Understand the five blind spots in decoration, decoration is not wrong

Decoration must encounter some unsatisfactory places, or large or small, those almost everyone will make the mistake is probably the blind spot of decoration, so what needs special attention to the decoration? Today, let’s talk about some blind spots in the decoration, have a look at you?

>>> Decoration blind spot a damage load bearing wall <<<

First of all: this really shouldn’t be a blind spot but is ignored by millions of people. Can not remove the load bearing wall, I believe that any decoration guide or in principle will be written out. But there are still so many people unconvinced, but to open! The load-bearing wall is to ensure the safety and shockproof coefficient of the whole building. When the house is decorated, the hole in the wall, the wall connecting the balcony and doors and Windows, the expansion of the original door and window size or the construction of another door and window, may destroy the load-bearing wall, cause local cracks in the building, and even seriously affect the seismic capacity of the room, shorten the service life of the building.

>>> Decoration blind spot two balcony load is too large <<<

Now the balcony transformation has become a lot of second-hand key projects of the room. Do NOT CROSS THE BALCONY BECAUSE DO NOT HAVE BEAM COLUMN SUPPORT, THE LOAD THAT CAN BEAR IS WEAKER, THE MATERIAL WITH LIGHTER WEIGHT SHOULD CHOOSE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE SO UNDERTAKES TO DECORATE. At THE SAME time, do not hit the idea of connecting the balcony and indoor two walls when decorating, these two load-bearing walls are the only support of the balcony, if they are decorated, will greatly reduce the intensity of the balcony load.

>>> Decoration blind spot three wiring, pipe laying without drawings <<<

The DECORATION OF HOUSING IS a process of continuous improvement, decoration circles generally have 5 years or so should be re-decorated. At this time, it is necessary to have the layout of power lines and water pipelines. Had THIS FIGURE, ABILITY CAN AVOID IN DECORATING “HURT” POWER CORD AND CONDUIT. And this layout of many families are not drawn, this is a big mistake.

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