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Is the water and electricity reconstruction calculated by the building area or the area within the set?

Generally speaking, water and electricity installation area is calculated by the building area inside the cover, the building area inside the cover points to the area of the space used by the building inside the cover, with horizontal projection area calculation. Basically be to use an area by the building inside cover, cover wall body area inside, cover balcony building area inside 3 parts are composed.

The use area of the housing is the area of the use space of the housing, and the horizontal projection area is calculated according to the following provisions:

1, the use area of the house is the total space area of the bedroom, living room, hall, corridor, kitchen, toilet, toilet, storage room, closet and so on.

2, set of internal stairs according to the total area of natural layers into the use area.

Is the water and electricity reconstruction calculated by the building area or the area within the set?3. Internal chimneys, ventilation ducts and pipe Wells are included in the use area, excluding those contained in the structural area.

4. The inner wall decoration thickness is included in the use area.

Two, water and electricity installation matters needing attention

1. The total construction area includes the apportioned area, but the apportioned area has not been constructed. If there is a project outside the construction area of the set, it shall be calculated separately according to the external line, such as the total power line connecting outdoor to indoor, garage power line, etc.

2, usually in the budget indicated on the material including provincial standard above the wire and PVC line pipe, including switch socket, labor costs, about 60~70/ square meter, depending on the complexity.

3, some owners in order to be afraid of the construction team with cheap switches, sockets, usually designated brands and series, but also some designated wire brands; Some owners buy switch socket and electric wire even by themselves, let outfit team install.

Which sockets in the home are easily overlooked?

Ask, "What are your regrets about decorating your home?" Believe that most people answer, are about the socket. In whole household space, socket is an insignificant thing, it seems dispensable. Just, the position of socket, be not the kind that the expression on surface does not have existence feeling.

Just contrary, socket is the indispensable adornment that occupies the home life. Having a faulty socket or not having enough sockets can affect your entire family life. Say without exaggeration, the socket did not do the decoration, say it is a failure to decorate, not beyond the mark.

Say whole house socket layout is very key, we also are in the main functional area in the home, below the premise that assures enough, reserved a few sockets as much as possible. However, there will still be insufficient socket in daily life - not less, is the location is not appropriate, can not use. Investigate its reason, or the socket layout is not reasonable. Consequently, remember to look for professional stylist before decorating, locate to the socket of oneself home, undertake pertinent layout.

Which sockets in the home are easily overlooked?Also, don't forget the "hidden" sockets that may seem unnecessary now but can affect your home life later on. Which sockets in the home are easily overlooked? Like the back of the toilet. A socket is installed at the back of the toilet for later installation of intelligent toilets. Remember to install splash-proof boxes in outlets for damp bathrooms.

The socket point that toilet neglects easily, bath towel is worn nearby also is one of. If this position is not reserved in advance with a splash box socket, later installation of electric bath towel will not be available socket. It is recommended to reserve one or two more sockets above the washbasin for small appliances such as hair dryers and the later installation of smart mirrors. Kitchen space, also have a few sockets easy to be ignored. Under the basin, for example, is also often forgotten.

By the time you install a kitchenware or garbage disposal, it's too late. Bedroom or living room curtains are also the worst areas for sockets. This position to install the curtain, mainly to facilitate the installation of electric curtain later. Porch periphery, also must reserve a few more. Otherwise, the later acquired sweeper, shoe drying device will not be available socket.

How to put bed and wardrobe in small bedroom?

A survey shows that more than 300 million People in China suffer from sleep disorders. Difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep, easy to wake up... It's troubling everybody. In fact, exceed 9 into the morpheus disorder of above, because the bedroom did not decorate good cause. After all, the bedroom is the center of sleep. Do not have good bedroom space, cannot assure better morpheus quality. Say without exaggeration, the bedroom decorates and morpheus closely bound up.

Consequently, want to have good morpheus quality, be about to decorate make from the bedroom. The bedroom is decorated, daylighting, ventilated and sound insulation are key. In the meantime, bedstead, bed is tasted and curtain also are key.

