Will virtual digital cards replace physical SIM cards?

Today is my prediction that the virtual digital card will replace the physical SIM card of mobile phones in the future. This prophecy has something to do with everyone. Please bear with me. I invite you to witness and participate in this prophecy.

The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card of a mobile phone is the user Identity identification card. Only after the SIM card is installed on the mobile phone can it be assigned the identity and voice and data communication can be carried out according to the belonging Identity. The SIM card stores users' information, keys and other contents, so that the network can identify users and encrypt their voice messages and Internet data during calls.

The mobile phone SIM card and Pr phone cards have experienced the development process from the large card mini-SIM card to the medium card micro-SIM card, and then to the small card Nano-SIM card and eSIM. SIM card from large to small is only the change of volume type, but the identity of the mobile communication attribution is determined by the SIM card to the logical relationship has not changed, the logical relationship is deny people exercise mode, it will bring some problems, such as a SIM card is lost, other people will pretend to be a SIM card owner for communication, bring trouble on SIM card owner; ​for example, if you forget to bring your mobile phone, you cannot communicate as the owner of your SIM card.

5e9306599195441f283206f29afe9183Traditional SIM card authentication card does not recognize people, it is a modern version of Zheng Ren buying shoes. In my opinion, with the development of technology, physical SIM card communication will be replaced by human-oriented communication mode. The era of intelligent terminal to look at people without physical SIM cards is coming. Personally, I think it can be realized through the virtual digital twin digital card. The virtual digital card contains and reflects the unique identity information, biological characteristics, consciousness, genes and other information of the owner. The intelligent terminal completes deep authentication by automatically collecting multi-dimensional information of users in real time, and maps the corresponding virtual digital card, and communicates with the virtual digital card on behalf of the owner.

Virtual digital card technology mainly includes digital twin, artificial intelligence, multi-dimensional sensing technology, digital SIM algorithm, data security and many other forward-looking technologies.

The advantages of virtual digital card: communication can be traced back to the source, intelligent terminal can be dynamically attributed, higher communication security, for the future virtual and real global applications pave the way.

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