High-Performance Electric Transaxle for High-Speed Vehicles


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The Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle is a compact, efficient and powerful unit that integrates an electric motor, transmission, and differential into one system. It's designed for high-speed vehicles, offering 350 kW of power output, 97% efficiency, and advanced cooling, thereby ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.

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We are thrilled to present the latest offering in our product lineup - the Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle. Engineered with the purpose to bring the best performance in high-speed vehicles, this advanced electric transaxle sets a new standard for efficiency, durability, and overall performance.

Product Specifications

Specifications Details
Power Output 350 kW
Maximum Torque 550 Nm
Gear Ratios 9.8:1
Maximum Speed 10,000 RPM
Weight 75 Kg
Cooling System Liquid Cooling
Power Density 4.6 kW/Kg
Efficiency 97%

Design and Manufacturing

The Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle is a product of extensive research, design iterations, and manufacturing excellence. The transaxle architecture integrates the electric motor, transmission, and differential into one compact unit, which significantly reduces the complexity and weight.

Electric Transaxle

Motor Design

The motor is an Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (AFPMSM), a unique design that offers superior performance and efficiency over the conventional radial-flux motors. This design allows for higher torque output at lower RPMs, thus making it an ideal choice for high-speed vehicles.

Transmission System

The transmission system incorporates a single-speed gearbox with an optimized gear ratio to provide an ideal balance between acceleration and top speed. The gears are manufactured from high-strength, heat-treated alloy steel to withstand high torque loads.


The differential system is a limited-slip type, designed to provide maximum traction and control. It features an electronically controlled, hydraulic actuation system that adjusts the torque distribution based on the vehicle's speed and driving conditions.

Unique Features and Advantages

The Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle stands out in the market due to its unique features and advantages:

  1. Compact Integration: By incorporating the electric motor, transmission, and differential into one unit, we've achieved a compact and lightweight design that is easy to install and maintain.
  2. High Efficiency: With an efficiency of 97%, this transaxle ensures maximum power is converted into movement, reducing energy waste and improving overall vehicle range.
  3. High Performance: The powerful 350 kW motor and optimized transmission provide high torque and speed, enabling high-speed vehicles to reach their full potential.
  4. Advanced Cooling: The liquid cooling system keeps the unit operating at an optimal temperature, extending its lifespan and maintaining high performance even under heavy loads.
  5. Durable and Reliable: Made from high-strength materials and engineered to withstand harsh conditions, the Rotontek Electric Transaxle is durable, reliable, and designed for longevity.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: By using an electric motor, our transaxle helps reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact, contributing to a greener planet.

Rotontek's commitment to innovative design, premium quality, and exceptional performance is encapsulated in our High-Performance Electric Transaxle. It is not just a product, but a stepping stone towards a sustainable, efficient, and high-speed future.


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High-Performance Electric Transaxle for High-Speed VehiclesHigh-Performance Electric Transaxle for High-Speed Vehicles