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How is the scratch of real wood floor repaired? Announces the article
What decorate to use in the home is real wood floor, always be careful at ordinary times, be afraid carelessly do a scratch to the floor. In fact, the solid wood floor has scratches can also be repaired, today xiaobian to introduce how to repair the scratches of the solid wood floor.

Repair methods of scratches on solid wood floor:

1. Floor essential oil

If there are relatively shallow scratches on hardwood floors, it is recommended to treat them with floor essential oils. This will protect the floor layer and prevent slight scratches from deepening and discoloration.

2, polishing wax

If the paint film on the surface of hardwood floors is not cracked but has a scratch, you can polish the floor directly with polish wax after cleaning. Polishing waxes are mainly used to protect the shine of the floor and make the surface of the hardwood floor smooth so that there is no further damage to the scratched areas.

How is the scratch of real wood floor repaired? Announces the article

3, spray paint

If scratches on hardwood floors are severe and the paint film is damaged or exposed to white, polish and wipe clean with No. 400 waterproof sandpaper dipped in soapy water. After drying, fill the area with color. After drying the color, brush and apply a piece of paint. After 24 hours of drying, polish with no.400 waterproof sandpaper and then polish with floor wax.

4. Professional maintenance personnel

If the scratches on the solid wood floor are serious and the floor area is large, you are advised to invite a maintenance personnel to renovate or replace the solid wood floor.

Solid wood floors are bound to have scratches during use. It depends on how we maintain it. It's in good condition. It doesn't matter if there's a slight scratch. If there's a big scratch, you'd better get a professional to take care of it if you care.

2022 cost-effective true wireless collar microphone selection guide: live, short video Vlog recording

Wireless lapel microphone, a type of wireless microphone, has become popular recently. It is a small, small and portable microphone, usually worn in the location of the user's clothing lapel. It can be freed from the cable, and the user can do whatever he or she wants without worrying about the sound. It is generally used in large conferences, live broadcasting, recording, online teaching, short video recording and other scenarios. Compared with the "wired microphone + loudspeaker" carried by teachers in traditional school classes, it is more convenient and simple to use.

Wireless lapel microphone

1. What are the characteristics of wireless lapel microphone and why has it become popular recently?
It is mainly based on 2.4g wireless transmission technology or Bluetooth 5.0 and AI intelligent noise reduction design, which can achieve the effect of low delay and high quality transmission. The transmission distance is generally within 20 meters and the connection can be stable. The general style is shown in the picture below, one lapel microphone transmitter and one wireless receiver. Small and portable, easy to carry.

2. What are the advantages of wireless lapel microphone?
Price advantage: The price of products in the general market is between 100~300, which is much cheaper than some professional microphones.
Portable advantage: the design is small and portable. The general size is about the length of 2 one-yuan coins, and the weight is about 30g.
Performance advantages: 2.4g ultra-low delay, simple plug and play operation (plug the device to power on, unplug the device to power off), intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality, long distance barrier-free reception, high sensitivity.
3. Consider the selection factors of wireless lapel microphone
(1) Budget and brand: If the budget is enough, you can consider professional brands, such as SONY, MOMA and DJI; Commonly choose common 100~300 left and right sides of enough.

(2) Transmission mode: Bluetooth or 2.4g wireless, 2.4g wireless will be more stable than Bluetooth.

(3) Sound quality and noise reduction ability: intelligent noise reduction is supported by products on the market.

(4) Length of battery life: it is recommended to work for at least 4~10 hours and complete at least one live broadcast.

(5) Wireless lapel microphone receiver interface: Android Type-C interface, Apple Lightning interface, common audio interface. You can choose according to the usage scenario and environment.

Two, wireless lapel microphone (general) recommended
1. Phenface YUM5 Wireless Lapel Microphone (Type-c interface)
The product of Yang Fei si home, a professional supplier of live broadcasting equipment, has a good after-sales service, providing a three-year warranty without worry, lifelong customer service and 365 days free replacement.

Product features: jingdong sales of 20,000 +.

