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There IS NO TRIVIAL MATTER IN HOUSEHOLD GEOMANTIC OMEN, SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT HOUSEHOLD GEOMANTIC OMEN IS SUPERSTITIOUS, IN FACT, ITS EXISTENCE AS THE CHARACTERISTIC KNOWLEDGE OF Chinese ANCIENT TIMES HAS CERTAIN REASON. There are also a lot of things that need to be paid attention to in terms of living in space, today we will come to the Feng shui points about living in space.

Home Feng Shui small details a: Gate, porch is in the business and finances residential discrepancy is the main channel of the door, and in fengshui, the gate in the family business, and after taking the door porch place is called the hall, because the against the main cause of the door, so although symbol for career has known for wealth, therefore porch is in geomantic go up to the main income, which is known as a fortune. Since THERE IS INNER Ming TANG, OF COURSE there IS OUTER Ming TANG, which refers to the area outside the front gate and is mainly in charge of the area outside the business. In feng shui, it is the master of migration, interpersonal relations and the promotion of external business, which also has an impact on financial and business fortune. As A whole, the INNER AND OUTER BRIGHT HALLS inside and outside the gate are related to career, financial development and career development, so whether the space planning here is good or bad can affect the future and money of the whole family.

Home Feng Shui small detailsHousehold GEOMANTIC SMALL DETAIL 2: BEDCHAMBER REPRESENTS THE BEDROOM THAT INDIVIDUAL CAREER AND FINANCIAL FORTUNE BELONG TO INDIVIDUAL ILLICIT CLOSE SPACE, ADVOCATE HOLD INDIVIDUAL COMPREHENSIVE FORTUNE ON GEOMANTIC, THE CAREER THAT CONTAINS INDIVIDUAL, FINANCIAL FORTUNE AND MARRIAGE AMONG THEM. As THE RELATION OF GATE AND PORCH, THE DOOR OF BEDCHAMBER BASICALLY IS IN CHARGE OF INDIVIDUAL CAREER PROSPECT ON GEOMANTIC, AND THE SPACE OUTSIDE BEDROOM DOOR IS LIKE OUTSIDE BRIGHT HALL, REPRESENT THE EXTERNAL INTERPERSONAL RELATION OF INDIVIDUAL AND MIGRATORY FORTUNE, THE PLACE THAT BEDROOM DOOR COMES IN IS INSIDE BRIGHT HALL, IN CHARGE OF INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL TRANSPORT. The dresser in the bedroom is also closely related to personal fortune. In ancient times, women used to hide their dowry and other valuable jewelry in the place of the dresser, so the dresser is the master of personal money in feng shui. If the room of single people, both men and women had better set up a dresser, will stay private room money, if it is shared with roommates or family members, then two people will be affected, as for the master bedroom, the husband and wife two people live together, it is suggested to rely on the person with better financial fortune, so that the good fortune is better.

Household geomantic pattern about small details three, kitchen coffers profit and loss In ancient times to look at the family had money and food to eat well from the dinner table can glimpse, thus make the kitchen of cooking is in geomantic go up to represent the coffers, and money can increase fiscal position of feng shui, and whether the money to retain, the pattern of the kitchen is quite important. An gas stove in the kitchen, that is, the ancient stove, a symbol of money absorption capacity, coffers guard force, and the health of the family, if planning appropriate here, money easily into nature, coffers are full, and that is why "open the door to see focal easy leakage wealth", because such pattern is equal to make money, wealth loss is also a natural thing.

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