How long can normal furniture be put to allow formaldehyde to be released completely?

First of all, about the harm of formaldehyde to the human body, the current academic medical consensus is harmful to the human body, affecting the upper respiratory tract, eye irritation, and even lead to leukemia, affect fertility, induce cancer, etc. However, at present, the research conclusions can only be confirmed as qualitative research, and how much indoor formaldehyde concentration can affect people, that is, quantitative research has not formed a scientific conclusion. My proposal: when decorating and buying furniture, see oneself economic condition, can escape best. A little bit also not afraid, good ventilation can be.

Secondly, at present, the country has formulated standards, standards of various materials and indoor air standards after completion (baidu). Each individual material standard partial "loose", indoor decoration completion acceptance of the air standard or can (basic with international standards).

Third, lax law enforcement. Technical supervision bureau of manufacturers of materials inspection by the enterprise inspection system, there is a very beautiful report data, the actual material is very "slag" situation. So you have a situation in the market where all kinds of materials claim to be green, but some of the really green materials are drowned out; After the completion of the decoration acceptance link, and a few decoration companies to the customer identification of indoor air? Besides, the cost of technical supervision department is not low (thousands of yuan), customers or do not understand or do not want to pay, no one whole this matter.

How long can normal furniture be put to allow formaldehyde to be released completely?

If the indoor air is tested according to the national standard, almost no one reaches the standard. No matter big or small company!

Fourth, about furniture and decoration. At present supplier good and bad are intermingled, adornment company is not strict to material check also, if you move into new residence after detection again really, certain meeting pull skin. Responsibility furniture is pushed to decorate, decorate furniture, floor is pushed to latex paint, wardrobe is pushed to be bored with child powder, very chaotic, who will not bear responsibility.

Fifth, in the face of the whole market chaos, how to do with customers. (countermeasures)

A. Study assiduously, understand the properties of various materials, make various comparisons, and become an expert. It takes time, effort and money.

B. Sign air acceptance contract with decoration company, strictly in accordance with national standards. It costs money. It saves time and effort. Look around and see if there's a company willing to protect your air!

Attention, inspection must find technical supervision bureau, other do not disturb.

C. If you can not find the company willing to ensure the air, as far as possible to simplify the decoration scheme, grasp the wood products, latex paint, putty powder, paint, curtain these content, can use as little as possible. Furniture buys real wood more, decorate ventilated one year half load, go again enter. This is the passive choice of most people.

D. About silicon bath mud, about formaldehyde treatment, about raising plants to decompose formaldehyde, about wood carbon adsorption are all rivers and lakes legend, nothing can play, are not as good as ventilation.

How long can normal furniture be put to allow formaldehyde to be released completely?

Fifth, wood-based panel selection is the key of the key. At present, there are no formaldehyde particleboard (PB) and no formaldehyde medium fiber board (MDF) can reach solid wood environmental protection level. There are only three or five domestic board factories producing them, and the price is higher. There is no sale in kunming market at present. It depends on your luck.

Sixth, other decorate material of bigger and 18 litres will get by, emulsioni paint to buy 500 yuan/formaldehyde finalize the curtains don't buy fabrics, putty powder to buy no aldehyde just add water without glue, buy pure paper or non-woven wallpaper, wardrobe cabinets to buy big wenqi board, decorating a process all kinds of experience too much too much, it's hard to say all here.