On the front: Who doesn't want to live in a mansion and drive a fancy car? ! Helpless economic condition is limited, small family becomes the first selection that just needs to buy a house. Since it is "although sparrow is small five zang completely" small family model, the space that each function area can divide, also be extremely limited. Consequently, the key that small family decorates, make good use of all the space that can use namely. To small bedroom, challenge wins other space more.

How to put bed and wardrobe in small bedroom?The bedroom with small area, put down the furniture such as ark of bed, chest and head of a bed at the same time, it is not easy indeed. How to put bed and wardrobe in small bedroom? Specific door type concrete analysis. Conventional bedroom layout, it is bed center to put mostly, both sides leave corridor. However, the bedroom should be big enough. Consequently, the layout of the wall on both sides of the bed, more suitable for small bedroom. Simply speaking, the head of a small bedroom and a side of the bed, are placed by the wall.

Bed two sides rely on wall layout, already can reserve the passage that uses enough, also do not affect daily ambulate. If bedroom area is really too small, also can consider bed and chest an organic whole. In other words, the tatami that we often hear about. Although the shortcoming of tatami rice is not little also, but cannot deny perfect match small family bedroom. The tatami rice that uses custom design, solved the layout problem of small bedroom not only, also accomplished make full use of all the space that can be used, can be said small family bedroom "holy implements".

Of course, bedroom of couch couch rice, should solve good moistureproof, mildew and breathe freely to wait for a problem emphatically more. If the bedroom has its own bay window, it is recommended that the bed and bay window be made level, so that the bay window becomes a part of the bed. It is worth mentioning that we can also "borrow" space from other areas to achieve space expansion.

Which kitchen outlets are easily forgotten?

As the saying goes: "food is the people's day, three meals a day, night for a night". With the improvement of living standards, we have higher and higher requirements for eating. It is no exaggeration to say that there is nothing you can't eat, only what you can't think of. Whether eating at home or out, a good kitchen is essential for the birth of good food.

In particular, the home kitchen is practical or not, but also related to the family three meals a day. The kitchen is decorated, core element is receive. Like daylighting, ventilation and show big key details, also not allow to ignore. What be worth mentioning is, kitchen socket is installed, also be heavy among priorities.

The importance of socket, need not say more, presumably everyone is clear. But when really decorate, still can have a lot of family error. Not the number of socket installed less, is the socket location layout is unreasonable. What is more, because of temporary negligence or insufficient attention, caused some seemingly ordinary but key socket point forgotten, and then affect the follow-up normal life. About this kind of socket, toilet expresses deep feeling.

Which kitchen outlets are easily forgotten?In the kitchen, there are also forgettable outlets, such as under the sink. Kitchen socket, can not consider current enough only, make sure the subsequent purchase of more electric appliances even, also can have enough socket. Socket under sink, really not used in the early stage. But when it comes time to install a kitchenware, water purifier, or garbage disposal, the outlet can be valuable.

Under the kitchen sink, at least 3 or so sockets with switches should be reserved. If the kitchen plans to build a built-in oven, integrated range or dishwasher, reserve a corresponding number of outlets. By the way, also want to take a switch, convenient later may appear after sale. If there is no built-in kitchen electric socket reserved in advance, it is necessary to install the socket on the open line. Both unsafe, affect kitchen appearance level again.

What be worth mentioning is, the socket quantity of kitchen mesa, also cannot think of current electric equipment quantity only. After all, the number of kitchen appliances is definitely increasing. Consequently, socket of kitchen mesa, want to reserve 5 left and right sides at least. Refrigerator sockets should also be reserved. In addition, the socket should also have a switch. If every time to plug and unplug electrical appliances, not only safety risks, but also affect the service life of home appliances.

What design does the balcony have cannot follow the wind at random?

If give daylighting stand or fall in the home to do a ranking, so the balcony is certainly among the best. Even if say the balcony is the area with best daylighting in the home, presumably also do not have how many person to oppose. After all, balcony daylighting is good, this is the fact that does not contend. The balcony area of major family is not big, have a few special door model to do not have balcony completely even. Consequently, many people are right of the balcony use concept, still stay in air basks in clothings.

