About home installation conduit, the knowledge that you need to know is really not a few

Decoration is a big project, especially involving health and money investment, we should double the heart, heart thinking, heart choice, from the long-term consideration, choose the most suitable for us.

Below, it is about the basic knowledge of water pipes:

1, home decoration water pipes are commonly used PPR water pipes, steel plastic water pipes, copper pipes, PPR water pipes are polypropylene environmental protection materials, very suitable for drinking water transmission, and, with energy saving materials, environmental protection, lightweight high strength, corrosion resistance, wall smooth no scaling, construction and maintenance is simple, long service life and other advantages. In OTHER TWO KINDS OF PIPE, STEEL PLASTIC PIPE PRICE IS RELATIVELY SOME TALLER, COPPER PIPE PRICE IS THE most EXPENSIVE, THE price is equivalent to PPR pipe 4 times or so.

2, home decoration laying water pipe should avoid from the ground as far as possible, best from the top or the wall line, pipe consumption may be slightly increased, but conducive to future pipeline maintenance.

3, the wall thickness of the hot and cold water pipe is not the same. The cold water pipe can not be used as the hot water pipe. The simple way to distinguish the hot and cold water pipe is to have a red line mark on the hot water pipe.

About home installation conduit, the knowledge that you need to know is really not a few
4, PPR pipe standard length for each four meters, buy to ask clear business said is the price of each pipe or per meter of pipe price, avoid business play to depend on per meter of money, pipe sent to remember the spot check pipe length is in line with the requirements, do not meet the requirements of the business exchange or return.

5, home decoration water pipe to pay attention to the diameter and wall thickness, in general, the main pipe to use 6 pipe, pipe can choose 4 pipe, in order to ensure water consumption, pipe can also use 6 pipe.

6. When purchasing pipes for home decoration, we should pay attention to whether the inner diameter of pipes is symmetrical. The uneven thickness of the pipe diameter will affect the docking of the two interfaces.

7, the building decoration industry association "home decoration engineering quality code" on the pressure test time and pressure size has such provisions: the newly installed water supply pipeline must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the pressure test. Metal and its composite pipe test pressure 0.6mpa, stable pressure for 10 minutes, pipe pressure drop should not be greater than 0.02mpa, no leakage; The test pressure of plastic pipe is 0.8mpa, and the pressure is stabilized for 20 minutes. The pressure drop in the pipe should not be greater than 0.05mpa, without leakage.

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