What should ground leveling pay attention to?

What should we pay attention to when leveling the floor? A lot of decoration can appear a situation, that is, when the floor is paved, the phenomenon of uneven ground is found, so how to do the uneven floor? What should ground leveling pay attention to? Check it out if you want to know!

First, lay the floor ground leveling method

1. Self-leveling leveling.

Self leveling leveling first of all about the ground treatment, need to polish the convex place, and then brush the interface agent twice on the polished flat ground. The ratio of self-leveling cement and water is to be adjusted to 1:2, to ensure that cement can flow, but also can not be too thin, such as the interface agent dry, and then self-leveling cement poured on the ground, finally with the roller cement pressure can be.

What should ground leveling pay attention to?2. gypsum leveling.

Shop floor ground uneven how to do? Gypsum leveling can also be used to solve the problem. It can be used for local leveling. The leveling thickness is about 5 ~ 20mm. This leveling method is quick to dry, relatively cheap, and convenient to construct.

3. Cement mortar leveling.

The last method of ground leveling is cement mortar leveling. This method is suitable for all kinds of ground and ground leveling before floor laying. However, this method of leveling thick bottom is thicker, and the wrong ratio of cement mortar will make the surface layer powder sand, ash and crack.

Two, ground leveling should pay attention to what

1. When the ground decoration is not paid attention to, it will cause the phenomenon of empty drum, so the ground needs to be wet before laying the floor tile, and the dirt and dust on the ground also need to be cleaned up, so as to avoid the empty drum caused by the tile.

2. Secondly, we should pay attention to the thickness of the wood board. The purpose of ground leveling is to make the floor of the room consistent with the height of the ground outside the room, so the thickness of the wood board determines the height of the ground.

3. The ground can not only be seen with your eyes, but also need to use a ruler to accurately grasp the flatness of the ground. If the worker only uses the naked eye to level, it is very difficult to ensure the flatness of the ground, and finally the ground that sticks out is very easy to appear the problem of empty drum, so also can greatly affect the service life of wood floor!

4. Finally, if the ground leveling is not appropriate, it will damage the ground pipelines, so we should know that the ground leveling must be arranged after the completion of the circuit transformation. If the water and electricity have not been done, the mason began to pour mortar, then the line pipe of the ground is easy to shift, and when the solid wood floor is nailed in the late period, it will be nailed to the displaced pipe, resulting in serious consequences.

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