Professional 2.4g chip, low latency, long battery life.
360-degree all-pointing microphone, using AI intelligent algorithm noise reduction module, can accurately filter all kinds of noise,
20 meters long distance connection, 90mh battery capacity, charging 1 hour, can be used for 10 hours.
Support the use of mobile phone charging process, very convenient.

2. The Wireless Lavalier microphone

A wireless lavalier microphone, also known as a Lavalier microphone wireless system or clip microphone, is a small wired microphone widely used in film production and broadcasting. The Lavalier microphone wireless system is small and discreet, so it can be used for recording conversations. It can be used close to the lips without being seen, ensuring clear audio in various recording environments, whether Vlog recording, video reporting, or interview recording.

3, Masentek EP33C wireless lapel microphone (Type-C port or Apple Lightning port)
Masentek is the dominant brand in the field of Bluetooth in China.

Product features:

The appearance design is very fashionable, wear a sense of class.
Plug and play, the phone plug in the receiver can automatically connect.
Use high-density blowout preventer sponge and high sensitivity microphone to pick up sound in 360 degrees.
20 meters long distance connection, intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality.
80mah battery, 10h battery life.

Wireless lapel microphone (one drag four) can take a look at this one

4. Good Shepherd V5 Wireless lapel Microphone (Single or Double)
This model has a different appearance design, which is the same as our previous MP3. Generally, it has 1 or 2 transmitters +1 receiver, which supports single or double use. It comes with Bluetooth accompaniment and has good reverberation effect.

This one can take monitor earphone oh, the whole accessories are rich, support mobile phone, camera, computer, compatibility is very good.
Compact, 24G, with true color LED to show operating status (signal status, Bluetooth connection, etc.).
Bluetooth 5.0 technology, plus DSP reverberation effect, intelligent noise reduction, can be used in outdoor noisy environment.
500mah battery, charging 1 hour, usable 4~6 hours.
All pointing to the radio. The radio is sensitive.
Support 7 days for no reason return.

5, A recommended microphone for iPhone introduction

As an iPhone exclusive microphone, this metal-encased microphone deserves your attention. With 5 digital presets, you can set different parameters and let us use the most appropriate way to speak, sing, record instruments, etc. Pick-up mode and gain Settings are also some of the highlights, but you'll need to install an iPhone App that supposedly converts deafening sounds at rock concerts into clear recordings.

The shape of this microphone is unique enough. It can provide us with a perfect stereo sound through special design. One is a strongly directional MID microphone, and the other is a dual directional side microphone. Side microphones capture sound on both sides. The sound recorded with this microphone will be very thick, and any special sound effects will not be difficult to sing in front of it. Oh, it is also exclusive to the iPhone.

Deal with noise? It's totally up to the job. It has three gain modes - quiet, car, loud voice, and you might get a little fresh sound from it, even at a rock concert. It's still iPhone exclusive.

The best thing about this versatile microphone is that it works with all Apple devices. It offers a bunch of capacitive microphones for mono and stereo, and users can freely switch between multiple modes. So it's an all-around fighter! However, the ablest worker, so its price is quite high!

6, DJI DJI Mic Wireless microphone Action 2/OM 5 (one drag two, with charging box)
DJI Mic wireless microphone noise reduction and recording performance is very good, including a dual-channel receiver and two wireless transmitters, but the price is more expensive.

Can achieve up to 250 meters wireless radio distance.
Both transmitters have built-in 8GB storage, which can be used as a recording pen alone or backup sound during recording to ensure the integrity of recording data.
Adopting adaptive frequency hopping technology and self-developed channel coding technology, it has strong anti-interference ability.
The receiver supports USB Type-C, Lightning and 3.5mm TRS output, compatible with mainstream mobile phones, all kinds of cameras and computers.
The battery lasts about five hours for the receiver and transmitter, and 15 hours with a charging case.
Support safe sound track to prevent sound loss caused by over-exposure.

