Decoration of the two processes and matters needing attention (a)

Living in a new home is a great joy in life, but before this to go through how many complex processes, how much experience, how much time and money, so the middle of each process is after a lot of efforts, the following xiaobian will tell you each process.

We will buy a house decoration after inspection, housing, decoration: Design, hit a wall and wall of build by laying bricks or stones, shovel be bored with child, window, water and electricity transformation, central air conditioning, fresh air, floor heating, guaranteeing, waterproof, closed water experiment, tile, threshold stone, window, floor installation, ground protection, door, custom cabinets gauge, carpentry, custom cabinet installation, product protection, paint the walls, burnish, door, wall paint, the seam, hutch defends condole top, sockets, lamps, sanitary ware, Clearing cleaning, furniture, curtains, in addition to formaldehyde, and finally you can like to move to a new home!

Decoration of the two processes and matters needing attention (a)So what should we pay attention to when decorating?

Water and electricity transformation: note that after the completion of water and electricity, photos must be taken to avoid hitting the pipe in the future, as well as the aging of the circuit and other problems in the future. In addition, there is a refrigerator can let the water and electricity master another line, so that when going out in the late turn off the total brake does not affect the refrigerator.

Floor heating fresh air: friends who plan to install floor heating should pay attention to the central air conditioning, especially floor heating, before the construction of water and electricity. Friends who install floor heating should also consider the problem of storey height. If the storey height is insufficient, do not consider it.

Closed water experiment: this is still looking for a professional to do waterproof, waterproof is a particularly important thing, it will affect your later neighborhood problems, waterproof, late even if there is leakage phenomenon will not affect the downstairs residents.

Hit the wall: before hitting the wall, we must remember that I am on site and confirm the position with the master and foreman. Load-bearing wall and shear wall can not be removed. The bay window can not move as far as possible, because if the damaged wall is not handled well, the rain will seep away behind.