To share with you the knowledge of hair extensions

At present, the most common and practical three kinds of crystal hair extensions are used by hair extension manufacturer in the market: the hair extensions are usually 3h, the joints are cylindrical and hard; ​after the surface can not be seen, the degree of nature is higher, but the joint can be felt by hand, the first time to connect or sensitive scalp needs a week of adaptation period.

Advantages: stealth effect good, not easily fall, and comb my hair shampoo hair didn't effect, can be used to answer the bang, receiving time three hours or so tiny s non-trace receiver: hair often 1 h, joint flat sheet, with waterproof, not degum, do not leak adhesive, not easy to drop, such as advantages, taking the lie down scalp, comfort, natural degrees higher, does not need adjustment period, high cost performance.


Advantage: INVISIBLE EFFECT IS EXCELLENT, not EASY to drop, normal shampoo comb hair to TIE a HAIR IS NO problem.

Hair extensions last about an hour.

Feather hair extension: hair extension is often 4h, the principle is to use a thread purely manual and hair woven together, no buckle, no glue, no pain after the connection, the best details, is also the most comfortable, natural way. In addition to these advantages, it can also keep 4 ~ 5 months, is also the best hair extension.

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