The erroneous area that tatami decorates collects

Tatami is designed because of its gimmick diversiform, function changelessly and get everybody quite favour, but, if be decorating when the design ignores certain detail, can bring about actual effect poor satisfactory.

To let all house advocate can have satisfied tatami rice space, decorate the item that needs to notice for you of a few tatami rice, avoid everybody to step on pit.

One, avoid dark tonal metope

Generally, rice of tatami couch is designed inside the space with limited area, because this metope color had better choose bright color department, can give a person capacious and bright visual effect not only so, still can take rice of tatami of all kinds of style.

When custom-made tatami, the proposal is the same color as metope, assure visual effect harmony.

The erroneous area that tatami decorates collects

Two, avoid complex ceiling design

Because the space of tatami room is limited, if choose complex or too regular ceiling condole top, can depress layer height, visual effect is more depressive.

Accordingly, should choose concise or irregular condole top design, perhaps do not do condole top directly, open environment lets person mood instead more anacreontic, put an end to depressive atmosphere generation.

Three, avoid different ground decoration partition

Some homeowners divide areas with different tiles or floors of different colors in an effort to create a sense of area, which not only backfires, but also creates visual confusion and even makes an already small space seem more crowded.

The erroneous area that tatami decorates collects

As a result of the area in the room is limited, the tonal of the ground should be heavy at furniture tonal, and choose a kind of color and material to come laid only, lest cause top-heavy visual error.

Four, avoid too drab cloth lamp

Small family is in cloth lamp and design should primary and secondary trendiness, too complex crystal droplight, can let a bedroom more depressive; Too simple lamps and lanterns, can make whole bedroom looks drab again, so, how should lamps and lanterns choose?

, on the choice of advocate lamp, should choose modelling simple and easy absorb dome light, deserve to wait for ornament with lamp of desk lamp, wall lamp, shoot the lamp additionally, give good dimensional atmosphere in order to build, rich visual administrative levels.

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