Shell powder to decorate the bedroom

The bedroom most fundamental function offers good morpheus space and quality namely. Because this we must want to assure the quiet of the bedroom and environmental protection. However, the most effective way to do this is to choose excellent decoration materials. The most important thing is to involve the whole wall!

In addition, often the girl's bedroom everyone must be able to think of must be sweet, different from the ordinary bedroom, will pay more attention to the color collocation of the bedroom and the effect.

New environmental protection decoration materials shell powder is different from traditional decoration materials, where is the difference?

It's easier to set the mood

We all know that traditional decoration is to use wallpaper or latex paint to create an overall atmosphere. But their life is very short, but also very easy to cause wall peeling, peeling, yellow, plum rain season is moldy phenomenon, the situation is more serious.

Shell powder has a very good adjustment of indoor temperature effects, and strong anti-cracking ability and adsorption capacity, wall decoration with shell powder will not appear fading, cracking, mildew and other phenomena. Shell powder is also an inorganic material and can be used for 20 years. This is the traditional decoration materials wallpaper or latex paint can not be compared.

Shell powder to decorate the bedroom

Guaranteed comfort

The bedroom as our rest place, sound insulation effect must be better, to ensure the comfort of rest, to create a good sleep. Shell powder wall will definitely make you no longer affected by the noise of the traffic outside the window, help you easily return to a healthy sleep.

Shell powder raw material, USES the pure natural shells, because of the reason of its material, inside the shell powder has the characteristic of the microporous structure, can absorb and reduce noise, its effect is equivalent to the same thickness of cement mortar and stone more than 2 times, can be reduced more than 50% of the reverb, thereby greatly reducing the noise, create a quiet indoor environment.

Health and environmental protection are very important

A bedroom besides decorate beautiful perhaps comfortable besides, the most important still is healthy environmental protection respect of course. The bedroom is where we all sleep. If we live in an environment full of formaldehyde every day, it will inevitably affect our health. The formaldehyde content of traditional decoration materials is very large, which is easy to lead to the occurrence of various diseases.

Shell powder in the ocean of high quality natural shell as raw material, do not add any harmful substances, as the inside of the shell powder molecular cavity structure, can adsorption odor and harmful gas in the air, combined with the main composition of shell powder is calcium carbonate, can be directly and air harmful material such as free formaldehyde in the reaction, the removal of formaldehyde. Check in immediately after renovation!

Have good sleep quality, of course, is to start from the sound insulation effect, shell powder can not only solve the trouble of noise, but also can breathe moisture, inhibit bacterial growth and other functions, to provide you with a best sleep.

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