The kitchen wants to save money, and it's right

It's easy to go over budget with everything from hardware to refrigerators. Therefore, before decorating, we should make a plan, which should be spent and which should not be spent.

What are the five kitchen fittings?

01, to install the ceiling lamp and lamp in the cabinet

Lighting fixtures are installed at the bottom of the ceiling and inside the cabinet for easy daily use. Otherwise, relying only on the ceiling lamp above the suspended ceiling, fingers will tremble when cutting vegetables.

2 tips about lamp straps for hanging cabinets:

1, be sure to keep a good circuit.

2, the lamp belt should be open and dark. It is suggested that dark decoration is relatively beautiful. However, if dark installation is required, the installation of the customized hanging cabinet must be made by the customized company, and the installation problem must be communicated in advance.

Lamp inside cabinet basically uses at inside cabinet local illume. Use induction ambry lamp, when opening cupboard door, automatic induction illuminates inside cabinet, convenient, practical

02. Cabinet hardware to be installed

When buying ambry, the quality of hardware often is ignored. It is good to pull the door of drawer cabinet, and the firmware is not firm. It is recommended to buy the hardware with quality assurance.

Hardware basically has: hinge, connector, horn code, condole code, drawer guide rail, rebound implement, shake handshandle to wait a moment, belong to the necessary part that makes cabinet. The partial fittings of ambry will calculate money by piece, whether to ask clearly to need to collect fees alone before buying.

The kitchen wants to save money, and it's right

03, to install drawers and baskets

Want the kitchen to look neat and beautiful, receive a design to want to do well. Undertake space in drawer interior, sleek and neater. Three drawers is standard in most kitchens. If you make more, you have to ask if you need to pay more.

The installation inside cabinet pulls basket, can use ambry space of bigger limit, increase store material resources. Pull basket material construction choose to buy 304 stainless steel, the frame is not the thicker the better, but also can not be too fine, otherwise easy to weld. When you buy and buy a basket, you should feel it. If the surface is smooth and there is no handle, you can do the work.

04, to install pull type tap

Pull-out faucets are free to stretch and rotate 360°, making it easy to install in the kitchen for cleaning and receiving water. Whether you're cleaning around the sink or filling a pan with water, just pull out the tap. No splashing or having to move POTS and pans around.

05, to install a water purifier

The water purifier can not only eliminate visible impurities and odors, but also clean up invisible bacteria. In terms of health costs, it's very cost-effective. Moreover, the water purifier has a more reasonable water rate setting, which can reduce the waste of household water to a certain extent.

"Kitchen five do not install" what?

01. Do not install built-in garbage cans

Some owners opt for built-in bins to make the outside of their kitchens look more aesthetically pleasing. But in fact, due to the lack of ventilation, the garbage bins in the garbage bins can produce odor, affecting the sanitation of the cabinet. If it is an open bin, it is very inconvenient to use. If this were a desktop trash can, it would take up operating space in the office too!

02, do not install disinfection cabinet

Disinfection ark basically uses at the disinfection of tableware, but use rise also very troublesome, tableware should be wiped before disinfection or drain moisture, installed after a few years cannot be used. Household tableware should undertake disinfect, can boil disinfect, do not need to use disinfect cabinet, also can occupy kitchen space.

03, do not install the range hood hanging cabinet

Money is spent on the installation of the hanging cabinet on the lampblack machine is considered to be clever application space, but in fact, this is not conducive to the placement of goods, not easy to clean, but also shortened the service life, if the cabinet material is not fireproof, not resistant to high temperature, easy to damage, one or two years later, the cabinet and plate will be deformed, will also release formaldehyde.

04, do not install sliding door rail

The track will convex in the ground, easy to trip people, and track groove easy to dust, see, wipe, long time will affect the door.

It is recommended to use the hanging rail guide at the top to facilitate cleaning. In addition, the noise generated by the top track is much less than the noise generated by the friction of the ground track, which is more conducive to home rest.

The sink is in front of the window, do not install the inner window

If the sink is located in front of the window, it is best to open the window outside or push and pull the horizontal direction to open the window. If the window is made inside, the open window is likely to encounter the tap, affecting the service life of the window and the tap, and it is not convenient to use.