Woodworking sawing machines are really efficient

Today, I met a customer who asked us about the saw industry and woodworking sawing machine equipment. We sorted out the relevant knowledge of a woodworking sawing machine and shared it with you to let you know about this equipment.

First, woodworking sawing machine advantages
1, high processing efficiency: one time can automatically clamp processing of multiple workpiece, CNC band sawing machine processing efficiency is 5-10 times of manual sawing machine; ​the traditional band sawing machine needs to be crossed, and can only process one piece at a time, which is time-consuming and laborious.

2, the processing surface quality is good, high precision: most of the workpiece no need to grind, CNC band saw to shorten the sales cycle and cost; ​the traditional band saw machine has rough processing and a large allowance, which must be milling and wasting wood.

Woodworking sawing machines are really efficient

3, save processing supplies: can process all kinds of special-shaped workpiece. Saving wood: no need for assembly line processing, especially in the processing of precious wood, can save a lot of sales costs.

4, wide processing range: it can process multi-curved shape workpiece, the workpiece does not need to move on the workbench when sawing.

5. Simple programming: each machine is equipped with a set of automatic programming software specially developed by our company, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

6, the mechanical structure is simple and light, the mechanical failure rate is low, the daily maintenance is simple, the maintenance cost is low, the man-machine division of labor is low;

​two, operating woodworking sawing machine notes
Must return to zero after startup; ​observe whether the wood is completely sawed before the empty process to prevent the saw blade from being pulled bad; ​to identify the center of the sawing, check the wood grip on the identification card next to the fuselage; ​when the equipment fails, it should be stopped quickly to prevent the equipment from starting unexpectedly. Inform the fault person promptly; ​ensure that all personnel and debris are kept away from operating parts of the equipment before and during start-up and operation of the equipment. Ensure that all personnel and debris are kept away from operating parts of the equipment before and during start-up and operation of the equipment.

Three, woodworking sawing machine common fault handling

1, if the band saw vibration is large, the belt may be too tight, adjust the belt.

2, if the noise of the table is too big, it may be due to the resistance of the guide rail, which can be lubricated with oil and adjusted horizontally.

3. If the clamp is not tight, it may be that the cylinder is damaged or needs adjustment, and the gas pipe leaks. Adjust the clamping distance of the fixture and replace the cylinder or air pipe.