7. Small Noise Reduction, Live Sharp Tool: Mini microphone Experience

Intended to make life easy for content creators, SYNCO provides every piece of vlogging equipment needed to create online video content on mobile devices. We even enter in product areas we have never got involved in, like LED lights. All this aims to make life simpler for potential buyers and meanwhile, provide a product range complete and ready for current and future dealers.

Hence, the brand-new all-in-one SYNCO vlogger kits were announced to become additions to our range of creative solutions for every recording situation. Carefully designed as a mobile film-making package, they feature a high-quality condenser microphone, a LED light, a mini tripod and accessories. The M1S directional microphone in each kit focuses on picking up what it is pointed at while reducing the background noise, ensuring audio is clean and intelligible.


With the development of we media industry, short video and live broadcast sales are becoming more and more popular, and wireless lapel microphone has made great progress and optimization in functions and performance. The sales and cost performance of these wireless lapel microphones are not bad, and the functions are almost the same, some of the radio distance is longer, some of the battery life is longer.

The kitchen wants to save money, and it's right

It's easy to go over budget with everything from hardware to refrigerators. Therefore, before decorating, we should make a plan, which should be spent and which should not be spent.

What are the five kitchen fittings?

01, to install the ceiling lamp and lamp in the cabinet

Lighting fixtures are installed at the bottom of the ceiling and inside the cabinet for easy daily use. Otherwise, relying only on the ceiling lamp above the suspended ceiling, fingers will tremble when cutting vegetables.

2 tips about lamp straps for hanging cabinets:

1, be sure to keep a good circuit.

2, the lamp belt should be open and dark. It is suggested that dark decoration is relatively beautiful. However, if dark installation is required, the installation of the customized hanging cabinet must be made by the customized company, and the installation problem must be communicated in advance.

Lamp inside cabinet basically uses at inside cabinet local illume. Use induction ambry lamp, when opening cupboard door, automatic induction illuminates inside cabinet, convenient, practical

02. Cabinet hardware to be installed

When buying ambry, the quality of hardware often is ignored. It is good to pull the door of drawer cabinet, and the firmware is not firm. It is recommended to buy the hardware with quality assurance.

Hardware basically has: hinge, connector, horn code, condole code, drawer guide rail, rebound implement, shake handshandle to wait a moment, belong to the necessary part that makes cabinet. The partial fittings of ambry will calculate money by piece, whether to ask clearly to need to collect fees alone before buying.

The kitchen wants to save money, and it's right

03, to install drawers and baskets

Want the kitchen to look neat and beautiful, receive a design to want to do well. Undertake space in drawer interior, sleek and neater. Three drawers is standard in most kitchens. If you make more, you have to ask if you need to pay more.

The installation inside cabinet pulls basket, can use ambry space of bigger limit, increase store material resources. Pull basket material construction choose to buy 304 stainless steel, the frame is not the thicker the better, but also can not be too fine, otherwise easy to weld. When you buy and buy a basket, you should feel it. If the surface is smooth and there is no handle, you can do the work.

04, to install pull type tap

Pull-out faucets are free to stretch and rotate 360°, making it easy to install in the kitchen for cleaning and receiving water. Whether you're cleaning around the sink or filling a pan with water, just pull out the tap. No splashing or having to move POTS and pans around.

05, to install a water purifier

The water purifier can not only eliminate visible impurities and odors, but also clean up invisible bacteria. In terms of health costs, it's very cost-effective. Moreover, the water purifier has a more reasonable water rate setting, which can reduce the waste of household water to a certain extent.

"Kitchen five do not install" what?

01. Do not install built-in garbage cans

Some owners opt for built-in bins to make the outside of their kitchens look more aesthetically pleasing. But in fact, due to the lack of ventilation, the garbage bins in the garbage bins can produce odor, affecting the sanitation of the cabinet. If it is an open bin, it is very inconvenient to use. If this were a desktop trash can, it would take up operating space in the office too!

02, do not install disinfection cabinet

Disinfection ark basically uses at the disinfection of tableware, but use rise also very troublesome, tableware should be wiped before disinfection or drain moisture, installed after a few years cannot be used. Household tableware should undertake disinfect, can boil disinfect, do not need to use disinfect cabinet, also can occupy kitchen space.

