A set door that can be installed with foam filler? Time grows can loosen?

The door frame filled with styrofoam is not only not loose, but also has many other advantages: sound insulation, heat insulation, strong adhesion and other advantages, if used in the wall doors and Windows when filling the joint will also play a role in sealing plugging.

In the past, when there was no styrofoam, how were doors and Windows installed?

Industrial styrofoam was introduced into China in about 2000 and began to be widely promoted. So before this door and window installation is how to fill the seam?

Very simple, still do not have suit door before this, the interior of that time is decorated, the project quantity of carpentry is very big, make door window from condole top, make all carpentry to furniture again live. Then had not suit door, the concept of all indoor door is wood made of laminated plate with wooden lines, so the door and the wall of the joint degree is very high, if you have uneven directly using the chock filled is ok, so indoor door no filler, and the exterior Windows and doors is the use of cement mortar filling, another batch of paint.

Why do suit doors need to be filled with styrofoam?

Decorate now in planar space layout is adjusted, so a lot of the doorway is open again, to open the can appear not only hole was not vertical, and the cut surface is very uneven, when installing a suit, large and small aperture will need to fill up, if you use cement filling construction, not only a waste of human, but also pollute the walls and doors.

The suit door belongs to the custom product, once the custom is complete, it is almost impossible to change the size in the installation process (the height can be appropriately sawed a little). So suit door should not only measure with the smallest size of hole width when measuring size, even in order to prevent error, deliberately put a little size (1-2 cm). So suit door in the installation, almost every set of doors in the installation, cover board and hole edge have 2-3 cm gap, at this time you need foam sealant to fill the seam.

What are the advantages of using styrofoam?

A set door that can be installed with foam filler? Time grows can loosen?

The point of measuring styrofoam is definitely compared with other seam filling materials.

Compared with cement joint filling, foam itself has a certain elasticity, if the doors and Windows material thermal expansion and contraction, will not produce cracks, and the use of cement joint doors and Windows due to different materials have different expansion coefficient, it is easy to crack, resulting in water leakage accident.

Although cement mortar is as strong as stone, it has very limited materials for firm adhesion, such as wood, plastic and even metal materials. The foaming glue not only has strong adhesion with cement mortar, but also has higher bonding strength with wood and metal doors and Windows. Although it is relatively soft, it can play the effect of soft and rigid, and the durability of the set door after filling is higher.

High environmental protection coefficient, foaming glue is the polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst, crosslinking agent and other filling into the high-pressure iron tank, and filled with propane and other gases. Although there is a pungent smell when it is first shot in the high-pressure tank, there is no smell after curing, and it is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It's a very environmentally friendly product. The cement that we think is more environmental friendly has certain corrosiveness to human skin and metal materials.

Fast curing speed, faster construction, although the material cost of foam is higher than cement mortar, but the construction speed is very fast, save labor, and filling is more dense, a few minutes can be cured.

What should we pay attention to when using styrofoam?

A set door that can be installed with foam filler? Time grows can loosen?

It is to want to choose qualified product above all, inferior foamed glue is in time after the meeting produces contraction phenomenon, bring about crack to appear at the edge of door window. In addition, when using, expansion is unstable, the worker is not easy to grasp the amount of use, easy to excessive expansion, bring about the deformation of doors and Windows.

The filling amount should be moderate. When in use, the gap should be evenly sprayed from top to bottom, and 2/3 of the gap can be filled, and then the foam will automatically expand to fill the whole gap. If the amount of use is large, you can choose the form of tubular products, need to use a special spray gun, more material saving.

After the use of styrofoam, it can be cured after about 10 minutes, generally in an hour or so, we need to cut off the colloid overflow gap in time.

In addition, styrofoam will be oxidized and yellow in the air, which is very ugly and can not be used as a decorative surface. Therefore, if there is exposed styrofoam, it is best to use cement or putty to cover it and then brush it for decoration.