Is face of wave windowsill sticking ceramic tile good still shop marble good?

​From present door model look, most houses are taking wave window, be in the balcony of sitting room or bedroom commonly, and be used to wave window also is higher and higher, what kind of material to choose when decorating so became a big problem that people pays attention to. After investigation, it is found that the commonly used materials in the market are ceramic tile or marble, so let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two

A, bay window

Let's talk about the bay window first. It is evolved from the original window. With the improvement of people's living standard now, the bay window will gradually be transformed into leisure area, reading area or storage area, and its use is more and more extensive. Also some people or choose to smash the bay window, increase the indoor area, but such an inquiry developers and property, so as to avoid danger.

Two, wave window stick ceramic tile

Advantage: the kind modelling of ceramic tile is rich, can choose different decorative pattern to undertake shop stick, rise to go to the lavary already with marble comparison, it is very distinctive. And wave window undertakes transformation can add cushion and embrace pillow, can cover the design inside so, the word that adds cushion so need not tangle too much on aesthetic feeling

Disadvantages: the environmental protection of ceramic tile is lower than marble, the market is mixed, and the quality is not good to ensure; And the performance of ceramic tile is relatively much worse than marble, ceramic tile use time is too long will appear cracking, empty drum or fall off the phenomenon; Tiles can not be edge treatment, weak protection, and once leaking cement will affect the appearance and use.

Is face of wave windowsill sticking ceramic tile good still shop marble good?Three, bay window shop marble

Advantages: the marble pattern natural lifelike, can reflect a kind of close to the natural sense of reality, so that the bay window becomes a major indoor feature, increase the overall style; At the same time, the protective performance of marble is better, and it can ensure that the floating windowsill is moisture-proof and will not be deformed, and it can also cover the wall, and the service life is longer

Disadvantages: the cost of choosing marble is higher, the overall cost of decoration will be promoted, and from the cutting of marble to the shop, it is necessary to pay certain labor costs. Most families will cover the bay window with MATS, so that the marble pattern will be covered, losing the meaning of laying it.

Four, the comparison of the two

In summary, if the decoration budget is less and you want to put the bay window into a better picture, you can choose to stick ceramic tiles and lay MATS on them in the later stage, but to ensure the quality of ceramic tiles and the paving process, avoid the drawbacks of cracking, so that in the later stage, it can be used for a longer time.

If the decoration budget is more, and do not plan to lay floating window mat, marble is a good choice, although the price is too high, but the location of floating flowers can not be used too much, use the performance is very high, more secure.

Bay window is a very practical thing, so it is better to carry out comparative research on tile or marble on the table, in order to save money and increase the number of years of use.