Wear-resisting brick, prevent slip brick, anion ceramic tile which good? Recommended index of 5 ceramic tiles

As one of the main materials for decoration, no matter north or south, no matter east or west, the living experience of the house is closely related to tile to a considerable extent. So how does home outfit ceramic tile choose? This period installs a net to talk with everybody the skill of choose and buy that installs ceramic tile.

Wear-resisting brick

Solid and durable should be people is opposite ceramic tile very most basic requirement, and can satisfy the wear-resisting brick of this one basic requirement very much it may be said is one of ceramic tile product of earthing gas. As the name suggests, the biggest function of wear-resisting brick is wear-resisting. Wearability shares 10 grade classification, grade is taller, wear-resisting level is jumped over accordingly tall, physical property had jumped over.

Wear-resisting brick, prevent slip brick, anion ceramic tile which good? Recommended index of 5 ceramic tiles

How does home outfit ceramic tile choose a map
Wear-resisting degree of common glazed brick on market is 2 classes (750 turns left and right sides), the ceramic tile with a few better quality is in 750-2100 turns between, namely 3 classes. The applicable scene of wear-resisting brick is very extensive, use more in the hall of the large area such as shopping mall, supermarket, guesthouse normally, durable, those who had used say good. But if you put it in your own house, you have to treat it differently.

In a second line and even three line cities, the function of wear-resistant brick overflow, the appearance level is insufficient, in the application scene only the living room is worth using; And be in 456 78 line city or it is broad country, wear-resisting brick had place of use.

Wear-resistant brick is an excellent choice, durable and durable, no matter it is the exclusive yard built in small county or the house built in rural area. The rapid development of big horn deer in the past two years on the "super wear-resistant", that is, wear-resistant level reached more than 4 (2100-12000 RPM) characteristics successfully among the industry's first-line brands.

As a result of wear-resisting brick has extremely practical, universal, price economy material benefit, application scene is rich diversiform, recommend index is highest so, can give 5 stars.

Prevent slippery brick

Wear-resisting brick, prevent slip brick, anion ceramic tile which good? Recommended index of 5 ceramic tiles

Prevent slippery brick advocate advocate prevent slippery function, front side has drapsack stripe or concave and convex spot, in order to increase the ground and sole of human body sole or the friction force, prevent hit slippery fall. Its friction coefficient and safety level in more than 0.5 performance is better, in 0.34 on behalf of the floor tile anti slip performance poor.

How does home outfit ceramic tile choose a map
Under normal circumstances, we can distinguish whether a floor tile is skid resistant by observation or foot stepping, simple and convenient. Just one point needs to pay attention to, the need to maintain the skid brick: when the home floor tile skid resistance becomes worse, the need to use the skid agent to deal with, paste the slip stick or smear the skid layer is ok. Different types of floor tiles should be treated with different time, and the treated surface should be kept wet during the treatment time.

Theoretically speaking, prevent slippery brick is same as wear-resisting brick, it is to work hard in some kind of performance of ceramic tile, recommend 5 stars also is ok: function is practical, application scene is extensive, universal strong, price economy material benefit, suit the family that has the old person especially. Because the skid resistance is more needed by the elderly, and at present, with the increasing aging of our country, the elderly are more and more.

Anion tile

Anion ceramic tile, the healthy brick such as aldehyde brick does not have what special place on design and color, be worth praise is its advocate the healthy function. With this property, anion tiles can receive a recommended index of 4 stars.

How does home outfit ceramic tile choose a map
The "healthy function" of anion tiles comes from the fact that some natural minerals are added during production. This natural mineral can stimulate the water molecules in the air to produce a large number of negative ions, effectively degrade all kinds of harmful substances in the air, purify the air, so as to achieve the effect of haze sterilization, odor removal, air purification.

Of course, this advantage is accompanied by certain disadvantages, such as fake goods are more harmful.

Wear-resisting brick, prevent slip brick, anion ceramic tile which good? Recommended index of 5 ceramic tiles

Fake goods have two kinds, one is to pretend to be a representative of anion ceramic tile with common ceramic tile; The other is when natural minerals are added to products without research. The former is just there to make up the number, while the latter is harmful to health. If natural minerals are added rudely to the product production process, the product will have the problem of radioactivity exceeding the standard.

As we all know, excessive radioactive harm to human body is great, and most irreversible.

Then how to buy real anion ceramic tile? In general, anion tile stores have corresponding instruments to detect whether their products have anion generation. If distrust to business, in addition to this kind of formal channels, in the tao Jun also have some of their own experience.

Like the air in the store. If you can feel that the air in this store is much better than the air in other tile stores and feel comfortable inside, then the store is most likely selling genuine products.

In addition, anion tiles in the process of use will accumulate dust in the air, so cleaning will be more frequent. Through this detail can also judge their own product is not anion ceramic tile. As to the anion ceramic tile of which brand is worth buying, in ceramic gentleman first push specially.

The "healthy" effect of anion ceramic tile is general throughout the country, while the price is not expensive, and the application scene is broad, so the recommended index is 4 stars.

Graphene rock plate

The graphene slab has a 3.5 star recommendation index, 1.5 stars missing because of its market price.

How does home outfit ceramic tile choose a map
As a functional rock panel, graphene rock panel focuses on "heating" and can be used for floor tiles, wall panels, custom furniture, etc. In practical, in the southern winter, it can be counted as a divine: comfortable than electric heating, than water heating; However, in terms of versatility, it is poor: in north China, when there is heating, graphene rock board is "chicken ribs", which is far less popular than graphene rock board furniture.

At the same time, we often worry about potential safety risks because graphene slabs need electricity to be used.

In reality, however, the safety of graphene slabs is nothing to worry about. The structure of graphene rock plate can be divided into three layers: rock plate + graphene heating coating + waterproof insulation high-density package. The difference between this structure and water heating may be the location of the thermal layer and different energy sources: the former thermal layer is inside the rock plate, the latter is outside;

The former uses electricity and the latter uses water. You can trust the safety of graphene slabs as much as you trust plumbing. A graphene rock plate launched by Dongpeng in December was used at a service site for volunteers to rest during the Winter Olympics. If you are really worried about safety, you can replace the floor tiles with wall tiles and install graphene slabs on the walls without worrying about safety problems caused by water seepage.

However, although the product is good, the price is too expensive. It is common for the material cost and labor cost of graphene rock plate to reach three or five thousand yuan, while it is not uncommon for the market price of a piece of graphene rock plate to reach eight or nine thousand yuan, or even more than ten thousand yuan.

Special process slab

Wear-resisting brick, prevent slip brick, anion ceramic tile which good? Recommended index of 5 ceramic tiles

Apart from graphene, there is another rock slab product that deserves a recommendation of 3 stars.

How does home outfit ceramic tile choose a map
This rock plate product does not have what peculiar function, simply win in the "curious" and good-looking. The slab absorbs light during the day and acts as a light source when night falls. During the day, the SLATE products are indistinguishable from other tiles, but at night they are "unique", for example, they can look like this:

Released last year, the slab, from the Jinsiyuma K Gold series, won plaudits at the 2021 Guangzhou Design Week. Of course, to achieve this, it is impossible to spend less money, its market price is similar to dongpeng's graphene rock plate, perhaps more expensive.

This specificity alone justifies the three-star recommendation for this SLATE product.

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