Home furnishing soft outfit collocation tips

Home decoration is divided into hard decoration and soft decoration, hard decoration refers to some of the early stage of the home decoration process of water and electricity, ceramic tiles, customized cabinet and other late is not easy to change, literally more "hard" some of the necessary decoration; Soft outfit is the late home appliances, furniture acquisition, such as sofa, bed and other relatively "soft" a few decorative materials. Hard decoration is necessary for home decoration, soft decoration is to add warmth for the home.....

So most of the hard installation will now be handed over to the decoration company to complete, and the soft installation part of the majority of people will first consider their own to buy. So how should soft outfit match exactly? Listen to xiaobian!

Home furnishing soft outfit collocation tipsThe color of the ground follows the principle of light on the top and dark on the bottom, so it is not wrong for sofa or chair to choose rice coffee or black, white and grey if they do not know what color to match. And the matching color such as dining table and chair must not exceed 3 kinds, achieve unified style as far as possible, otherwise it will appear neither fish nor fowl. If you feel the color is too simple, use a palette or rely on a bag.

Curtain color does not know how to choose, then remember to follow the wall, it is ok to compare metope color with a shallow color number or a deep color number.

Want warmth, so desk lamp of a be born is indispensable, but this is to see a situation and decide, the family that has a child considers wall lamp as far as possible, perhaps do not have advocate lamp, desk lamp of a be born without the word can increase the atmosphere of two people familial.