hungarian Grabo Garbo, Croatian Bjelin Begerin.

5, the budget of 500-600 yuan or so recommended to choose imported three-layer improved products, to meet the EU standards of some three-layer alone is quite good. This segment, domestic high-grade three layers, as well as relatively good quality solid wood (oak, Mabel, etc.) can also be consumed, brands like Canadian CS, Polish Blinek Paulina, Hungary Grabo Garbo.

6. Those with budgets of around 1000 have a wider choice of expensive, high-end wood that is important in Europe such as Admonter Andmont, terHuern Goh, weizpah, Austria.

Local tyrants with a budget of more than 1200, feel free, as long as you like!

Are imported floors always good? How should floor breed so much choose after all?

Recommended floor brand drawing
Second, from the north and south and the overall regional climate environment

China has a vast territory, and the climate and environment change greatly. The temperature difference and perennial humidity in different places are diverse. From this point of view, we suggest that in rainy and humid areas in the south, it is better to choose solid wood with multiple layers or reinforcement. It is better to choose three layers of solid wood with full rubber installation to avoid arch deformation.

Install a network has not been encouraged to choose solid wood flooring, the reason is that real wood is also very unstable, in the south prone to the problem of arch deformation. And the installation of solid wood is more troublesome, the need to set up the keel, saying that now a lot of solid wood floors are also used to unlock suspension pavement, after all, there will be quite high after-sales probability.

The northern region is due to the dry climate, the winter must be indoor artificial heating, whether it is floor heating or radiator, far from the so-called floor heating temperature and dry and wet environment in the south.

The biggest after sale problem of floor of northern area is not arch, basically be craze and unplug seam. Over time, many families will encounter these two problems. The most serious public space sometimes thick skin solid wood multilayer will appear the phenomenon of cracking board.

So we suggest the north major area first choice solid wood multilayer and aggrandizement, carefully choose solid wood 3, do not choose solid wood floor as far as possible.

Conscience recommendation: Canadian CS brand solid wood multi-layer floor, high-grade 3mm solid wood veneer surface, 11mm Russian birch substrate European MDI aldehyde free adhesive, Sweden Bona Gao environmental protection water-based UV coating, formaldehyde emission level is lower than 0.025mg /m³, all category CARB2 and North American FLOORSCORE certification, Synchronous sales with the North American market, monthly sales ≥ 200,000 square meters, the highest cost-effective market.

Recommended floor brand drawing
Three, say from the Angle of family use environment

1. Wood flooring is generally not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, except for Spanish FINSA. The FINfloor is the only wood floor officially promised for the kitchen and bathroom.

2. In addition, all study rooms, bedrooms and living rooms are recommended to use wooden floors. Le Shu first introduced solid wood multilayer floors, which can be paved for the whole house, and can be paved for the whole house under the suspension paving method.

3, when the budget is limited, install a network to recommend the use of imported laminate floor, environmental protection, fashion and color and rich and colorful can choose a large range of geothermal and very economic.

4, now the market hot pursuit solid wood three-layer floor, the table board is thicker, good texture, feel the three layers with less glue and more stable than solid wood, specifications are generally 2000mm long 200mm mainly very atmospheric. But, so many years of floor industry experience tells us, the stability of 3 floors is better than solid wood only, than high grade aggrandizement is poor, it is more far inferior to solid wood multilayer.

In particular, it is not suitable for suspension construction of the whole house, very easy to appear after sale. So people who live on the ground floor, or in the basement and in a lakeside, riverside, ocean view house should choose carefully. Don't use the kitchen or bathroom.

Are imported floors always good? How should floor breed so much choose after all?

※ Above said toilet refers to the dry area

Four, from the point of view of design and aesthetics

1, color collocation

People usually choose their favorite color or texture when they buy. They often choose the color that is as harmonious as possible in their consciousness, but they should also choose according to the design style.

Chinese style: suitable for dark wooden floor, traditional Chinese style with teak (48001), black walnut primary color (77111), Mabo primary color (48002), new Chinese style to simple color tends to low saturation of dark wood color such as black walnut mist gray (77112).

Modern style: emphasize functional design, smooth lines, strong contrast, suitable for the floor simple lines, relatively uniform color, less wood scar, here pay attention to the appropriate use of color contrast, such as deep elevation and shallow ground or reverse.

French style: French to the area and height requirements are relatively high, pay attention to momentum and gorgeous, prominent curved lines, color with white, gold and dark wood.

Nordic style: give priority to with clean and relaxed feeling and shallow light colour, Nordic 3 elements: original woodiness floor, the colour of black and white ash is tie-in, linen carpet and cane of log furniture make household object.

American style: American segment is too much, and also very much element, summarizes several important: 1, 2, line is simple, but have a format mondrian's geometric linear solid color piece, and is the biggest difference between boreal Europe style bold coloring, otherwise is not the beautiful 3, black walnut or maple wood element 4 large art modelling furniture, classic lines.

Recommended floor brand drawing
2, the surface treatment for the style

Flat closed paint suitable for Chinese, new Chinese, American style;

Deep brushed or hand-shaved antique treatment, suitable for American or European country;

Light brushed, open paint for: modern, Italian, Nordic, JAPANDI.

3. Space processing

Practical area 60 below: suit the floor of 1200-1900 length, width 200 less than. In particular, it is not recommended to choose too narrow and small floor, like herringbone or fishbone is not suitable for narrow space and furniture; It is recommended to choose solid wood composite or high-quality laminate flooring in the dry area of the toilet. In addition to the open kitchen connected with the living room, marble or tile is generally recommended after all, it is easy to clean. If you must like it, FINfloor is the only floor officially promised to be used in the kitchen bathroom.

Many owners like the whole house floor, try to use solid wood multi-layer floor, if you choose solid wood three layers it is best to choose full plastic pavement, otherwise too much after sale.

Double entry, the area such as villa is bigger, have the space of many different position, the area of every space is enough to build the family of different dimensional effect or style, outfit one net ability can agree to choose different color, specification and the floor configuration plan of surface processing craft, appear otherwise more space narrow and neither fish nor fowl.

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