At present, six advanced mold manufacturing technology

Mould manufacturing technology develops rapidly and has become an important part of modern manufacturing technology. Such as mould CAD/CAM technology, mould laser rapid prototyping technology, mould precision forming technology, mould ultra-precision processing technology, mold design with finite element method, boundary element method for flow, cooling and heat transfer process dynamic simulation technology, mould CIMS technology, developed mold DNM technology and numerical control technology, Metal Laser Cutting Service, etc, Almost all modern manufacturing technologies are covered.

Modern die manufacturing technology is developing towards accelerating information drive, improving manufacturing flexibility, agile manufacturing and systematic integration.

I. High speed milling: the third generation of mold making technology

High speed milling processing not only has high processing speed and good processing accuracy surface quality, and compared with traditional cutting processing has low temperature rise (processing workpiece only increased 3℃), small thermal deformation, so suitable for temperature deformation sensitive materials (such as magnesium alloy, etc.) processing; ​also, because the cutting force is small, it can be applied to thin wall and rigid poor parts processing; ​a series of advantages such as machining hard materials (HRC60) can be realized by reasonable selection of cutting tools. Therefore, the high speed milling processing technology is still the current hot topic. It has been to the higher agility, intelligence, integration direction, become the third generation of mold technology.

Second, EDM "green" product technology

From the point of view of foreign electric machining machine tools, no matter from the performance, process indicators, intelligence, automation degree has reached a very high level, at present, the new trend of electrical discharge milling processing technology (electrical discharge machining technology) research and development, this kind of replacement of the traditional molding electrode cavity processing new technology, It uses high-speed rotating simple tubular electrodes for 3D or 2D contour machining (like CNC milling), so it is no longer necessary to manufacture complex forming electrodes, which is obviously a significant development in the field of EDM forming.

Edm technology progress at the same time, EDM safety protection technology is more and more attention, many electric machining machines have considered the safety protection technology. At present, the European Community has stipulated that machine tools without "CE" mark cannot enter the European market, and the international market also attaches more and more importance to the safety protection technology requirements.

At present, the main problem of EDM machine tool radiation harassment, because it has a greater impact on safety and environmental protection. The international market is paying more and more attention to the "green" products, as the mold processing leading equipment EDM machine tool "green" product technology, will have to solve the problem in the future.

bc085d3a00dbdfb6f0e55b3dcd9d6269Third, the new generation of mold CAD/CAM software technology

At present, Britain, America, Germany and some of our universities and scientific research institutes are developing mould software, which has the characteristics of a new generation of mould CAD/CAM software intelligence, integration, mould manufactured evaluation and so on.

A new generation of mold software should be established from the mold design practice summed up a lot of knowledge. ​This knowledge has been systematized scientifically and stored in the engineering knowledge base in a specific form and can be conveniently invoked by the mold. With the support of intelligent software, mold CAD no longer imitates the traditional design and calculation methods, but under the guidance of advanced design theory, makes full use of the rich knowledge and successful experience of experts in this field, and the design results are bound to be reasonable and advanced.

A new generation of mold software with three-dimensional thinking, intuitive feeling to design the mould structure, the generated 3 d structure information can be easily used in nc machining tooling manufactured evaluation, which requires the mold 3 d parametric feature modeling software, forming process simulation and nc machining process simulation and information exchange degree of organization and management to achieve a perfect and high integration level. Measuring the degree of software integration, not only depends on whether the functional modules are complete, but also depends on whether these functional modules share the same data model, whether they form a global dynamic database in a unified way, and realize the comprehensive management and sharing of information, so as to support the whole process of mold design, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, testing and production.

The role of the new generation of mold software is very important, not only to screen multiple schemes, but also to evaluate the rationality and economy of the mold design process, and provide the basis for mold designers to modify.

A new generation of mold software, the manufactured evaluation mainly includes mold design and manufacturing cost estimation, mold employability evaluation, mold parts manufacturing technology evaluation, mold structure and durability evaluation, etc. The new generation of software should also be assembly oriented because the die function can only be reflected through its assembly structure. After adopting the assembly-oriented design method, the die assembly is no longer simply assembled one by one part, and its data structure can not only describe the function of the die, but also define the assembly characteristics of the relationship between the die parts, so as to realize the association of the parts, so as to effectively guarantee the quality of the die.

