How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

The first point, determine the decoration style

It is very important to determine the style of your house if you want it to look good and save money. Unified interior style, the effect is more relaxed, it is easier to match a good effect. Today's decoration style classification many, as far as possible to choose a family are satisfied with the decoration style.

Second, do a good job of the whole house design scheme

Before the new house starts, to do a good job of the whole house design scheme, that is, according to the selected style, according to the demand, and the design and collocation of the whole space so a whole house scheme. Enter door porch from most beginning design, arrive each space, the material that every space uses, color collocation should plan, and decide come down. Only when the scheme is determined, the construction will follow the plan, even if there are changes, but also the layout, does not affect the overall effect, not in the process of construction, the waste of materials, or affect the construction period!

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

Third, control your budget

Good control decorates budget, basically be to buy need to decorate material, include when buying furniture electric equipment, the price just won't exceed budget, can control so, also be the means that decorates a kind of money. Budget is very important, for example, the home budget is only 100,000, so when buying materials, according to the only plan, choose the appropriate price of decoration materials.

Fourth, indoor collocation of main colors do not exceed three

According to the principle of interior design color collocation, preparation, indoor main color should not be more than three, more than three colors will be messy, make people look uncomfortable, three colors can be very good collocation. Don't be too bright or too strong. If you want a beautiful home, the colors should match well!

How to decorate the house to save money and beautiful?

The fifth, choose reliable decoration workers

House decoration, one of the more important is the decoration workers. Please some decoration workers, you can have been decorated to relatives or friends, to ask them about the craft and word of mouth better decoration workers. Reliable decoration workers, in the process of construction, the work is more delicate, and will not appear the case of rework.

Sixth, in line with the decoration materials

Decorate material not to ask price how expensive, want to shop around as far as possible compare three, consult a few friends that have decorate experience greatly. Want to choose the decoration material that accords with his home style as far as possible, go buying according to design plan. Material is not to jump over expensive better, accord with oneself home however, accord with only, the design that tie-in effect just can do before is same, the effect just can good-looking

Seventh, part of the online shopping

Can not buy physical stores, as far as possible direct online shopping is more cost-effective, for example: electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns, carpets, decorations and some articles of daily use and so on, often online shopping varieties more choice, style is more novel. Say so, part can buy online, it is very appropriate. But some of the more important things, the suggestion or entity shop ha!