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  1. Nowadays, online shopping has become a fashion. With the addition of more and more 80 and 90 people, the online shopping group has expanded rapidly in recent years. Taking the boss of e -commerce as an example, it has increased at a rate increase every year. The amount of online shopping transactions is constantly refreshed: clothing, underwear, cosmetics, electronic products, maternal and infant products, daily necessities, fitness massage products, Taobao adult supplies, etc. have achieved impressive results.

    This are collected below for some online shopping and online store groups for friends who need it:

    qq high -level group:

    online shopping (pure buyer) : 19383268

    The online store exchange promotion (1): 35059858

    n online store exchange promotion (2): 117599653

    Wangwang exchange group:

    The online store exchange and promotion (1): 487870666

    Note: Each person is limited to one per person. Except for the prescribed time advertisement, you must not be arbitrarily AD.

    Me buyer group shopkeeper, do not enter, online shop group shopkeeper adds to send group sending software

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