No more traditional plumbing

Do you still use traditional plumbing when renovating your new house? I think hidden works really can not save money, we need to use good quality water pipes, electrical wiring, to avoid hidden dangers. This kind of metal tube is popular now, the quality is very good, and it is very practical. Let's take a look at this material together!

1, the copper tube

In DECORATING, COPPER pipe also IS owner more common choice material. It is heat and cold resistant, good strength, explosion-proof and corrosion resistant, and has many advantages. The biggest problem is that the copper pipe conducts heat fast and the price is high, so it is generally used in high-grade residential apartments and villas.

2, aluminum plastic composite

The inner AND outer layers of the water pipe of this KIND OF MATERIAL are polyethylene, and the middle is aluminum material. The price of this kind of water pipe is low, the material is light and the construction is convenient. It has strong bendability, but it is easy to cause leakage because of thermal expansion and cold contraction when it is used as hot water pipe.

3, pp-r pipe

Pp-r pipe is also called three type polypropylene pipe, is the most used type of water pipe on the market, characterized by environmental protection, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc., but the construction is more troublesome and need hot melt technology, water permeability will become worse over time.

The above three kinds of water pipes do not know if you have understood it? In the transformation of water and electricity, do not go to save the money of materials!