Four, advanced rapid mold manufacturing technology

1. The development speed of laser rapid prototyping technology (RPM). China has reached the international level and gradually realized its commercialization. The rapid forming processes that have been commercialized in the world mainly include SLA(stereolithography), LOM(layered and split manufacturing), SLS(selective laser sintering) and 3D-P(3D printing).

Tsinghua University first introduced the American 3D company SLA250(stereolithography or photosensitive resin laser curing) equipment and technology and development research, after several years of efforts, many improvements, perfect, launched the "M-RPMS-type multifunctional rapid prototype manufacturing system" (with layered entity manufacturing -SSM, melt extrusion molding -MEM), The Chinese INDEPENDENT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS WORLD ONLY HAS TWO KINDS OF RAPID FORMING PROCESS SYSTEM (NATIONAL PATENT), with BETTER PERFORMANCE THAN PRICE.

2. It is an advanced manufacturing technology to replace the traditional die with the height adjustable head group for sheet surface forming. The system uses CAD/CAM/CAT technology as the main means to realize 3D surface automatic forming quickly and economically. Jilin University of Technology has undertaken the NATIONAL KEY SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL research PROJECTS on FORMless FORMING, and has independently designed and manufactured the formless multi-point forming equipment at the international leading level.

Compared with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the theoretical research and practical application of this technology in China are in the leading position, and it is now developing towards promotion and application.

3. The first trial production of resin stamping die for domestic cars has been successfully applied. Faw mould manufacturing co., LTD., design and manufacture of the 12 sets of resin mold trial for new small red flag car modification and the 12 sets of mold suitcases and hair motive cover respectively, both before and after the plate and other large-scale complex inner and outer covering parts drawing mould, moulding surface, its main characteristics based on CAD/CAM machining master model, using Switzerland ciba elaboration high strength resin casting forming, The GAP BETWEEN CONVEX AND CONCAVE DIE IS ACCURATELY CONTROLLED BY IMPORTED SPECIAL WAX SHEET, AND THE MOLD size IS OF HIGH precision. The manufacturing cycle can be shortened by half to two-thirds, and the manufacturing cost can be saved about 10 million yuan (12 sets of molds). It has opened up a new way for trial production of small batch production of Chinese cars, which belongs to the domestic initiative. The Swiss Ciba refinement concerned expert thinks it can reach 90 times international level.

5. On-site mold detection technology

With the development of precision mould, the requirement of measurement is higher and higher. Precision three coordinate measuring machine (CMM) has been limited by environment for a long time and rarely used in the production field. The new generation of CMM is basically equipped with temperature compensation, anti-vibration materials, improved dustproof measures, improved environmental adaptability and reliability, so that it can be easily installed in the workshop and used to realize the characteristics of on-site measurement.

6. Surface engineering technology of mirror polishing die

Mold polishing technology is an important part of mold surface engineering, and an important process of mold manufacturing process post-treatment. At present, the domestic polishing equipment, abrasives and processes for mold polishing to RA0.05μm can basically meet the needs, but the polishing equipment, abrasives and processes for mirror polishing to RA0.025μm are still in the exploration stage. With the large-scale application of mirror injection mold production, mold polishing technology has become a key problem in mold production. Due to the domestic polishing technology and materials there are still some problems, so such as point-and-shoot camera lens injection mold, CD, VCD disc and tool transparency requirements are still a large part of the injection mold rely on imports.

It is worth noting that the die surface polishing is not only affected by the polishing equipment technology, but also by the mirror degree of the die material, which has not attracted enough attention, that is to say, the polishing itself is restricted by the die material. For example, with 45# carbon steel injection mold, polishing to RA0.2μm, the naked eye can see obvious defects, continue to cast can only increase the brightness, and roughness has no hope of improving, so the current domestic mirror mold production often uses imported mold materials, such as Sweden Yisheng hundred 136, Japan Datong PD555 can obtain satisfactory mirror degree.

Mirror mould material chemical composition problem not only, more the main smelting require the use of vacuum degassing, argon gas protection when vertical ingot casting, continuous casting and rolling, forging and so on a series of advanced technology, make the mirror steel with less internal defects, fine granularity, high degree of dispersion, metal impurities of fine grain size and uniformity is good wait for a series of advantages, to achieve the polished to a mirror steel requirements.

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