The characteristics and application fields of circular batteries

Circular batteries are more in line with the design of smart devices, and are also a type of special-shaped batteries.

Round battery features

  1. Save space

A circular battery is a thin and light circular battery, not a cylindrical battery. It can better save the space of the equipment. At the same time, because it is circular, the contact area is larger, and the battery capacity can be maximized.

  1. High energy density

Due to the compact circular design, the circular battery has a better space to play and has a higher energy density. The energy it possesses is greater than batteries under the same conditions.

  1. Low self-discharge

Self-discharge is relatively high for many batteries. Circular batteries generally have low self-discharge characteristics.

  1. Longer cycle life

Generally, the cycle life of special-shaped batteries is particularly long. Round batteries are no exception. Generally speaking, the life span is relatively long. Otherwise, it is difficult to meet the real needs of equipment manufacturers.

Application field of circular battery

Different battery customization manufacturers have certain advantages in the application field of circular batteries. Few of them can manage in every field like Greep. Therefore, the application fields are basically in line with the industry giants. The circular batteries produced by Greep can be applied to wearable devices such as smart watches, rings, sports wrists, electric toothbrushes, Bluetooth headsets, medical equipment, GPS, etc. The specific field depends on the specific situation analysis, and differentiated customization can be carried out according to actual user needs.Also read:36v 100ah lithium ion battery

Grepow has decades of experience in battery design, research and development, and production, and it is also a group of companies that entered research in the field of special-shaped batteries relatively early. The application fields of curved batteries have been expanded to various industries and fields, from civil to commercial to military, and products that meet customers' actual needs can be customized and mass-produced.

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