03, do not install the range hood hanging cabinet

Money is spent on the installation of the hanging cabinet on the lampblack machine is considered to be clever application space, but in fact, this is not conducive to the placement of goods, not easy to clean, but also shortened the service life, if the cabinet material is not fireproof, not resistant to high temperature, easy to damage, one or two years later, the cabinet and plate will be deformed, will also release formaldehyde.

04, do not install sliding door rail

The track will convex in the ground, easy to trip people, and track groove easy to dust, see, wipe, long time will affect the door.

It is recommended to use the hanging rail guide at the top to facilitate cleaning. In addition, the noise generated by the top track is much less than the noise generated by the friction of the ground track, which is more conducive to home rest.

The sink is in front of the window, do not install the inner window

If the sink is located in front of the window, it is best to open the window outside or push and pull the horizontal direction to open the window. If the window is made inside, the open window is likely to encounter the tap, affecting the service life of the window and the tap, and it is not convenient to use.

Shell powder to decorate the bedroom

The bedroom most fundamental function offers good morpheus space and quality namely. Because this we must want to assure the quiet of the bedroom and environmental protection. However, the most effective way to do this is to choose excellent decoration materials. The most important thing is to involve the whole wall!

In addition, often the girl's bedroom everyone must be able to think of must be sweet, different from the ordinary bedroom, will pay more attention to the color collocation of the bedroom and the effect.

New environmental protection decoration materials shell powder is different from traditional decoration materials, where is the difference?

It's easier to set the mood

We all know that traditional decoration is to use wallpaper or latex paint to create an overall atmosphere. But their life is very short, but also very easy to cause wall peeling, peeling, yellow, plum rain season is moldy phenomenon, the situation is more serious.

Shell powder has a very good adjustment of indoor temperature effects, and strong anti-cracking ability and adsorption capacity, wall decoration with shell powder will not appear fading, cracking, mildew and other phenomena. Shell powder is also an inorganic material and can be used for 20 years. This is the traditional decoration materials wallpaper or latex paint can not be compared.

Shell powder to decorate the bedroom

Guaranteed comfort

The bedroom as our rest place, sound insulation effect must be better, to ensure the comfort of rest, to create a good sleep. Shell powder wall will definitely make you no longer affected by the noise of the traffic outside the window, help you easily return to a healthy sleep.

Shell powder raw material, USES the pure natural shells, because of the reason of its material, inside the shell powder has the characteristic of the microporous structure, can absorb and reduce noise, its effect is equivalent to the same thickness of cement mortar and stone more than 2 times, can be reduced more than 50% of the reverb, thereby greatly reducing the noise, create a quiet indoor environment.

Health and environmental protection are very important

A bedroom besides decorate beautiful perhaps comfortable besides, the most important still is healthy environmental protection respect of course. The bedroom is where we all sleep. If we live in an environment full of formaldehyde every day, it will inevitably affect our health. The formaldehyde content of traditional decoration materials is very large, which is easy to lead to the occurrence of various diseases.

Shell powder in the ocean of high quality natural shell as raw material, do not add any harmful substances, as the inside of the shell powder molecular cavity structure, can adsorption odor and harmful gas in the air, combined with the main composition of shell powder is calcium carbonate, can be directly and air harmful material such as free formaldehyde in the reaction, the removal of formaldehyde. Check in immediately after renovation!

Have good sleep quality, of course, is to start from the sound insulation effect, shell powder can not only solve the trouble of noise, but also can breathe moisture, inhibit bacterial growth and other functions, to provide you with a best sleep.

Is bed the first choice of children's room?

Of children room decorate decorate more and more get take seriously, want to make the children room that is full of tong qu to give oneself child, plus a lot of families have two children generally now, the choice puts a piece of fluctuation bunk bed in children room, the be fond of that solves the child and the problem that the room is not enough.

But, for those who find it useful and those who regret it, today we're going to talk about getting on and off bunk beds.

