Don't think rock board ambry is very good, blindly follow the trend to do

In recent years, more and more new materials have been born. Before, we all feel that marble is very high-grade, but the appearance of rock plate, we feel not lost marble, rock plate can be a background wall, can also be a cabinet, the rock plate cabinet will be very good? A lot of people blindly follow the wind to do rock plate mesa, such as check in just know step on pit, when the time comes to regret.

The rock plate is not directly spread on the cabinet, the middle layer of roof can not be saved, its main role is to become a buffer between the rock plate and the cabinet, can also play a supporting effect, prevent the later use of the process of rock plate will suddenly crack.

Rock plate material hardness is relatively large, when laser cutting is very easy to collapse, so the master's craft has high requirements.

The thickness of the rock plate is also very exquisite, since the choice of rock plate, don't go to save money, after all, the cabinet needs to put heavy objects and vegetables and meat chopping, too thin rock plate is easy to crack, the best choice of thickness of more than 12mm rock plate, with more rest assured.

The production technology and process of the rock plate is more complex, the general company can not produce, the thing is rare for expensive, so the price of the rock plate is lifted very high.

If your home decoration budget is not enough, it is recommended not to use the rock plate, it is not necessary to buy the false rock plate, it is not durable.

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