So, decorate in the family during, the balcony decorates very easy meeting simplification, it is direct copy copy even. So that balcony space, more or less there are a few unconventional design.

Traditional balcony is decorated, copy wind is prevailing, have a lot of commonality. Basically whoever looks good moves directly to their own house. Absolutely did not think of, without any "localization" alter copy copy, can make balcony space flaw 100. Simply speaking, balcony space looks useless. Consequently, the balcony is decorated cannot follow the wind at random. So, what design does the balcony have cannot follow the wind at random? Open, for example.

What design does the balcony have cannot follow the wind at random?From open mode guest eat hutch, open mode study arrives open mode balcony again, open mode design is more popular it seems that. However, the practice of open design, but also limited conditions. For example open type balcony, not every family can have. Especially the home has children, open balcony is not feasible, can have safety hidden trouble. From privacy, dustproof and other aspects, is not feasible.

Balcony ground shop sticks wood floor, also cannot random follow the wind. Beyond doubt, the ground shop sticks the balcony of wooden floor, not be recreational balcony, get through sitting room and balcony namely, balcony space is merged into a sitting room. This kind of recreational gives priority to balcony space, won't use water basically. If oneself home is the life balcony, want to use water everyday, ground shop sticks wood floor infeasible.

After all, the balcony of much water, do not suit the shop to stick wooden floor obviously. Even if the waterproof effect is a little better anti-corrosion wood, also not likely to have more practical. This time, ceramic tile is the first selection that balcony wall ground spreads stick material instead. About the balcony cannot carelessly follow the design of wind, complex condole top also is one of. When the balcony height is lower than 2.6 meters, the existence of the ceiling will only further pull the lower level. The suspended ceiling will also affect the installation of drying equipment.

What are the mistakes in kitchen lighting design?

Daylighting is bad door model, what problem exists? May be at home in broad daylight, have to turn on the light, to see the home of each corner. Therefore, if you want to stay, you can often enjoy "sunbathing", and the early stage of housing selection is the focus. Helpless subject to insufficient budget, bought new home model, more or less there are some defects. Among them, the defects of poor lighting and ventilation appear more frequently.

Be aimed at daylighting bad door model, conventional practice increases the lamplight quantity of the space namely. In addition, we can also improve the space through design means, such as open design, non-load-bearing walls and so on.

In daily life, the kitchen is the cooking center of the home, specializing in the production of three meals a day. Serve as the country that foodie walks everywhere, the kitchen has after all much important, presumably need not say much. Say without exaggeration, the kitchen was not decorated, the delicious delicacies that cooking gives, can feel a kind of what thing is little. The kitchen is decorated, detail processing is key, receive for instance, daylighting, ventilated and comfortable.

What are the mistakes in kitchen lighting design?A lot of time, the kitchen that thinks pretty good from oneself, still put in a few mistakes, especially lamplight. What are the mistakes in kitchen lighting design? A lamp is a disease after all. One lamp to the end, that is, only install a main lamp. One lamp after all mode, also is traditional kitchen idiomatic. Admittedly, a kitchenette might only need one main light. But barely enough. By now, obviously not enough.

Especially the kitchen that daylighting condition limits, "one lamp after all" mode, already obsolete. If you rely only on a main lamp for lighting, everyday cooking may have such problems: the counter is too dark, washing vegetables can not be seen, cutting vegetables easy to cut hands. Behind the light cooking, the inside of the pot is ripe, but also have to stare to see... Consequently, kitchen lamplight is designed, need uses the combination of much lamplight means.

First, there is no doubt that the main lamp is indispensable. Next, the lamp belt or down lamp is installed below condole ark, serve as auxiliary illumination. After installation, there will no longer be a series of problems caused by insufficient lighting. It is worth mentioning that there should also be lighting in the cabinet, and it is recommended to install induction lights. After all, with cabinets of different shades and no matching lights, it takes a long time to find something.

Guest restaurant is it necessary to ceiling?

