How to decorate the kitchen shift?

Speaking of change kitchen position, namely kitchen shift is decorated, good kitchen why can some people have this idea? Some people think: "the kitchen area is too small, I hope the kitchen area is bigger. "The kitchen is too awkward, too far from the guest dining room and too long to move." . So, the next and xiaobian together to discuss: how to decorate the kitchen shift?

The shift of the kitchen decorates a step, those who consider is "3 ways" -- flue of gas pipeline, kitchen, upper and lower water pipeline. The following is what content arranges for everybody: the 3 respects that kitchen shift should notice, induction is 3 parts, reference for you.

Kitchen movement Item 1 - Moving gas line

In order to ensure the safe use of gas, it is generally not privately to change the gas pipeline. Since private reform is impossible, heaven has no way to cut off people, so we go to "public reform".

The process of "public reform" gas pipeline is carried out in accordance with the following two points:

How to decorate the kitchen shift?1. Apply for kitchen rectification matters to the gas company and put them on record.

2. After the consent of the gas company is obtained, the gas company will send people to carry out supervision and execution, and fees need to be paid here. But if the gas company doesn't agree, it's not easy.

Kitchen shift Item 2 - Change flue

If it is an old house, this kind of old building, there is generally no flue. But the building of general new village, have flue. The flue here is fixed and generally cannot be changed... If you insist on changing the flue, you can only change the flue in your home. Generally speaking, the method is to change the original position by extending the smoke exhaust pipe, but there is still a certain risk to do so, for example, it is likely to appear: the situation of lampblack pouring, affecting the smoke exhaust effect in the kitchen.

Kitchen shift item 3 -- upper and lower water pipes

Finally, it is the change of the upper and lower water pipes. For the part of the waterway transformation, the upper water pipe is easier to change, but it is difficult to change the water position. If you want to change the location of the sink, you will extend the water pipe at this time, which is also prone to the blockage problem after the late use.

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