Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

New house decorate when must pay attention to feng shui layout, although some people don't believe that, but for the sake of your finances and family health, even if you don't believe that also should pay more attention to, want to know the Chinese fengshui is a long history and profound, are the ancients summed up on the law of life, that is must have its reason.

Foyer corridor home decoration feng shui taboo

1. Keep aisles clean and clear

Neat corridor, can bring good mood to housing person, if corridor is blocked, can affect the mood of householder, life. Make life confused, no direction, bad for family fortunes.

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

2.It is taboo to go straight to the bedroom door in the hallway

The corridor in the home can not face the living bedroom door, which will make the air flow directly into the bedroom, affecting the bedroom field, for the family fortune is also unfavorable, this feng shui, this is called "wear heart evil spirit", when the door opened, the air flow is like a sword straight into the bedroom, so we must pay attention to.

Hallway decoration and feng shui layout

3. No beams in aisles

If beams appear on the walkway, it will be visually oppressive, suggesting that the occupants will encounter resistance at work. How to dissolve: had better be to install condole top to decorate on beam, look so won't have very big oppressive feeling, maintain good mood thereby.

4. Aisles should not be too long

According to the building is decorated scale to look, corridor length does not exceed 2/3 of house length, corridor is decorated too long can give a person the feeling that guest dominates, cannot decorate a straight corridor, it seems to want to divide the house into two parts, affect the family is not suitable, lack affection taste. Dissolve method: corridor had better be able to have corner indoors.