Do not know whether we find such a problem: it is clearly the same house type, budget, why the neighbor looks more atmospheric? Maybe the different decoration style is one of the reasons. Design difference is also one of the root causes. Especially the difference that door model designs, affected the function that whole decorates and appearance level directly. Why do you want to find a professional designer? That's the obvious answer.

Before the new home is decorated, it is suggested to find a reliable designer, including the details such as door defects, comprehensive analysis and design. From space aesthetics and other aspects, further optimize the new home.

Condole top, be the adornment of the ceiling. Decorate in the home, condole top is the project that promotes dimensional feeling. Generally speaking, kitchen, toilet is the space that must want to install condole top. After all, kitchen Spaces are smoky and often filled with water. Bathroom, high frequency of water use. Lack of the ceiling of this "gold auxiliary", not only appearance level greatly affected, but also there will be safety hidden dangers.

Guest restaurant is it necessary to ceiling?As to other space, do not have hard requirement, must install condole top. Guest restaurant is it necessary to ceiling? Not sure, see door structure. The installation of the ceiling, can not see the mood, the focus on the guest restaurant, and the decoration style of the overall space. Guest restaurant space, there are beams, central air conditioning/fresh air system pipes and other problems, it is necessary to install the ceiling. The height is insufficient space, might as well try local condole top.

It is worth mentioning that American, European and other styles need to make use of the ceiling, so that the ceiling can match the overall decoration style. Needless to say, make all kinds of costly style, itself have high requirement to door model, layer height. Therefore, the problems caused by the complex ceiling are basically not present here. So, the height of the dominant large family model, guest dining room can be installed at will in all kinds of ideal ceiling. As to the height of insufficient small family model, whether to install condole top, see door structure even.

Say without exaggeration, even if do not install condole top, guest dining-room also can have not common appearance level and simple sense. Of course, the premise of all these is to undertake design and layout to door model before decorating. Generally speaking, guest dining-room condole top, do not have hard requirement to want to install. Whether to install condole top, still see the actual door model of guest dining-room.

What misunderstanding does toilet lamplight design have?

Decorate it is a big project, the space such as porch, sitting room or bedroom gives careless leak, embarrass oneself at most. If it's the bathroom, it's a serious problem. Waterproof failure, floor drain blockage and other problems, not only rework trouble maintenance, but also may seep into the neighbor's home, causing neighborhood conflicts. Therefore, toilet decoration, the first point to pay attention to, is to do a good job according to the standard waterproof.

After the completion of waterproof, but also do closed water test to detect waterproof effect. Besides waterproof, toilet other detail is handled, it is key likewise, for example lamplight. No matter which space, lighting design is the key.

What misunderstanding does toilet lamplight design have?As a result of door model structural reason, toilet unavoidable existence daylighting, ventilated wait for a problem. At this point, reasonable design is very important. Toilet ventilated problem, want to solve according to actual situation. Non - load bearing wall, open Windows for ventilation. Load bearing wall, exhaust fan or fresh air system. Similarly speaking, toilet lamplight problem, also be to want according to actual door model, use the method that open a window or increase lamps and lanterns.

Just, toilet lamplight is designed, can be immersed in a few erroneous zone sometimes among. What misunderstanding does toilet lamplight design have? There are too few light fixtures. Traditional toilet is decorated, it is basically "one lamp after all" mode. As the name implies, there is only one single main light installed. Perhaps the toilet with not big area, still can be used barely enough. The toilet area is larger and there is only one main lamp, which is obviously not enough.

A reasonable toilet lamplight is designed, should be sheet advocate the combination of lamp + much auxiliary lamp. Toilet advocate lamp, commonly used have absorb dome light. Toilet auxiliary light, it is mirror headlight and reading light. Generally speaking, mirror headlight commonly used down lamp, lamp belt and other lamps and lanterns. Reading light, dedicated down light lighting in the area above the toilet for mobile phone use while using the toilet. What be worth mentioning is, no matter advocate lamp or auxiliary lamp, the requirement has the function such as better waterproof, moistureproof.

