Living room decoration avoids a few expensive places

Ceramic tile made wave dozen line, after checking in more and more ugly, but also bad collocation, now popular ceramic tile to do general shop, beautiful atmosphere. No doorstones.

Open cabinets and grid cabinets, feel particularly flexible, later only to find things put not neat, and easy to accumulate dust, finally can put plastic bags useless things on the grid cabinet

Living room decoration avoids a few expensive placesThe living room shop wood floor, for children in the home is not recommended, wood floor is easy to be scratched, scratched, tile will not exist this problem. And tiles are also more environmentally friendly and less expensive than wooden floors

Condole top cost money to return ash, it is better to do a circle of gypsum line directly, simple and easy to return money.

Dermal sofa, winter cold summer covers buttock, still be afraid of wear and tear to cover with cloth, still be inferior to the sofa that buys cloth art directly, classics leather sofa is cheap return comfortable.

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