Can you fix the broken screen on the TV?

Screen in TV is broken directly dial the after-sale service telephone of this brand TV, after-sale service personnel can help you solve, also can tell you specific maintenance cost. It can be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period if there is no man-made reason. Learn how to tell if the TV screen is damaged:

1, the sky of horizontal or vertical lines, but left and right flashing, can also be remote control and close the platform, generally not the screen is broken, it is likely to be a logic board problem.

Can you fix the broken screen on the TV?2, the image lacks color, color changes are irregular, and the vertical bar flickers irregularly. This is not a bad screen, but also a program problem

3, the image flicker, the machine has a rattling sound, sometimes with the screen, or vertical bar, is generally the problem of the light bar, it is the constant current plate protection, has nothing to do with the screen.

4, the image uninterrupted screen, and the image flicker, gamma correction IC and sidebar problems are more, not bad screen.

5, the image is vertical bar, and is virtual bar, remote control function button does not work. In this case, the motherboard is checked first, and the probability of CPU key array leakage is relatively high. Of course, such failures are rare.

6, image vertical bar, TV screen, some hum, some occasional crash, some program confusion, remote control failure, first check the filter capacitor power supply, and then nothing to do with the screen.