One, choose the reasons for the upper and lower bunk beds

Many people have been struggling with how to choose!

In fact, the reason for choosing the bed is nothing more than that several:

1. Large family size (families with two or three children)

More children means more rooms, and when there is not enough room, we can only temporarily solve the contradiction of room demand by "adding beds". If the children are boys or girls, the privacy demand will be less if they live in the same room. And if the family has children, children to a certain age, but also to have their own independent space.

There are old people in the family

If there is no spare room, it is common to share a room with the child, and then solve the problem by getting on and off bunk beds.

3. Children/adults like it

Sometimes it is because I like to buy it. The design of upper and lower bunk beds is more interesting and can satisfy the children's lively and active nature. But most people generally prefer to sleep on the top bunk, and it can be a bit of a headache if two children in the family both like it.

Two, up and down the disadvantages of bunk beds

1, there are security risks

In fact, there are certain safety risks, because the children's sense of danger is relatively weak, coupled with some children really naughty like jumping, climbing up and down; Or two children play and push each other and so on. In these cases, the protection of the ordinary guardrail of the upper bunk is not enough, and the risk of falling from the upper bunk may occur.

In addition, sleep over the fence fell off the thing is not not happened, even adults may also appear this problem!

Is bed the first choice of children's room?

2, the problem of night

Get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, at that time people were already in a daze, coupled with dim vision, it is possible to fall down the ladder, knock against the problem; If the upper bunk is to sleep younger "brother, sister", no one at night to care for the state, so that many parents also sleep restlessly.

3. Position of the ladder

If the ladder of the upper and lower bunk beds is in the front, then the thickness of the mattress used by the lower bunk is limited. If the mattress is too thick, it will be pressed by the ladder. This is not a big problem, but if the hard bamboo mat is laid in summer, the problem will be highlighted, and the bamboo mat can not be paved.

And the ladder is in the side, can be more reasonable, will not affect the lower shop, and still can use the ladder to do receive a space.

4, small room problem

In the process that use, somebody feedback says: lower shop daylighting is bad!

This problem mainly appears in the small area of the room, put down the upper and lower bunk beds have almost filled the room, during the day may have little impact, but at night when the ceiling light, a large shadow.

In addition, if it is the style of the upper bed and the lower learning table, it is necessary to increase the lighting, otherwise the back to the light source, the dim environment has a great impact on the vision, and it is easy to make people feel depressed.

Ps: Whether it is a large room or a small room, the bed must be placed in the corner, changing the sheet, quilt cover or making the quilt always makes people feel unable to display, there should be a lot of heads hit the edge of the upper bunk bed and hands hit the ladder, right?

Three, the replacement plan of upper and lower bunk beds

Choose which room serves as children room, actually more proposal gives the room with good daylighting, big area to the child, capacious and bright space is more conducive to the growth of the child, and can realize "place two pieces of small bed" the design plan that will replace double deck bed; Additional later period the child needs more individual space, so also can do from the middle of two beds "partition" will enhance illicit close sex.

Second, change a bigger house!

Ps: The master bedroom is often equipped with a bathroom, which is more convenient for children to go to the bathroom.

The advantages and disadvantages of bunk beds can be said to be very obvious. For those who need them, it is enough to solve the current contradictions. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And to the person that does not have so urgent need character, pros and cons are mixed, what regret buys bunk bed is also a lot of!

The erroneous area that tatami decorates collects

Tatami is designed because of its gimmick diversiform, function changelessly and get everybody quite favour, but, if be decorating when the design ignores certain detail, can bring about actual effect poor satisfactory.

To let all house advocate can have satisfied tatami rice space, decorate the item that needs to notice for you of a few tatami rice, avoid everybody to step on pit.

One, avoid dark tonal metope

Generally, rice of tatami couch is designed inside the space with limited area, because this metope color had better choose bright color department, can give a person capacious and bright visual effect not only so, still can take rice of tatami of all kinds of style.

When custom-made tatami, the proposal is the same color as metope, assure visual effect harmony.

