How does wave window curtain install light leakage?

A lot of people, have such a literary window dream: spring to see flowers outside the window, summer to listen to the rain hit the window eaves, fall to feel the fallen leaves flying, winter light touch snow romantic. Who can't love bay Windows like this? However, the real bay window, but hard to give you a slap in the face. I believe that we have heard the classic saying "ten bay Windows, nine chaos", said that the bay Windows brought about the disgraceful memories.

Bay window area, basically not very large. If it's over there, it's a waste. As for the bay window? Method did not choose right, installed out of the bay window, but also let a person feel chicken ribs. Today, there is a home decoration to share the window curtain does not leak light decoration tips!

How does wave window curtain install light leakage?In fact, bay Windows are very plastic. However, want omni-directional transformation wave window, the key depends on whether the door model structure of wave window can be dismantled. Wave window cannot tear open, the function is very onefold. Wave window can be dismantled, need simple transformation only, have infinite possibility. For the demolition of bay Windows, the following conditions shall be met at the same time: non-external bay Windows + internal bay Windows non-load-bearing walls + property consent.

With bay Windows, we can rest easy? Of course not. Wave window curtain had not been installed, still can appear light leakage problem, affect morpheus quality. How does wave window curtain install light leakage? Curtain box is a "artifact". If the Roman bar/guide rail is mounted directly on the bay window, the top position and the middle gap, it is easy to leak light. The appearance of curtain box, saved a series of problems that light leak place brings about. The top of the curtain is hidden in the curtain box, which is not easy to leak light.

It is worth mentioning that curtain box is made, the need to reserve a good floor + baffle in advance. After you move in, you can't install curtain boxes. Wave window curtain relies on wall installation, also be the clever move that solves leak light. Traditional wave window curtain, it is to rely on glass installation, light leakage is unavoidable. If our pattern is a bit bigger, install curtain like common window, wave window wants to leak light very hard.

But one thing to be careful about is using Roman bars. After all, Roman poles tend to leak light at the top. The Roman rod is not chosen well and may have to be replaced in some time. If the early forget to reserve the curtain box, at the same time Rome rod or rail installation of the curtain light leakage, we will use the curtain brow. As the name implies, a curtain made of cloth covers and decorates the upper part of the curtain, while solving the problem of light leakage and ugliness.