The reason that the shower room of tempered glass explodes from itself

An 11-year-old boy in Wuhan recently shocked his parents by cutting his calf and bleeding when the glass door of his shower room burst open.

Sitting room toilet shower room only left half of the fixed glass door, the other half can pull the glass door burst, Mr. Dai's family will be cleaned up, and temporarily replaced with cloth curtain. With this glass door installed at the same time, there are kitchen, bedroom bathroom glass door.

Mr. Dai introduced that on November 27, 2016, his son Xiaoqiang took a bath in the shower room. Suddenly, the family heard a loud noise from the bathroom, ran to see the whole family shocked, the shower room tempered glass burst! I saw broken glass scattered on the ground, Xiaoqiang leg injuries, dc blood. Mr. Dai hurriedly took xiaoqiang to the hospital, tetanus needle, wound dressing. Photos show two wounds on Le Le's leg each measuring more than one centimeter.

Later, Mr. Dai found out the 2010 purchase of glass door expenses, but after tossing and turning found that he may have bought fake products. Jinsheng International Home Furnishing Mall, which sold the product, will contact the seller and take responsibility if it is confirmed that the product was fake.

The reporter consults senior practitioner of glass industry, the other side says business sells shower room to declare commonly is "toughened glass". But in fact, glass production, the temperature of 330 degrees Celsius, "tempered glass" needs 730 degrees Celsius; After the ordinary glass burst is a piece of "tempered glass" burst is a ball shape.

The reason that the shower room of tempered glass explodes from itself
In fact, there are a lot of doors inside here, tempered glass is not imagined so safe!

The reason that the shower room of tempered glass explodes from itself

1, glass shower room quality problem

Do not choose the toughened glass without products for small and cheap, must choose and buy regular products. Suggest everybody chooses well-known brand and after sale service is better toughened glass, 3C certificate, quality check certificate, patent certificate, be short of one cannot, such ability assures the quality problem of bath room.

2. Improper installation of glass shower room

In the process of transportation and construction, the glass may have scratches, explosion, explosion and other defects, or the installation process of the glass has a certain tilt and artificially changed the shape of the glass will also lead to self-explosion problems.

3. Improper maintenance in the use of glass shower room

A sharp object striking the shower glass during daily use or a sharp change in temperature can also cause the glass to self-burst.

How to reduce the risk of glass shower room from exploding?

1, choose high-quality toughened glass doors

Toughened glass must choose the 3C certification mark on product certificate. In addition, when we wear polarized sunglasses to see the glass, we should present a color stripe spot, the naked eye will have blue spots on the side.

2, the correct installation of glass doors

In order to prevent improper installation of toughened glass self-explosion phenomenon, as far as possible in the purchase of products, manufacturers are required to provide professional door-to-door installation, so problems can also pursue responsibility. In the process of installation, do not supervise the cutting of glass, because glass is very prone to self-explosion after tempered processing.

3, focus on protecting the corner of the glass

The edges of tempered glass are weak, and once there is a crack, it is easy to smash the whole glass. In daily life, we must pay attention to the protection of the corner of the glass position, regularly check whether the corner crack.

4, paste explosion-proof film

Put on the explosion-proof film can prevent the glass from flying and injuring people. When selecting explosion-proof film, try to choose the explosion-proof film with the certification of international Window film Association and the qualification of production safety film.

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