The erroneous area that tatami decorates collects

Two, avoid complex ceiling design

Because the space of tatami room is limited, if choose complex or too regular ceiling condole top, can depress layer height, visual effect is more depressive.

Accordingly, should choose concise or irregular condole top design, perhaps do not do condole top directly, open environment lets person mood instead more anacreontic, put an end to depressive atmosphere generation.

Three, avoid different ground decoration partition

Some homeowners divide areas with different tiles or floors of different colors in an effort to create a sense of area, which not only backfires, but also creates visual confusion and even makes an already small space seem more crowded.

The erroneous area that tatami decorates collects

As a result of the area in the room is limited, the tonal of the ground should be heavy at furniture tonal, and choose a kind of color and material to come laid only, lest cause top-heavy visual error.

Four, avoid too drab cloth lamp

Small family is in cloth lamp and design should primary and secondary trendiness, too complex crystal droplight, can let a bedroom more depressive; Too simple lamps and lanterns, can make whole bedroom looks drab again, so, how should lamps and lanterns choose?

, on the choice of advocate lamp, should choose modelling simple and easy absorb dome light, deserve to wait for ornament with lamp of desk lamp, wall lamp, shoot the lamp additionally, give good dimensional atmosphere in order to build, rich visual administrative levels.

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

The first point, determine the decoration style

It is very important to determine the style of your house if you want it to look good and save money. Unified interior style, the effect is more relaxed, it is easier to match a good effect. Today's decoration style classification many, as far as possible to choose a family are satisfied with the decoration style.

Second, do a good job of the whole house design scheme

Before the new house starts, to do a good job of the whole house design scheme, that is, according to the selected style, according to the demand, and the design and collocation of the whole space so a whole house scheme. Enter door porch from most beginning design, arrive each space, the material that every space uses, color collocation should plan, and decide come down. Only when the scheme is determined, the construction will follow the plan, even if there are changes, but also the layout, does not affect the overall effect, not in the process of construction, the waste of materials, or affect the construction period!

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

Third, control your budget

Good control decorates budget, basically be to buy need to decorate material, include when buying furniture electric equipment, the price just won't exceed budget, can control so, also be the means that decorates a kind of money. Budget is very important, for example, the home budget is only 100,000, so when buying materials, according to the only plan, choose the appropriate price of decoration materials.

Fourth, indoor collocation of main colors do not exceed three

According to the principle of interior design color collocation, preparation, indoor main color should not be more than three, more than three colors will be messy, make people look uncomfortable, three colors can be very good collocation. Don't be too bright or too strong. If you want a beautiful home, the colors should match well!

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

The fifth, choose reliable decoration workers

House decoration, one of the more important is the decoration workers. Please some decoration workers, you can have been decorated to relatives or friends, to ask them about the craft and word of mouth better decoration workers. Reliable decoration workers, in the process of construction, the work is more delicate, and will not appear the case of rework.

Sixth, in line with the decoration materials

Decorate material not to ask price how expensive, want to shop around as far as possible compare three, consult a few friends that have decorate experience greatly. Want to choose the decoration material that accords with his home style as far as possible, go buying according to design plan. Material is not to jump over expensive better, accord with oneself home however, accord with only, the design that tie-in effect just can do before is same, the effect just can good-looking

Seventh, part of the online shopping

Can not buy physical stores, as far as possible direct online shopping is more cost-effective, for example: electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns, carpets, decorations and some articles of daily use and so on, often online shopping varieties more choice, style is more novel. Say so, part can buy online, it is very appropriate. But some of the more important things, the suggestion or entity shop ha!

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

New house decorate when must pay attention to feng shui layout, although some people don't believe that, but for the sake of your finances and family health, even if you don't believe that also should pay more attention to, want to know the Chinese fengshui is a long history and profound, are the ancients summed up on the law of life, that is must have its reason.

Foyer corridor home decoration feng shui taboo

1. Keep aisles clean and clear

Neat corridor, can bring good mood to housing person, if corridor is blocked, can affect the mood of householder, life. Make life confused, no direction, bad for family fortunes.

