What auxiliary tools are commonly used by welders?

The welder's work is often accompanied by the dangers of heat, flash, splashes, and so on. How can human flesh possibly withstand it? Hence the birth of auxiliary tools.

What kinds of AIDS are commonly used by welders? ​Does anybody know that?

1. Electric welding pliers

The ELECTRODE HOLDER IS THE MAIN TOOL USED TO HOLD the electrode and conduct current during manual welding. Since it is directly related to the welder's operation safety, the insulation and heat insulation performance of the handle must be good, and any damage should be repaired immediately.

2, knock the slag hammer

​The Slag hammer, also known as welder's hammer and spring hammer, is an indispensable auxiliary tool in the process of Metal Welding Service. It can be used to knock rust stains and remove slag by electric welding.

The electrode is composed of two parts: steel core and drug skin. The weld metal is formed after the steel core and the workpiece are melted, and the slag core is formed after the drug skin is melted to cover the surface of the weld metal. In order to check the weld quality and find the weld defects, it is essential to use the weld slag hammer to remove the slag core on the weld surface.

e44701c469577ac61a81b0a394459bf63. Angular polishing machine

​angular polishing machine is mainly used to polish the oxide on the workpiece, repair the defects of the breaks and weld joints, and is also one of the commonly used auxiliary tools for welders.

The rotational speed of the angular polishing machine is very high. It is necessary to wear protective gloves and goggles when operating. It is also necessary to pay attention to the direction of spark splashing when polishing.

4, electrode insulation cylinder

The electrode insulation cylinder is a tool used by the welder to preserve and heat the electrode during the welding process.

The electrode insulation cylinder can make the electrode from the oven to continue to keep the insulation. In order to maintain the dryness of the electrode coating, welders are afraid that the welding rod affected by damp welding quality, generally will be stored in the insulation cylinder after baking, with the use of.

5. Wire brush

A wire brush is a polishing tool with a series of stainless steel wire brush rollers mounted on a fully automatic high speed brush. Welders often use it to remove dirt from the surface of the workpiece.

The quality of welders is closely related to the early cleaning of the workpiece, the early cleaning is clean, welding parts should not appear welding defects; ​the early treatment is not clean, the workpiece surface and oil, rust and other dirt, welding quality plummets, and there may even be cracks.

So don't look at the wire brush humble, can remove the surface of the workpiece dirt, is necessary for welders.

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