Why are stuffed animals popular?

When it comes to plush toys, people immediately think of their sweet expressions, soft touch, sweet, warm, kind words overflow.

People are naturally attracted to the large-eyed, soft and non-aggressive weak, and the manufacturers of plush toys will take advantage of their excellent, design a variety of plush toys, let people love.

Stuffed animals through the eyes of children:

Life frequently sees children holding plush toys to sleep, play, speak....... They act as playmates, friends, and listeners. Stuffed animals are given meaning by children to soothe their hurt hearts when they encounter difficulties and setbacks.

British psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott was the first person to critically analyze the thoughtfulness of teddy bears.

In a paper in the early 1960s, Donald Winnicott described how a six-year-old boy was so badly abused by his parents that he spent every day with a stuffed animal his grandmother had given him. Every night, he talks about it.​Here are America Giant Teddy Bear Plush Toys.
Hold it close to your chest, hug it tight, and bury a few tears in its gray hair. He claimed it was his dearest possession, and he would give anything for it.

The boy said, 'No one can understand me, except my tiny bunny.

To Winnicott's surprise, the boy spoke to himself through the medium of the rabbit, in a tone of sympathy and pity.
Although it may sound strange, self-talk is a common part of our lives.

For example, when we fail to do something, we will blame ourselves or even scold ourselves, and our tone will be harsh and harsh. But mentally normal people crave to hear a gentler, more generous, more hopeful voice deep inside,
To keep fighting, there are times when one voice in your head says to another: Sufficient criticism.

In childhood, we can borrow a stuffed animal to replace this gentle voice. ​Therefore stuffed animals can relieve anxiety, soothe the mind, and even be an essential tool in psychotherapy.

Stuffed animals in the eyes of adults:

​Numerous women and even adult men own more than one plush toy. Plush toys in the adult world are not only a family decoration, a gift for people, but also a kind of psychological comfort.

Humans are social creatures, although the convenience of the Internet allows us to communicate and work without leaving our homes. But let's face it, the real world is considerably more lonely, stressful and anxious for adults. ​Normal adults need validation, listening, understanding, and reassurance, but we don't cry like children.

Psychology has proved that with the growth of age, the adult's sense of dependence on comfort toys will not weaken with the growth of age. On the contrary, there will be a growing sense of dependence. Studies have shown that relying on stuffed animals during childhood, even after they grow up, still helps these young people better adapt to life's stresses. ​Thus stuffed animals are also called "healing carriers".

All the more reason to look at the needs of a normal adult: to genuinely mature is to manage your emotions in a way that can be childish at times and weak at times. ​Thus stuffed animals occasionally become the object of our emotions.

We should thank plush toys. They help us to live healthily.

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