After all, the bathroom is the orgasmic humidity space in your home. Do not have these advantages, can let toilet existence safety hidden trouble. Toilet advocate light or auxiliary light, suggest to use embedded installation, it is beautiful consideration not only, also have the reason of safe respect. There is also a point, there are old people, children's families, it is recommended to use wind warm bath bully, careful use of lamp warm bath bully.

Restaurant decoration which socket is easy to be forgotten?

The importance of the sitting room, presumably everyone knows. All the time, the sitting room also is decorate key. Only restaurant decoration, often overlooked or overlooked.

As the dining center of the home and the focal point of family communication, the restaurant should not be underestimated or overlooked. Do a good job of restaurant decoration, to continue to consolidate family harmony. Restaurant decoration, detail processing is the key, such as lighting, ventilation and storage. In fact, in addition to these key details, restaurant space is also prone to "forget" problems: forget to leave the socket, refrigerator position is not left, the side cabinet forgot to do custom...

Restaurant decoration which socket is easy to be forgotten?"Forget" problem, will also bring trouble to the home. Restaurant decoration which socket is easy to be forgotten? Ground insertion is very controversial. Ground plug is the socket installed on the ground. The restaurant is installed with ground inserts, which are intended to make tea or eat hot pot easily. But there are only a handful of 365 days in a year. Moreover, ground inserts have safety hidden danger + health dead Angle.

Therefore, whether to install the restaurant decoration plug, mainly depends on the actual demand. Even if the installation plug, also want to do a good job of safety protection, reduce safety risks + reduce health dead Angle. In addition to the ground plug is controversial bigger socket, customized eat side ark also should reserve socket. Once forget to reserve socket or socket reserved less, the practicability of meal side cabinet, will reduce a lot. After all, meal side counter surface, can also be placed kettle, broken wall machine and other small appliances.

It can even be used to temporarily charge your phone. So, when eat side ark makes bespoke, want to do interior pattern design well not only, reserve enough socket even, accomplish truly be well prepared. In fact, the refrigerator in the restaurant, socket reservation is also a key item. In the meantime, freezer uses socket, want to do alone go a line, lest because of power problem, leave hidden trouble.

How does porch ark not do pass top design?

Porch, weigh vestibular again, it is to point to the door of the door in the home, a paragraph of transition space to between the sitting room. Be like the porch space of humble, importance is dye-in-the-wood actually. Even if some door because of structural problem, without special porch, later period also can make "false" porch. Consequently, no matter be big family model or small family model, porch is the important component that occupies the home life.

Even if porch area is very narrow, want to pass reasonable design only, also can add bricks and tiles for good life. Porch space, conventional function is to isolate privacy and put shoe. At the same time, it can also become a small closet in the home.

How important is storage? Someone once said such a sentence: "good storage, no worries in life". Needless to say, that sums it up too well. Porch ark, the main way that porch space receives, cent is finished porch ark and bespoke porch ark. Compare at finished porch ark, customize porch ark is in the respect such as level of dimensional use, interior structure and integral appearance, have better performance.

How does porch ark not do pass top design?Just, custom-made porch ark also exists a few arguments, whether does porch ark do for instance top design? Add porch to receive for, porch ark still has the necessity that makes a design on the top. If the porch ark in the home, do not pass top design, how should we be good again? It's simple. Sealing the plate is one of them. Simply speaking, between porch ark coping and top face, with the board that pledges with a material is sealed.

The porch ark after sealing board, also can have better integral sex. In the meantime, still have the effect that pulls tall cabinet body. Of course, seal plank qualitative, color to wait, want to keep consistent with original porch ark. Besides sealing board, add horn line also is the clever move that solves porch ark not to do top. If porch ark and the aperture of the ceiling are not very big, might as well add the gesso horn line with appropriate height. In dress up top face while, also can keep out porch ark coping and the gap between top face.

Additional, the installation of line of gesso horn, cannot hinder porch ark normal switch. If porch ark coping and ceiling distance are slightly big, add horn line already impracticable. At this time, installation ceiling is a good choice. The effect of the ceiling is not only to decorate the space, but also to keep out flaws. When porch height is enough, can install condole top keep out aperture.