"Unreasonable" women, men love more

On Douyin, a quote from Rose woman went viral online. She said: "Women will act spoiled, while men's souls will drift."

From childhood to adulthood, you will find that those who are more able to act spoiled, life will be happier, because they are brave enough to express their needs, let each other have a sense of being needed.

In a relationship, the last thing a woman should do is show love in the form of giving 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai. You have to use routines to make your partner dependent and inseparable from you.

As the saying goes, "The best is what you can't get."

If you blindly give, the other side will gradually feel that this is a matter of course, and will feel that there is no challenge with you, this is the so-called freshness.

Therefore, those "unreasonable" women, men will love more. Of course, here refers to the "unreasonable" is within the scope of the other side can accept.

If you're presented with a book you haven't read, you'll want to explore it, but if you're presented with a book you've read a million times, you won't necessarily want to read it.

782ae0f2f72d3b7c0423a61960d86d8dIn the same way, if you show everything about yourself, your partner will gradually lose interest in you, which is why women are urged not to lose their self-worth even when they start a family.

People will always need to build their own family, but a woman is first and foremost an independent person before she can become a wife and mother.

Love is the emotion produced by two people who are most intimate, but love does not make people become one. A woman should always keep a sense of mystery, which is a good way to really conquer a man.

"Lovers quarrel" is always a constant topic of contention. If two people choose cold war, it is believed that the two people's feelings will quickly and sharply cool down.

In fact, the best way is that when the man is angry, you can choose "unreasonable" to act like a spoiled woman, you do not need to reason with him, also do not need to consider whether this matter is right or wrong. After all, there is no absolute right or wrong in love.

If you can play the pettish with him, I believe that he will soon calm down, even if you are the one who makes more mistakes.

Secondly, in the process of getting along, you can try to ask for his love, you can put forward some "unreasonable" requirements, let the other side have "really take you can't do", "if there is no me, then you can do" and other thoughts.

Moreover, the advantage of "unreasonable" is that the other party will pay more attention to your emotions. Some men have no love experience and do not know how to get along with you. In fact, they really want to know what you want.

A lot of misunderstandings in the relationship is because the woman wants what, say DO not, cause the MAN TO THINK that the WOMAN REALLY do not have.

In this way of getting along, women's hearts will only get colder and colder, and men will feel that women are unreasonable. After all, it is a woman said not to.

In fact, women do not need to be so "duplicitous" when facing their lover, you can tell him what you want.

The more you want something from him, the more dependent and accomplished he will feel.

In this way, he can't help thinking about the women who need him all the time, just like the small animals he keeps, always need his care.

In this world, every good relationship will have a bad relationship. Some women think that men are very important, so when they lose each other, they are especially sad, and even go to their company and other places to make a scene.

This will not only make a man feel that you are worthless, but will also let him lose a lot of face and disgust towards you will gradually increase.

A man, he is thinking, if he wants to love you, will love you, but if he does not love you, even if you make a scene also of no avail.

And a woman, all she needs to do is to properly maintain this relationship, don't let yourself rely too much on each other, to appropriately put forward "unreasonable" requirements, enhance each other to their own sense of dependence.

Men love a challenge, and you can give it to them in a relationship.

Always remember that there is a way to handle everything in life. When something goes wrong, don't let your emotions out. It will only make things worse.

For a man, a woman's "rudeness" is actually an expression of her love for him, because there is a saying that goes like this: "The one who is favored has no fear."

As we all know, the beginning of love is careful, but love in progress, the expression of deep love is unbridled.

Because they know that the other person will satisfy them, and they also know that the unreasonable is within the acceptable range of the other person.

Relationships are just an answer sheet. If you want to score high, you have to follow the pattern. When you find the pattern, you will find that having a good relationship is very easy.

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