Which pose would make her happier

Life is an emotional exchange between couples, a physical and physiological need that can bring us numerous benefits, so what sexual positions should men learn? Here's a sexy sex doll: What sex positions should men learn?

One, which pose makes her happier.​

1. Stimulate the citoris​

In fact, there are few sexual positions that directly stimulate the clitoris and usually require indirect stimulation. Nerves around the genitals and the outer third of the vagina are extremely sensitive to contact, with the clitoris being the most sensitive area and the most sexually aroused. Touching the clitoris can help numerous women achieve orgasm, no matter what sexual position they adopt.

2. Finger stimulation

Using your hand to stimulate your partner to orgasm is also a derivative form of gratification. It can also enhance the intimacy of each other, enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, not only safe, but also easy to master each other's responses. When touching your partner's genitals, pay attention to her reaction, find out what her preferences are, and alter them as you go. Put your hand in a loop to vibrate and stimulate her sensitive areas.

3. Women go up and men go down.​

As for which pose is the most enjoyable (that is, the easiest to achieve orgasm), it varies from person to person. In general, women experience difficulty orgasm during intercourse, and experts generally advise them to adopt the feminine position. This position gives the woman additional freedom to regulate her body and adds stimulation to the parts she finds most pleasurable. This position also allows her to control the depth of intercourse, the rhythm of her tics, and other critical factors to help achieve orgasm.

3. Back entry

Rear-entry positions allow men to go deeper and lovers to bond more closely, so women can easily feel empowered and sexual pleasure follows. There's a minisex doll.

4. Seated

This position is simple and a way for women to take the initiative. Studies have proven that women find it easier to find their sensitive areas, and because they have the initiative throughout the process, women have an easier time reaching orgasm.

Experiment with different positions to find the most enjoyable, and in some close-ups, changing sexual positions can be up to your partner. For example, the position of entering from the back is normally the most relaxed during pregnancy, while the position of lateral sex is best when suffering from arthritis.

In fact, female orgasms are not that easy. In general, women have a tough time reaching orgasm during sex because they orgasm considerably longer than men. If you want to make your lover more cheerful and make life more harmonious as a couple, you can try Durex Couples Induction sex gel, used in invasion, can make her feel happier and give you an unprecedented orgasm experience.

Second, the taboo of marital sex

1. It is not appropriate for couples to live during the woman's menstrual period, in the early and late stages of pregnancy. During menstruation, female vaginal secretions are neutralized by menstrual blood to become alkaline, becoming a excellent bacterial medium. At the same time, the endometrium is shed, there is a wound in the uterus, and the uterine opening is slightly open. Bacteria can easily be brought into the same room, causing inflammation of the reproductive organs. If there is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual intercourse can lead to acute attacks.

2. Avoid unprepared and rushed sex. Some people don't understand women's sexual biology. If they are not prepared, they will rush to have sex, or rush to accept the army because time is running short. These practices do not enable women to achieve orgasm. Not only are they disinterested in sex, but they cause pain. This is a major cause of female sexual apathy.

3. Avoid sex on a full or hungry stomach. After a full stomach, blood flows to the stomach, while the brain and other organs are relatively short of blood supply; ​on the contrary, when people are hungry, their physical strength drops and their energy is low. As a result, sexual intercourse frequently fails to achieve sexual satisfaction when satiated or hungry. Even grudging sexual gratification is not normal.

4. It's not for couples when you're tired. Sex requires a certain amount of physical and mental energy. When mentally or physically tired, sex is usually less than orgasm and fewer satisfying for both parties. In particular, having sex immediately after fatigue can damage health and leave a bad impression on future sex lives.

5, genital tract infection and other diseases or serious organic diseases are not suitable for husband and wife life. Men and women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, should suspend sex life, timely investigation and treatment, to avoid disease aggravation or repeated attacks; ​men with serious organic diseases, such as serious heart disease, tuberculosis infection, should also listen to the doctor's advice, suspend sex.

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