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

2.It is taboo to go straight to the bedroom door in the hallway

The corridor in the home can not face the living bedroom door, which will make the air flow directly into the bedroom, affecting the bedroom field, for the family fortune is also unfavorable, this feng shui, this is called "wear heart evil spirit", when the door opened, the air flow is like a sword straight into the bedroom, so we must pay attention to.

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

3. No beams in aisles

If beams appear on the walkway, it will be visually oppressive, suggesting that the occupants will encounter resistance at work. How to dissolve: had better be to install condole top to decorate on beam, look so won't have very big oppressive feeling, maintain good mood thereby.

4. Aisles should not be too long

According to the building is decorated scale to look, corridor length does not exceed 2/3 of house length, corridor is decorated too long can give a person the feeling that guest dominates, cannot decorate a straight corridor, it seems to want to divide the house into two parts, affect the family is not suitable, lack affection taste. Dissolve method: corridor had better be able to have corner indoors.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful
Want to build a sweet and comfortable bedroom atmosphere, rely on lamplight alone is not enough, still need to rely on appropriate furniture to undertake layout and filling, ability achieves ideal result.

In decorating a process, most people choose the furniture for the bedroom, often is the first point is a good selection of beds, bedside table, lamps and lanterns, recreational chair, ignore the color and the material is in line with the integral style, size is in line with the space area, lead to bought a lot of furniture, the bedroom is more and more crowded, also lost the original comfort.

How should that bedroom furniture choose?

This issue is made by the gentleman to give you to solve the confusion, a look at the bedroom furniture selection of those things.

Bedroom furniture selection

Choose bedroom furniture is not blindly without rules, but need to bring the furniture out list first, and then in the selection process, according to the characteristics of every piece of furniture for consideration, see us not appropriate to make a decision, here mainly beds, bedside table, wardrobe, lamps and lanterns is the four pieces of furniture is given priority to, to share some of bedroom furniture selection skills.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful

01. The choice of mattress

The bed is generally composed of bed board, mattress, bed screen and bed products. The most important thing here is the choice of mattress. A good mattress can improve the comfort of the bedroom and also improve the sleep quality of the residents.

The kind of mattess: generally speaking, mattess has cent sponge mattess, spring mattess, latex mattess, the characteristic of every kind of mattess is different, some resilience is good, some air permeability is good, some environmental protection is natural, can undertake choosing according to individual be fond of and habit.

Mattress size: mattress size can be selected according to bedroom area and inhabitant height, conventional size 120*150cm, 150*200cm, 180*200cm and other options.

Mattess ply: of mattess ply how many can decide it is good to sleep only, cannot decide it to bear the stand or fall of support force, and in the selection process, it has thin arrive 3, 5cm left and right sides, also have thick arrive 20, 30cm left and right sides.

Of mattess fit degree: the fit degree here basically is to see mattess design whether accord with human body engineering design, fit human body curve, can pass actual press, pat, lie in the process that tests fit degree, will pick the mattess that accords with intention to him.

02. Nightstand choice

Tell the truth, ark of the head of the bed in the bedroom need not rigidly a kind of mode undertakes choosing, can be a bit bold, a bit flexible, can bring different interest interest for the bedroom perhaps.

In the selection process, the following criteria can be selected:

Number of bedside cabinets: the number of bedside cabinets can be decided according to the remaining space after the bedroom bed is put, one or two. Of course, if the bedroom space is too small, you can also directly choose to abandon the bedside cabinet, the use of other designs, such as wardrobe connecting bedside cabinet, tatami integrated cabinet design to achieve the function of the bedside cabinet.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful

Ark of the head of the bed design: before the article says ark of the head of the bed is not to have a kind of form only, besides square square ark of cabinet body mode, it can appear with tea table, stool, receive the mode such as cart, want you to think only, even if clapboard of a small buy content can act as ark of the head of the bed.

Ark of the head of the bed size: below conventional circumstance, the dimension width of ark of the head of the bed is in 40, 60cm, depth is in 35, 45cm, will decide specifically with bedroom area, also can choose custom-size to satisfy.

03. Wardrobe choices

In the bedroom, chest is one occupies the furniture with larger area, besides certain adornment function, its most important effect is received namely, when choosing, can refer to the following standards:

Choose according to bedroom area: bedroom wardrobe is not pick the bigger the better, but according to bedroom size, for example, 10, 25 square meters of the bedroom can choose single door or double door integrated wardrobe to meet the bedroom basic reception.

And 25-50 square meters of the bedroom, the sufficient area of the case, you can choose the combination of cabinets wardrobe, at the same time with hanging put + stacked + drawer chest to meet the bedroom storage, can also choose to expand 2-5 square meters of space to create cloakroom.

Choose according to the layout: here the layout can choose the shape and layout of the wardrobe according to the remaining space of the bedroom, a font, L or U.

Choose according to preference: the occupant can also choose the form of wardrobe according to preference, open, closed, or half open + half closed.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen this way to be useful

04, the choice of lamps and lanterns

The configuration of bed + cabinet of head of the bed + chest can satisfy the functional function of one part of the bedroom, finally, will choose appropriate lamps and lanterns again, will add the atmosphere that holds whole bedroom.

Choose by height: no matter be the choice of lamps and lanterns or the layout of lamps and lanterns, need to consider the height of the bedroom first fit suitable ability to go. If the storey height is low, lower than 2.5m bedroom, it is suggested to choose the design without main light to render the bedroom will be more beautiful; If the height is above 2.8m, what matters is not whether there is a main light or no main light, but whether the lighting is enough.

Choose by area: generally speaking, the bedroom needs more than one lamps and lanterns, can increase the lamplight of the head of a bed, wardrobe according to area layout circumstance, the lamplight of dresser.

Choose by color: the color of lamplight in the bedroom is very important, when office is read for instance, what the bedroom needs is cool color illume lamplight, and what sleeping rest needs is warm color lamplight, this also explained the bedroom needs a variety of lamplight combination ability to satisfy a variety of demand of daily life.

Actually, of bedroom furniture choose not difficult, want the circumstance according to oneself demand and bedroom only, choose modelling, dimension, quantity appropriate furniture, can let a bedroom maintain the foundation of beautiful sex to have comfortable sex and functional sex.

The Applications Of Electric Capacitors

Electric capacitors are used in electronics and are composed of two metal plates sandwiched between two dielectric materials. They are used as filters, to store energy, oscillators, and can often be useful for storing electrical charge. The article in this blog provides an overview of the uses of electric capacitors and how they can help you create your own projects!

What is an electric capacitor?
An electric capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy. It is made up of two electrodes that are separated by an electrolyte. The capacitor forms a low-voltage, high-current storage system. When the capacitor is charged, the voltage between the electrodes increases. This increase in voltage can be used to power electronic devices.
An electric capacitor is often used in devices that need to store large amounts of energy for a short period of time, like flashlights and cell phones. It can also be used in systems that need to generate large amounts of power, like wind turbines and electric cars.

The Applications Of Electric Capacitors

What are the Applications of Electric Capacitors?
Electric capacitors are used in a variety of applications including energy storage, filtering, 1-to-1 conversion, and pulsewidth modulation (PWM). They can be found in almost every electronic device today, including smartphones, laptops, televisions, gaming consoles, and medical devices. Electric capacitors have many benefits over traditional capacitors such as longer life and increased performance. Here are some of the most common applications of electric capacitors:

Energy Storage
Electric capacitors are used to store energy like batteries. They can be used to store solar power or wind power for later use. When the electric capacitor is charged, it can store a large amount of energy for later use.

Electric capacitors can be used to filter noise or unwanted signals from electronic devices. They can be used in audio equipment, video equipment, and computer systems.

1-to-1 Conversion
Electric capacitors can be used to convert one type of voltage into another. This is useful for changing the voltage for devices like electric cars or medical devices.